List of baseball parks in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex

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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, which consists of DallasFort WorthArlington. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.


Gaston Park - built "in the 1880s"
Occupants (early entries are uncertain):
Dallas Browns - Texas League (1884 only)
Dallas Hams/Tigers - Texas League (1888-1890)
Dallas Sullivan's Steers - Texas League (1895)
Dallas Navigators/Steers/Scrappers/Colts - Texas Southern League/Texas League 1896, TL (1897 - 1898 part season)
Dallas Steers/Giants - Texas League (1902-18)
Location: Second Avenue and Parry Avenue, currently the site of the Texas State Fairgrounds Music Hall
Gardner Park (I)
Occupant: Dallas Marines/Submarines/Steers - Texas League (1919 - mid-1924)
Location: Jefferson Boulevard and Comal Street
Burnett Field orig. Gardner Park (II) a.k.a. Steers Park, Rebels Park, Eagles Stadium
Dallas Steers/Rebels/Eagles/Rangers - Texas League (mid-1924 - 1942, 1946-1958)
Dallas Rangers - American Association (1959)
Dallas-Fort Worth Rangers - American Association (1960-1962) / Pacific Coast League (1963) split-schedule with LaGrave Field
Dallas Rangers - PCL 1964
Location: 1500 East Jefferson Boulevard (west, first base), Brazos Street (north, third base); Colorado Boulevard (south, right field); Trinity River (east, left field); across the street from the original
Cotton Bowl
Occupant: Dallas Eagles - TL (1950 opening game only)
Location: 1300 Robert B. Cullum Boulevard, within Texas State Fairgrounds

Fort Worth[edit]

name of ballpark(s) unknown
Fort Worth - North Texas League 1903-04
Fort Worth - Dixie Association 1971 only
Hayne's Park - Fort Worth ca. 1880-1900
Fort Worth Panthers - Texas League (1888-90, 92 part season)
Fort Worth Panthers - Texas Southern League (1895) reorganized as Texas League (1896-1898)
Location: "in the 'Prairie' area near downtown" (per Benson)
Panther Park
Occupant: Fort Worth Panthers - Texas League (1902-25)
Location: the "west side of North Main Street, a few blocks from" the eventual LaGrave Field
LaGrave Field
Fort Worth Panthers/Cats - Texas League (1926-1942, 1946-1958)
Fort Worth Cats - American Association (1959)
Dallas-Fort Worth Rangers - American Association (1960-1962) / Pacific Coast League (1963) split-schedule with LaGrave Field
Fort Worth Cats - Texas League (1964 only)
Fort Worth Cats - Central Baseball League (2002-2005) / American Association (2006-2011) / North American League (2012) / United League Baseball (2013-2014)
Location: 301 NE 6th Street
Lon Goldstein Field
Occupant: Fort Worth Cats - Central Baseball League (2001 only)
Location: Joe B. Rushing Road (north, left field), beyond which is Rolling Hills Park; C.A. Roberson Boulevard (west, third base), across which is Tarrant County College South Campus; athletic facilities and the football stadium, and then Interstate Highway 20 (south, first base); and soccer fields and Wichita Street (east, right field)


Arlington Stadium orig. Turnpike Stadium
Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs - Texas League (1965-1971)
Texas Rangers - American League (1972-1993)
Location: 1500 South Copeland Road, just west of Six Flags Over Texas
Globe Life Park in Arlington prev. The Ballpark in Arlington, Ameriquest Field in Arlington, and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
Occupant: Texas Rangers - AL (1994-present)
Location: 1000 Ballpark Way, near the site of Arlington Stadium

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