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Early 14th century (1301-50)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1302 Battle of the Golden Spurs 11 July – In Flanders, Flemish burghers led by William of Jülich and Pieter de Coninck defeat French knights.
1302 Battle of Bapheus 27 July – The founder of the Ottoman Dynasty Osman I defeats a Byzantine force.
1303 Battle of Dimbos Ottomans defeat Byzantine governors.
1304 Second Siege of Stirling Castle April – July – Edward I besieges the Scots successfully. The Warwolf siege engine is constructed and first used during this battle.
1304 Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle 17 August – Lowland rebels defeat the French under King Philip IV. The French claim victory, as they remained in possession of the battlefield while suffering the heavier losses.
1306 Battle of Methven Forces of the Earl of Pembroke defeat newly crowned Robert the Bruce and his small Scottish army.
1307 Battle of Loudon Hill Scots under Robert Bruce defeat the greater English army.
1311 Battle of Halmyros 15 March – Catalan Company defeats Walter V of Brienne of Athens and goes on to capture Athens and Thebes.
1312 Battle of Gallipoli 2000 Turcopoles are annihilated by a combined Byzantine, Kingdom of Serbia and Genoese forces
1312 Battle of Amorgos Knights Hospitaller and destroy the fleet of Menteshe
1313 Battle of Gamelsdorf 9 November – Louis the Bavarian defeats his cousin Frederick I of Austria.
1314 Battle of Bannockburn Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II, takes Stirling Castle and secures Scottish independence.
1315 Battle of Montecatini 29 August – Pisa defeats allied forces of Florence and the Kingdom of Naples.
1315 Battle of Morgarten 15 November – Swiss defeat Leopold I, Archduke of Austria decisively.
1316 Battle of Picotin 22 February – Ferdinand of Majorca defeats Matilda of Hainaut and the Achaean barons loyal to her.
1316 Battle of Manolada 5 July – Louis of Burgundy defeats the Majorcans, Ferdinand of Majorca is slain.
1316 Second Battle of Athenry 10 August – English defeated the Irish under Felim O'Connor, King of Connacht.
1318 Battle of Dysert O'Dea Irish under Ó Deághaidh defeat the English Lordship.
1318 Battle of Faughart English defeated a Scots-Irish army under Edward Bruce, who is slain.
1319 Battle of Chios The Knights Hospitaller and the Genoese of the Lordship of Chios score a crushing victory over an Aydinid fleet.
1322 Battle of Bliska A coalition of Croatian noblemen defeat Mladen II Šubić of Bribir, Ban of Croatia.
1322 Battle of Burton Bridge English Royal forces defeat a rebel English army.
1322 Battle of Boroughbridge English Royal forces defeat a rebel English army fighting for the Scots.
1322 Battle of Mühldorf 28 September – Louis the Bavarian defeats and captures Frederick I of Austria.
1325 Battle of Zappolino Communal struggle between Bologna and Modena, which emerges victorious
1325 Battle of Varey Vienne under Guigues de la Tour-du-Pin defeat the Savoyards.
1328 Battle of Cassel French under Philip VI defeat a revolting Flemish peasant army, killing their leaders.
1329 Battle of Pelekanon 10 June – The second ruler of the Ottoman Dynasty, Orhan I, defeats the Byzantine emperor Andronicus III.
1329 Battle of Ardnocher Irish force led by William MacGeoghegan defeats English army under Thomas Butler, who is killed.
1330 Battle of Posada 9 November – Basarab I of Wallachia defeats Charles I of Hungary.
1330 Battle of Fiodh an Atha Ualgarg O'Rourke is defeated by the English.
1332 Battle of Dupplin Moor English supporting Edward Balliol, Scottish pretender, defeated the Scots.
1332 Battle of Płowce 27 September- Poland's Ladislas IV Lokietek defeats Teutonic Knights.
1333 Battle of Halidon Hill 19 July – Edward III of England avenges Bannockburn.
1336 Battle of Minatogawa Kusunoki Masashige, obeying Emperor Go-Daigo's orders, leads an imperial army into a disastrous defeat by the Ashikaga. Kusunoki commits suicide.
