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This is a list of baseball players who went directly to the major leagues. They are distinguished as a group by the fact that they made their North American professional debut with a Major League Baseball franchise without previously having played at the professional level (excluding fall leagues and winter leagues), such as minor league affiliates of major league teams, the Negro Leagues, Japanese professional leagues, or independent professional teams.

After their major league debuts, many of these players played in professional leagues other than Major League Baseball. Included are the Bonus Babies, who joined major league rosters from 1947 to 1957 and from 1962 to 1965 under the Bonus Rule.

In recent years, the practice of players going directly into the majors has become rare: it has only occurred eight times since 1980, and only twice since 2000.


* Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
+ Bonus babies
Players who debuted in Major League Baseball without playing minor league baseball
Name Position Amateur Team Major League Team Debut
Abbott, JimJim Abbott Pitcher Michigan California Angels 1989
Adamson, MikeMike Adamson Pitcher Southern California Baltimore Orioles 1967
Amalfitano, JoeyJoey Amalfitano+ Second baseman Loyola Marymount New York Giants 1954
Ambler, WayneWayne Ambler Second baseman Duke Philadelphia Athletics 1937
Ancker, WalterWalter Ancker Pitcher Philadelphia Athletics 1915
Antonelli, JohnnyJohnny Antonelli+ Pitcher Thomas Jefferson HS (Rochester, N. Y.) Boston Braves 1948
Bane, EddieEddie Bane Pitcher Arizona State Minnesota Twins 1973
Bertoia, RenoReno Bertoia+ Third baseman Assumption College HS (Ont.) Detroit Tigers 1953
Boros, SteveSteve Boros+ Infielder Michigan Detroit Tigers 1957
Boyer, CleteClete Boyer+ Third baseman Alba HS (Mo.) Kansas City Athletics 1955
Brady, JimJim Brady+ Pitcher Notre Dame Detroit Tigers 1956
Broberg, PetePete Broberg Pitcher Dartmouth Washington Senators 1971
Burk, MackMack Burk+ Catcher Texas Philadelphia Phillies 1956
Carroll, TomTom Carroll+ Infielder Notre Dame New York Yankees 1955
Causey, WayneWayne Causey+ Infielder Neville HS (La.) Baltimore Orioles 1955
Clyde, DavidDavid Clyde Pitcher Westchester HS (Texas) Texas Rangers 1973
Conroy, TimTim Conroy Pitcher Gateway Senior HS (Pa.) Oakland Athletics 1978
Consolo, BillyBilly Consolo+ Shortstop Dorsey HS (California) Boston Red Sox 1953
DeMerit, JohnJohn DeMerit+ Outfielder Wisconsin Milwaukee Braves 1957
Derrington, JimJim Derrington+ Pitcher South Gate High School (California) [1] Chicago White Sox 1956
Drabowsky, MoeMoe Drabowsky+ Pitcher Trinity College Chicago Cubs 1956
Dreifort, DarrenDarren Dreifort Pitcher Wichita State Los Angeles Dodgers 1994
Dunning, SteveSteve Dunning Pitcher Stanford Cleveland Indians 1970
Edelman, JohnJohn Edelman+ Pitcher West Chester Milwaukee Braves 1955
Ellis, RobRob Ellis Outfielder Michigan State Milwaukee Brewers 1971
Feller, BobBob Feller* Pitcher Van Meter HS (Iowa) Cleveland Indians 1936
Frisch, FrankieFrankie Frisch* Second baseman Fordham New York Giants (NL) 1919
Gastall, TomTom Gastall+ Catcher Boston University Baltimore Orioles 1955
Giel, PaulPaul Giel+ Pitcher Minnesota New York Giants 1954
Groat, DickDick Groat+ Shortstop Duke Pittsburgh Pirates 1952
Henrich, BobbyBobby Henrich+ Shortstop Compton HS (California) Cincinnati Redlegs 1957
Hardwood, DaveDave Hardwood+ Pitcher Northwestern Kansas City Athletics 1957
Hodges, GilGil Hodges Third baseman Petersburg High School (Indiana) Brooklyn Dodgers 1943
Hook, JayJay Hook+ Pitcher Northwestern Cincinnati Redlegs 1957
Hooton, BurtBurt Hooton Pitcher Texas Chicago Cubs 1971
Horner, BobBob Horner Third baseman Arizona State Atlanta Braves 1978
Hunter, CatfishCatfish Hunter*+ Pitcher Perquimans County HS (N.C.) Kansas City Athletics 1965
Incaviglia, PetePete Incaviglia Outfielder Oklahoma State Texas Rangers 1986
Jackson, RonRon Jackson+ First baseman Western Michigan Chicago White Sox 1954
Janowicz, VicVic Janowicz+ Catcher The Ohio State University Pittsburgh Pirates 1953
Jay, JoeyJoey Jay+ Pitcher Woodrow Wilson HS (Conn.) Milwaukee Braves 1953
