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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Newark, New Jersey. The information is a synthesis of the information contained in the references listed.

ballpark(s) unknown or uncertain - some sources say Meadowbrook Oval
Newark Domestics/Little Giants - Eastern League (1884-1886)
Newark Giants - International League (1887 only)
Newark Trunkmakers - Central League (1888 only)
Newark Little Giants - Atlantic Association (1889-1890)
Newark - Atlantic League (1896-1900)
Newark Sailors/Indians - Eastern League/International League (1902 - mid-1915) (to Harrisburg)
Newark - Atlantic League (1907 only)
Newark Cubans - Atlantic League (1914 only) to Long Branch mid-1914
Newark Stars - Eastern Colored League (1926)
Newark Browns - East-West League (1932 only)
According to Okkonen, the International League club that played opposite the Federals in 1915 had their home field on a property bounded roughly by Wilson Avenue to the north, L Street T-ing in from the north, Delancy Street to the south, railroad tracks to the east. The site, later occupied by Ruppert Stadium, is currently occupied by a number of food service businesses.
Harrison Park or Harrison Field
Occupants: Newark Peppers - Federal League (1915); Newark Indians/Bears - International League (1916-1919); Newark Bears - International League (1921-mid-1923) (field burned on August 18, 1923)
Location: Harrison, New Jersey, a city adjacent to Newark - Middlesex Street (north, third base); South 3rd Street (east, left field); Burlington Avenue (south, right field); South 2nd Street (west, first base); also railroad yards skirting the southeast corner of the property.
Currently: Industrial plant
Meadowbrook Oval
Occupants: Newark Bears - International League (mid-1923 - mid-1925) moved to Providence; moved back for 1926; Newark Dodgers - Negro National League (1934-35)
Location: South Orange Avenue (probably southwest); 12th Street (probably southeast).
Ruppert Stadium (originally Davids Stadium, then Bears Stadium)
Occupants: Newark Bears - International League (1926-1949); Newark Eagles - Negro National League (1936-1948); also the site of some major league games from time to time
Other sports: Newark Bears - first American Football League (1926)
Location: Hamburg Place (now Wilson Avenue) (northeast); Avenue K (northwest).
Currently: Industrial plant
Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium
Occupant: Newark Bears (1999–2013)
Location: 450 Broad Street, Newark.

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