1337 Battle of Cadsand English defeated pro-French garrison of Cadsand in Flanders.
1337 Siege of Kanagasaki Ashikaga victory during Nanboku-cho Wars.
1338 naval battle of Arnemuiden French victory over the English fleet.
1339 Battle of Parabiago Rebel Lodrisio Visconti is defeated by the Visconti of Milan's army.
1340 Battle of Sluys 24 June – Edward III beats the Franco-Genoese fleet of Philip VI of France off the coast of Flanders and gains control of the English Channel.
1340 Battle of Saint-Omer 26 July – Anglo-Flemish force driven back from the town by a French army.
1340 Battle of Rio Salado 30 October – Alfonso XI of Castile and Alfonso IV of Portugal defeat the Marinid under Sultan Abul-Hassan and the Granadine under King Yusuf I.
1341 Battle of Champtoceaux 13 October −16 October – Begins Breton War of Succession.
1342 Battle of Brest 18 August – English fleets defeats Genoese mercenaries.
1342 Battle of Morlaix Besieged by the English, a French relief army broke the siege of Morlaix. When the English retreated into a wood, the French withdrew.
1344 Battle of Stephaniana May – Turks from the Emirate of Aydin defeat a Serbian army in northern Greece.
1345 Battle of Auberoche English relief army lifted a siege by the French.
1345 Battle of Gamenario Ghibelline Asti and John II of Montferrat defeat the Neapolitan Guelph League army.
1345 Battle of Lough Neagh Naval battle between Hugh O'Neill and the Clann Hugh Buidhe.
1345 Battle of Peritheorion 7 July – A Byzantine-Turkish army under John VI Kantakouzenos and Umur Bey defeats and kills the renegade lord Momchil in the Rhodope.
1345 Battle of Warns Frisians defeat Dutch invasion force led by William IV, Count of Holland.
1345 Siege of Kaffa (Second) 1345-46 The Golden Horde again lays siege to the Genoese city of Kaffa on the Black Sea, but withdraws due to the Black Death.
1346 Battle of Calry Lough Gill O Rourke soundly defeated by the O Connors.
1346 Battle of St-Pol-de-Leon English defeated the French.
1346 Battle of Caen English force captured and sacked the town.
1346 Battle of Blanchetaque English under Edward III crossed the Somme.
1346 Battle of Crécy 26 August – English longbowmen defeat French cavalry at Abbeville.
1346 Battle of Neville's Cross English defeated the Scots under King David Bruce.
1347 Siege of Calais 4 September 1346 – 3 August 1347 – English forces capture the city.
1347 Battle of Porta San Lorenzo (Rome) – November – The people of Rome defeat the baronal troops of Stefano Colonna.
1347 Battle of La Roche-Derrien English relief army lifted a French siege.
1349 Battle of Lunalonge Anglo-Gascons held the upper hand during the day over the French but the Anglo-Gascons had to withdraw during the night.
1349 Battle of Llucmajor 25 October – James IV of Majorca defeated and killed by troops of Aragon.
1350 Les Espagnols sur Mer English fleet defeats Castilian fleet.

Late 14th century (1351–1400)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1351 Combat of the Thirty Thirty French knights from Chateau Josselin under Jean de Beaumanoir call out and defeat thirty English knights under Robert Bemborough.