Kaiser, DonDon Kaiser+ Pitcher East Central University [2] Chicago Cubs 1955
Kaline, AlAl Kaline*+ Outfielder Southern HS (Maryland) Detroit Tigers 1953
Killebrew, HarmonHarmon Killebrew*+ First baseman Payette HS (Idaho) Washington Senators 1954
Kindall, JerryJerry Kindall+ Second baseman Minnesota Chicago Cubs 1956
Koback, NickNick Koback+ Catcher Hartford Public High School (Conn.) [3] Pittsburgh Pirates 1953
Koufax, SandySandy Koufax*+ Pitcher Cincinnati Brooklyn Dodgers 1955
Kuhn, KennyKenny Kuhn+ Infielder Louisville Male HS (Kỳ.) Cleveland Indians 1955
Leake, MikeMike Leake Pitcher Arizona State Cincinnati Reds 2010
Leja, FrankFrank Leja+ First baseman Holyoke High School [4] (Massachusetts) New York Yankees 1954
Lumenti, RalphRalph Lumenti+ Pitcher Boston University Washington Senators 1957
McCormick, MikeMike McCormick+ Pitcher Keppel HS (California) New York Giants 1956
McDaniel, LindyLindy McDaniel+ Pitcher Arnett HS (Okla.) St. Louis Cardinals 1955
McDaniel, VonVon McDaniel+ Pitcher Arnett HS (Okla.) St. Louis Cardinals 1957
McLish, CalCal McLish Pitcher Central HS (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) Brooklyn Dodgers 1944
Miller, Bob G.Bob G. Miller+ Pitcher J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 [5] (Ill.) Cincinnati Redlegs 1953
Miller, Bob L.Bob L. Miller+ Pitcher Beaumont High School (Mo.) [6] St. Louis Cardinals 1957
Milner, BrianBrian Milner Catcher Fort Worth Southwest High School (Texas) Toronto Blue Jays 1978
Michaels, CassCass Michaels Second baseman Hamtramck High School (Mich.) [7] Chicago White Sox 1943
Martin, PaulPaul Martin+ Pitcher Marion Center Area High School (Pa.) Pittsburgh Pirates 1955
Morgan, MikeMike Morgan Pitcher Valley HS (Nev.) Oakland Athletics 1978
Nady, XavierXavier Nady Outfielder California San Diego Padres 2000
Nelson, TexTex Nelson+ First baseman Baltimore Orioles 1955
Nuxhall, JoeJoe Nuxhall Pitcher Hamilton High School (OH) Cincinnati Reds 1944
MacPherson, HarryHarry MacPherson Pitcher Johnson HS (Johnson, MA) Boston Braves 1944
O'Brien, EddieEddie O'Brien+ Shortstop Seattle Pittsburgh Pirates 1953
O'Brien, JohnnyJohnny O'Brien+ Second baseman Seattle Pittsburgh Pirates 1953
O'Dell, BillyBilly O'Dell+ Pitcher Clemson Baltimore Orioles 1954
Olerud, JohnJohn Olerud First baseman Washington State Toronto Blue Jays 1989
Ott, MelMel Ott* Outfielder Gretna High School (La.) [8] New York Giants 1926
Pagliaroni, JimJim Pagliaroni+ Catcher Wilson High School (California) Boston Red Sox 1955
Chan Ho Park Pitcher Hanyang University Los Angeles Dodgers 1994
Pavletich, DonDon Pavletich+ Catcher Cincinnati Reds 1957
Pepper, LaurinLaurin Pepper+ Pitcher Southern Miss Pittsburgh Pirates 1954
Powell, LeroyLeroy Powell+ Pinch runner Michigan State Chicago White Sox 1955
Prieto, ArielAriel Prieto Pitcher Oakland Athletics 1995
Pritchard, BuddyBuddy Pritchard+ Second baseman USC Pittsburgh Pirates 1957
Pyburn, JimJim Pyburn+ Third baseman Alabama Polytechnic Institute Baltimore Orioles 1955
Qualters, TomTom Qualters+ Pitcher McKeesport HS (PA) Philadelphia Phillies 1953
Roach, MelMel Roach+ Infielder Milwaukee Braves 1953
Roberts, DaveDave Roberts Third baseman Oregon San Diego Padres 1972
Ruthven, DickDick Ruthven Pitcher Fresno State Philadelphia Phillies 1973
Schoonmaker, JerryJerry Schoonmaker+ Outfielder Missouri Washington Senators 1955
Silvera, AlAl Silvera+ Outfielder USC Cincinnati Reds 1955
Sisler, GeorgeGeorge Sisler* First baseman Michigan St. Louis Browns 1915
Small, JimJim Small+ Outfielder Detroit Tigers 1955
Swanson, RedRed Swanson+ Pitcher LSU Pittsburgh Pirates 1955
Taylor, HawkHawk Taylor+ Catcher Milwaukee Braves 1957
Thomas, GeorgeGeorge Thomas+ Outfielder Detroit Tigers 1957
Van Dusen, FredFred Van Dusen+ Pinch hitter Bryant HS (N.Y.) Philadelphia Phillies 1955
Walker, JerryJerry Walker+ Pitcher Byng HS (Okla.) Baltimore Orioles 1957
Washington, HerbHerb Washington Pinch Runner Michigan State Oakland Athletics 1974
Winfield, DaveDave Winfield* Outfielder Minnesota San Diego Padres 1973
Zupo, FrankFrank Zupo+ Catcher Baltimore Orioles 1957
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