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This is a selected list of venues used for professional baseball in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The information is a synthesis of the information contained in the references listed.

Muth's Park
Occupant: San Antonio - Texas League (1888)
San Pedro Park
Occupant: San Antonio - Texas League (1892); San Antonio Missionaries - Texas Southern League (1895); San Antonio Bronchos - Texas League (1896-1899); San Antonio Bears (originally Bronchos or Broncos) - South Texas League (1903-1905)
Location / Notes: San Pedro Park a.k.a. San Pedro Springs Park is an old public park in the city. According to this site [1] the ballpark was built in 1892 (replacing a racetrack) and existed until 1966 when it was converted to a softball center. The softball center is in the southeast corner of the public park, i.e. on the northwest corner of San Pedro Avenue (east) and West Myrtle Street (south). Other streets bounding the city park are North Flores Street (west); West Ashby Place (north). San Antonio College is across San Pedro Avenue to the east.
Electric Park
Occupant: San Antonio Bronchos - South Texas League (1906), Texas League (1907-1912)
Note: Electric Park was an amusement park
Block Stadium
Occupant: San Antonio Bronchos - Texas League (1913-1914)
League Park
Occupant: San Antonio Bronchos/Bears/Indians - Texas League (1915-1932)
Location: northeast corner of East Josephine Street and Isleta Street, according to Google Maps [2]
Eagle Field
Occupant: San Antonio Indians - Texas League (1932, partial season)
Location: According to Google Maps [3] the ballfield still exists as part of the athletic complex of Brackenridge High School, at the south edge of property bounded by Eagleland Drive (northwest); South St. Mary's Street (northeast); San Antonio River (south)
Tech Field (owned by San Antonio Independent School District)
Occupant: San Antonio Missions - Texas League (1932-1942, 1946)
Location: northwest corner of San Pedro Avenue and West Myrtle Street, across from San Antonio College, according to Google Maps [4]
Currently: Athletic field. Same site as San Pedro Park
Mission Stadium
Occupant: San Antonio Missions/Bullets - Texas League (1947-1964)
Location: Mission Road (west and north, third base, left field); Mitchell Street (south, first base); Steves Avenue (north and east, center field and right field).
Currently: Parking lot for office complex.
V. J. Keefe Field a.k.a. V. J. Keefe Memorial Stadium
Opened: 1960
Occupant: San Antonio Missions/Brewers/Dodgers/Missions - TL (1968-1993)
Location: Campus of St. Mary's University - University Drive (north, third base); Rattler Drive (west and south, first base and right field).
Currently: Still in use, by the university.
Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium a.k.a. Wolff Stadium
Occupant: San Antonio Missions - TL (1994-present)
Location: Castroville Road and Interstate 90 (south, right field); Callaghan Road (east, left field).

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