1351 Battle of Saintes English relief army lifted a French siege.
1351 Battle of Ardres French defeated the English.
1352 Battle of Mauron Anglo-Bretons defeated the French.
1354 Battle of Sapienza Genoans destroy Venetian fleet.
1354 Fall of Gallipoli March – Ottoman Turks under Sultan Orhan capture Gallipoli, giving them a bridgehead into Europe.
1356 Baile Loch Deacair In south Connacht
1356 Battle of Poitiers 25 October – Edward the Black Prince captures King John II of France, France plunges into chaos.
1358 Battle of Mello Army of French nobles crushes the peasant Jacquerie.
1359 Battle of Campo delle Mosche 23 July - Florentines defeat Great Company
1361 Battle of Wisby Danish defeated the Swedish.
1362 Battle of Helsingborg Danish fleet beat Hanseatic fleet in Danish-German War
1362 Battle of Brignais 6 April – Free Companies defeat the French.
1362/1363 Battle of Blue Waters The Pagan Lithuanians defeat Islamic Tatar Forces
1364 Battle of Cocherel 16 May – French defeat Gascon-Navarrese-English.
1364 Battle of Cascina 28 July – Battle between Republics of Pisa and Florence.
1364 Battle of Auray 29 September – End of Breton War of Succession English defeat Franco-Bretons.
1365 Battle of Adrianople Capture by Ottoman Turks
1367 Battle of Nájera English under the Black Prince and Don Pedro of Castile defeated the Franco-Castilians.
1369 Battle of Montiel Franco-Castilians under King Henry II of Castile defeated Portuguese-Marinids-Grenadines-Jews under Don Pedro of Castile.
1370 Battle of Pontvallain French victory against English
1371 Battle of Baesweiler Edward, Duke of Guelders and William II, Duke of Jülich defeat Wenceslaus, Duke of Brabant.
1371 Battle of Maritsa 26 September – Serbs under their ruler, King Vukašin of Serbia were defeated by an Ottoman force.
1372 Battle of La Rochelle Naval battle. Castilian fleet defeats the English fleet. English sea dominance destroyed.
1373 Battle of Chiset (Chizai) French defeated an English relief army trying to lift the siege of Chiset.
1377 Cesena Bloodbath 2,500/5,000 inhabitants of the Italian city of Cesena are slaughtered by Papal troops led by John Hawkwood during the War of the Eight Saints.
1377 Battle on Pyana River The Russian troops are defeated, while their commander drowns in the river.
1377 Battle of Dubravnica Moravian Serbia defeated the Ottoman Empire.
1380 Battle of Kulikovo Dmitri Donskoy of Moscow halts the Mongols.
1381 Battle of North Walsham Forces led by Henry le Despenser defeat the rebels of Norfolk at the end of the English Peasants' Revolt.
1382 Battle of Roosebeke French and Castilian forces under King Charles VI of France defeated Flemish and English forces.
1383 Trian Chongail Hugh O Neill and Robin Savage kill each other in a cavalry charge.
1384 Battle of Atoleiros 6 April – Nuno Alvares Pereira (Portuguese general) defeats Castile.
1385 Tochar Cruachain-Bri-Ele O Conchobhair, King of Uí Falighe, soundly defeats the English of Meath.
1385 Battle of Trancoso An army sent by John I of Castile is defeated by the Portuguese.
1385 Battle of Aljubarrota 14 August – Portugal maintains independence from Castile, John I establishes Avis dynasty.
1385 Battle of Valverde 14 October – A Portuguese army defeated a Castilian army.
1385 Battle of Savra Serbian forces under Balša II and Ivaniš Mrnjavčević were defeated by Ottoman commander Hayreddin Pasha near Berat.
1386 Battle of Sempach 9 July Swiss defeat Leopold III of Austria.
1386 Battle of Pločnik Serbian victory and first serious defeat for the Ottoman army in the Balkans.
1387 Battle of Castagnaro 11 March – Giovanni Ordelaffi and Ostasio da Polenta, for Verona, defeated by John Hawkwood and Francesco Novello Carraresi, for Padua.
1388 Battle of Buyur Lake March Ming Chinese army under general Lan Yu,decisively defeated Mongol Northern Yuan Dynasty,more than 100'000 Mongols killed or captured.
