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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The information is a synthesis of the information contained in the references listed.

Note: Allegheny, Pennsylvania, the "North Side", was a separate city until 1908. The ball club changed its formal name from "Allegheny" to "Pittsburg(h)" in 1887, although the team remained physically located in the city of Allegheny.

Exposition Park
Forbes Field
Three Rivers Stadium
PNC Park
ballparks uncertain
Pittsburgh - League Alliance (1877)
Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania State League (1892)
Allegheny - International Association (1877-78) renamed National Association (1879)
Exposition Park
Pittsburgh Stogies - Union Association (1884)
Pittsburgh Burghers - Players' League (1890)
Allegheny - American Association (1882-1883)
Pittsburgh Pirates - National League (1891 - mid-1909)
Pittsburgh Stogies/Rebels - Federal League (1913 as minor league, 1914-1915 as major league)
Location: South Avenue (north, first base) - corresponds to the current General Robinson Street; School Avenue (later Scotland Avenue, now Tony Dorsett Drive) (east, third base); railroad tracks and Allegheny River (south, left field) - just east of the future site of Three Rivers Stadium
Currently: Parking lot for Heinz Field
Recreation Park
Allegheny/Pittsburgh - American Association (1884-1886) moved to National League (1887-1890)
Location: Allegheny Avenue (west); Pennsylvania Avenue (north); Grant (now Galveston) Avenue (east); Boquet (now Behan) Street (south); Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway (now Norfolk Southern Fort Wayne Line) (northeast)
Currently: Businesses
Forbes Field
Pittsburgh Pirates - NL (mid-1909 to mid-1970)
Homestead Grays - Negro Leagues (1922–1939)
Pittsburgh Crawfords - Negro Leagues (1933-1938)
Location: Oakland district - Boquet Street (southwest, first base); Sennott Street (northwest, third base), Joncaire Street (south, right field); Schenley Park (northeast, left/center fields)
Currently: Park and buildings for University of Pittsburgh
Three Rivers Stadium
Occupants: Pittsburgh Pirates - NL (mid-1970 - 2000)
Location: 600 Stadium Circle
Currently: Parking lot for Heinz Field
PNC Park
Occupant: Pittsburgh Pirates - NL (2001-present)
Location: 115 Federal Street - Federal Street (east, left field); General Robinson Street (north, third base); Mazeroski Way (west, first base); North Shore Trail and Allegheny River (south, right field)

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