1388 Battle of Otterburn 19 August English defeated in Scottish/English border dispute.
1388 Battle of Bileća 27 August Bosnians and Serbians defeat the Ottomans.
1389 Battle of Kosovo Polje A Turkish army gathered by Murad I and a Serbian army under Knez Lazar beat each other into the ground. The battle was a draw, yet in the wake of it the Serbs were left with too few men to effectively defend their lands, while the Turks had many more troops in the east. Both Lazar and Murad lost their lives in the battle.
1391 Battle of Alessandria Mercenary army of Gian Galeazzo Visconti of Milan beat that of Jean III of Armagnac
1394 Ros-mic-Triuin King of Leinster attacks and defeats the English.
1394 Battle of Rovine 10 October – Mircea cel Batrin the voievod of Wallachia defeated Beyazid I, sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
1395 Battle of Portomaggiore 16 April – Astorre I Manfredi for the Republic of Venice and Niccolò III d'Este beat Ferrarese rebel Azzo X d'Este.
1396 Battle of the North Inch Scottish clan battle
1396 Battle of Nicopolis 25 September – French-Hungarian crusade defeated by the Ottoman Empire
1399 Battle of Tragh-Bhaile The Anglo-Irish defeat the sons of Henry O Neill.
1399 Battle of the Vorskla River Vytautas the Great of Lithuania is defeated by generals of Tamerlane.

Early 15th century (1401–50)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1401 Battle of Mynydd Hyddgen mid-June – Welsh rebels under Owain Glyndŵr defeat an army of English and Flemish soldiers near Aberystwyth.
1401 Battle of Tuthill November – inconclusive battle between English and Welsh near Caernarfon
1402 Battle of Casalecchio 26 January – Alberico da Barbiano for Milan defeats BologneseFlorentine army under Muzio Attendolo
1402 Battle of Bryn Glas 22 June – English army routed in mid-Wales; Owain Glyndŵr's revolt spreads
1402 Battle of Angora
or Battle of Ankara
20 July – Timur defeats and captures Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I in Anatolia
1402 Battle of Nesbit Moor clash between English and Scottish prior to the Battle of Homildon Hill
1402 Battle of Homildon Hill 14 September - Scottish raiding force is defeated in Northern England
1403 Battle of Shrewsbury 21 July – Lancastrians defeat rebel army including Welsh soldiers led by Henry Percy, "Hotspur"
1405 Battle of Pwll Melyn May – Owain Glyndŵr's rebels defeated near Usk
1406 Cluain Immorrais The King of Uí Falighe defeats the Galls of Meath
1406 Battle of Tuiteam Tarbhach Scottish clan battle fought between the Clan MacLeod of Lewis against the Clan MacKay
1407 Battle of Lạng Sơn 19 January - Ming Chinese forces defeated Đại Ngu forces
1407 Battle of Sông Phú Lương Chinese Ming Dynasty decisively defeated the Vietnamese Hồ Dynasty,led to the Ming conquest of Đại Ngu
1408 Battle of Bramham Moor 19 February - The Percy Rebellion is finally crushed by King Henry IV of England
1408 Battle of Othée 23 September - John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy defeats rebels from the city of Liege
1409 Battle of Sanluri 30 June - Aragona defeats the giudicato di Arborea, last independent kingdom of Sardinia
1409 Battle of Kherlen 23 September - The Mongols under Öljei Temür Khan defeated Ming China on 23 September 1409
1410 Battle of Grunwald
or Battle of Tannenberg
15 July - Polish and Lithuanian army under Władysław II Jagiełło break the spine of the Teutonic Knights under Ulrich von Jungingen
1410 Battle of Koronowo 10 October - Polish-Lithuania army defeat Teutonic Knights
1411 Battle of Harlaw 24 July – Highlanders versus Lowland Scots ends in draw
1412 Battle of Chalagan December – Kara Koyunlu Turkomans defeat the Georgian army under Constantine I of Georgia and Shirvanshah Ibrahim, their ally
1415 Battle of Agincourt 25 October – English longbowmen under Henry V defeat French under Charles d'Albret
1415 Battle of Ceuta 14 August - Ceuta is captured by the Portuguese
1416 Battle of Gallipoli A Venetian fleet under Pietro Loredan destroys the Ottoman fleet
1418 Siege of Rouen 19 July January 1419 – Henry V of England gains a foothold in Normandy
1419 Battle of la Rochelle A Castilian fleet defeats an English-Hanseatic coalition fleet
1420 Battle of Sudomer 25 March – Hussites led by Jan Žižka defeat Catholics
1420 Battle of Vitkov Hill 12 June – 14 July – Hussite victory over the Crusaders of the Holy Roman Emperor
1420 Battle of Vysehrad Series of engagements between the Hussite forces and the Holy Roman Emperor's Crusaders
1421 Battle of Bauge The French and Scottish forces of Charles VII commanded by the Earl of Buchan defeat the forces of Henry V commanded by the Duke of Clarence
1421 Battle of Kutna Hora 21 December – Hussites escape Royalist forces of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund
1422 Battle of Nebovidy 6 January – Jan Žižka leads the Hussites to victory over an Imperial army
1422 Battle of Německý Brod 10 January – Hussites sack town
1422 Battle of Arbedo 30 June – Milanese led by Francesco Bussone fight the Swiss
1422 Siege of Meaux English led by Henry V fight the French
1423 Battle of Horic 27 April – Taborites defeat Utraquists, ending the Hussite Civil War
1423 Battle of Cravant 31 July – English victory during Hundred Years' War
1423 Battle of Verneuil 17 August – English defeat French, killing two French earls
1423 Battle of La Brossinière French victory over English
1424 Battle of L'Aquila Jacopo Caldora and Micheletto Attendolo for the Kingdom of Naples defeat Braccio da Montone for Alfonso V of Aragon
1424 Battle of Zagonara The Florentines defeated by Filippo Maria Visconti's Milanese army under Count of Carmagnola
1426 Battle of Brouwershaven 13 January – Burgundian troops defeat combined Zeelander and English forces
1426 Battle of St. James 6 March – An English force defeats the French under Arthur de Richemont
1426 Battle of Usti nad Labem 16 June – Hussites defeat Imperial forces in the modern-day Czech Republic
1426 Battle of Khirokitia 7 July – Mamelukes defeat intoxicated Cypriots
1427 Battle of Maclodio 4 October – Part of the Wars in Lombardy
1428 Siege of Orléans English forces commanded by the Earl of Suffolk besiege French city and are driven off by Joan of Arc
1429 Battle of Jargeau 11–12 June – Joan of Arc captures a bridge held by English over the Loire River. Her helmet saves her from a projectile
1429 Battle of Meung-sur-Loire 11–12 June The forces of Joan of Arc capture a second Loire River bridge
1429 Battle of Beaugency 16–17 June – Joan of Arc's forces capture a third Loire River bridge
1429 Battle of Patay 18 June – First major field victory of the French in the Hundred Years' War, recognized as the war's turning point
1430 Siege of Thessalonica 29 March – The city of Thessalonica, ruled by the Republic of Venice, is captured by the Ottoman Empire
1430 Siege of Compiègne 23 May – French victory but Joan of Arc is captured by Burgundians
1431 Battle of Soncino 17 May – Count of Carmagnola, for Venice, is defeated by the Visconti
1431 Battle of Pavia 22 May – The Venetian fleet is destroyed by the Milanese
1431 Battle of Domažlice 14 August - Hussite army led by Prokop the Bald slaughters Crusaders
1431 Battle of Inverlochy Royal English forces routed by Scottish Highlanders
1432 Battle of Delebio 18/19 November – Duchy of Milan and Valtellina fight the Republic of Venice
1432 Battle of San Romano Florence fought Siena
1434 Battle of Lipany 30 May – Catholic Crusaders destroy Taborite army
1435 Battle of Gerbevoy French troops, under the command of La Hire, defeat English
1435 Battle of Ponza a Genoese fleet sent by Filippo Maria Visconti defeats the Aragonese of Alfonso V of Naples
1435 Battle of Pabaiskas the forces of Grand Duke Sigismund Kęstutaitis of Lithiania with the help of the Polish troops defeated Švitrigaila and his Livonian allies
1436 Battle of Piperdean Scottish victory over the English on the Scottish Borders
1439 Battle of Grotniki Polish army defeats Hussite Protestants
1440 Battle of Anghiari 29 June – Niccolò Piccinino, overlord of Bologna, defeats Milanese Filippo Maria Visconti and is then opposed by Cosimo de Medici
1440 Siege of Novo Brdo (1440–41) Ottoman forces captured Novo Brdo, an important fortified mining town of Serbia
1443 Battle of Zlatica December – Crusader advance stopped by the Ottoman army
1444 Battle of Kunovica 2 or 5 January — Hungary, Poland and Serbia defeated Ottoman forces
1444 Battle of Varna 10 November - Ottoman Murad II defeats Hungarians, Poles and Wallachians, King Władysław III of Poland killed
1445 Battle of Gomit Emperor Zara Yaqob of Ethiopia defeats and kills Sultan Arwe Badlay of Adal
1447 Battle of Damghan Abdal-Latif Mirza captures Damghan
1448 Battle of Sark 23 October – also known as Battle of Lochmabenstone – Anglo-Scottish conflicts
1448 Battle of Caravaggio 15 September - Ambrosian Republic (Milan's short lived republic) fights the Republic of Venice
1448 Battle of Kosovo 17–20 October – Roman Catholic coalition defeated by Turkish and Orthodox forces
1449 Battle of Alfarrobeira 20 May - Afonso V of Portugal defeats rebels of Pedro, Duke of Coimbra
1449 Battle of Tumu Fortress 1 September - conflict between the Mongols and the Chinese Ming dynasty
1450 Battle of Formigny 15 April - decisive French victory over English during the Hundred years war

Late 15th century (1451–1500)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1453 Battle of Castillon The Valois use cannon to defeat the Lancastrians, which ends the Hundred Years' War
1453 Battle of Constantinople 29 May – Mehmet II of the Ottoman Turks captures Constantinople (İstanbul), ending the Byzantine Empire
1454 Battle of Chojnice 18 September – Polish defeated by Teutonic Knights
1454 Battle of Leskovac 24 September - Serbs under command of Nikola Skobaljić defeat a larger Ottoman army
1454 Battle of Kruševac Serbian Despotate, allied with the Kingdom of Hungary, defeats invading Ottoman forces
1455 Battle of Arkinholm Scottish Royal-Black Douglas civil war
1455 First Battle of St Albans 22 May – first battle of the Wars of the Roses, England
1456 Siege of Belgrade 22 July Hungarian forces lift Ottoman siege, Sultan Mehmet II wounded
1457 Battle of Direptatea April - Ştefan cel Mare, helped by Wallachian prince Vlad III the Impaler, defeated Petru Aron and became Voivod of Moldavia
1459 Battle of Blore Heath 23 September – Yorkist knights defeat Lancastrians in War of the Roses
1459 Battle of Ludford Bridge 12 October – King Henry routs Yorkists in War of the Roses
1460 Battle of Sandwich Yorkists land at Sandwich, rout Lancastrians
1460 Battle of Nola John of Anjou's victory over Ferdinand of Naples
1460 Battle of Northampton 10 July – Warwick attacks royal camp and captures King Henry
1460 Battle of Wakefield 30 December – Queen Margaret's Lancastrians defeat Duke of York, who is killed in the fight
1461 Battle of Mortimer's Cross 2 February – Yorkists defeat Lancastrians in the west
1461 Second Battle of St Albans 17 February – Lancastrians storm the town, chase out Yorkists
1461 Battle of Ferrybridge 28 March – Lancastrians ambush the Earl of Warwick and kill his second-in-command
1461 Battle of Towton 29 March – Edward IV of England defeats Lancastrian forces
1461 Siege of Trebizond 15 August – Ottoman Turks led by Mehmet II capture the capitol of the Empire of Trebizond, ending that empire
1462 The Night Attack 17 June – Vlad III Dracula attacks Mehmed II
1462 Battle of Świecino
(or Schwetzin, or Żarnowiec)
7 September - during the Thirteen Years' War, Poles defeated the Teutonic Order
1462 Siege of Mytilene Ottoman Turks capture the capitol of Gattilusi Lesbos
1463 Battle of Zatoka Świeża 15 September – Polish navy defeats Teutonic navy
1464 Battle of Hedgeley Moor 25 April – Lancastrian rebels defeated
1464 Battle of Hexham 15 May – Yorkists under Montagu annihilate Lancastrians in a surprise attack
1467 Battle of Molinella 25 July – Bartolomeo Colleoni for Venice is defeated
1467 Battle of Baia 15 December – Ştefan cel Mare defeated Mathias Corvinus
1467 Battle of Brustem 28 October
1469 Battle of Edgecote Moor
(or Banbury)
26 July – Warwick the Kingmaker triumphs over Edward IV
1470 Battle of Lipnic Ştefan cel Mare defeats the Tatars
1470 Siege of Negroponte Ottomans besiege and capture the Venetian fortress of Negroponte
1470 Battle of Lose-coat Field 12 March – Yorkists chase disrobing Lancastrians from the field
1471 Battle of Ravenspur 14 March - Edward IV lands at Ravenspur and repulses token resistance
1471 Battle of Barnet 14 April – Confusion in the fog, Earl of Warwick killed
1471 Battle of Tewkesbury 4 May – Edward IV of England's final victory over the House of Lancaster
1471 Battle of Brunkeberg 10 October – Denmark fights Sweden
1473 Battle of Otlukbeli Mehmed II of Ottoman Turks decisively defeats Uzun Hasan of Akkoyunlu Turkomans
1474 Siege of Neuss Charles the Bold leads unsuccessful siege during Burgundy Wars
1474 Battle of Héricourt Burgundy is defeated by the Swiss Cofederation
1474 Siege of Shkodra Spring 1474 — 8 August 1474 — Venice and Zeta defeat Ottoman besiegers
1475 Battle of Vaslui 10 January – Ştefan cel Mare defeats a huge Ottoman army
1475 Battle on the Planta (November) - Burgundy Wars
1476 Battle of Toro 1 March - Indecisive: Prince John of Portugal defeated the Castilian right wing and remained in possession of the battlefield while his father Afonso V is defeated by the Castilian left-centre led by the Duke of Alba and Cardinal Mendoza. Both sides claimed victory
1476 Battle of Grandson 2 March – A Swiss army defeats the Burgundians under Charles the Bold
1476 Battle of Morat 22 June – The Swiss defeat Charles the Bold again
1476 Battle of Valea Albă 26 July – Mehmed II defeats Ştefan cel Mare
1477 Battle of Nancy 5 January – Swiss pikemen defeat cavalry of Burgundy's Charles the Bold, who is killed
1478 Battle of Macomer Sardinian rebels are defeated by the Aragonese
1478 Battle of Trowulan Majapahit rebels backed by the Demak Sultanate are defeated by Girindrawardhana
1479 Battle of Guinegate 7 August – French troops are defeated by the Burgundians led by Maximilian of Habsburg
1479 Battle of Breadfield 13 October – Pál Kinizsi, comite of Timişoara, defeated the Ottomans
1480 Siege of Rhodes May until 28 July – Ottomans unsuccessfully besiege the Knights Hospitaller garrison on Rhodes
1480 Battle of Bloody Bay A naval battle fought near Tobermory, Scotland, between John of Islay, Earl of Ross, the Lord of the Isles and chief of Clan Donald; and his son, Angus Óg Macdonald
1480/1481 Battle of Otranto Gedik Ahmed Pasha of the Ottoman Turks captures Otranto in the Italian peninsula
1481 Battle of Yenişehir 22 June – The forces of Sultan Beyazit II of Ottoman Turks defeat the supporters of his brother and rival, Cem Sultan
1482 Battle of Campomorto 21 August – Papal army under Roberto Malatesta defeats Neapolitan troops led by Alfonso, Duke of Calabria
1484 Battle of Lochmaben Fair Scottish Royal-Black Douglas civil war
1485 Battle of Bosworth Field 22 August – ends Wars of the Roses fought since 1460, Lacastrian Henry VII becomes King
1486 Battle of Auldicharish Scottish clan battle
1487 Battle of Stoke 16 June – Henry VII of England finally defeats internal opposition
1488 Battle of Sauchieburn 11 June – King James III defeated by Scottish nobles
1491 Battle of Vrpile Early September – Forces of the Kingdom of Croatia defeat Ottoman Turks
1492 Battle of Granada 2 January – Ferdinand II of Aragon defeats the last Muslim kingdom in al-Andalus, the emirate of Granada of Sultan Boabdil
1493 Battle of Krbava field 9 September – Hundred Years' Croatian-Ottoman War Ottoman Turks defeat Croatians
1495 Battle of Fornovo 6 July – Francesco II Gonzaga of the Italian Holy League defeats Charles VIII of France
1497 Battle of Codrii Cosminului Ştefan cel Mare defeated John I of Poland
1497 Battle of Drumchatt Scottish clan battle
1499 Battle of Zonchio
(or Battle of Sapienza
or First Battle of Lepanto)
25 August – the Ottoman fleet defeats the Venetian fleet
1500 Battle of Hemmingstedt 17 February – A peasant rebellion defeats a much larger ducal army by opening dykes and drowning them
1500 Battle of Lepanto Ottoman fleet defeats Venetian fleet
1500 Battle of Vedrosha 14 July – Russians beat the Lithuanians

Early 16th century (1501–50)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1503 Battle of Ruvo 23 February - Spain defeats France during the Second Italian War
Battle of Cerignola 21 April – Spain defeats France during the Second Italian War
Battle of Garigliano 27 December – Spain defeats France during the Second Italian War.
1509 Battle of Diu 3 February – Portuguese Viceroy destroys Moslem fleet off the coast of India, wrests control of spice trade.
Battle of Agnadello
(Battle of Vaila)
14 May – French defeat Venetians during War of the League of Cambrai
Siege of Padua 15–30 September Venice captures Padua during War of the League of Cambrai
Battle of Polesella 22 December - A fleet of the Republic of Venice is destroyed on the Po River by the Ferrarese artillery during War of the League of Cambrai
1510 Siege of Mirandola 19 December 1510 – 20 January 1511 - City captured by Pope Julius II during the War of the League of Cambrai
1512 Sack of Brescia 18 February - French troops overrun the Italian town of Brescia during the War of the League of Cambrai.
Battle of Ravenna 11 April – Gaston de Foix, although killed in the battle, defeats the Spanish during War of the League of Cambrai
1513 Battle of Novara 6 June – Holy League defeats France during War of the League of Cambrai
Battle of Guinegate
(Battle of the Spurs)
16 August – Henry VIII and Emperor Maximilian I crush French during War of the League of Cambrai
Battle of Flodden Field 9 September - Henry VIII's army under Earl of Surrey killed James IV of Scotland.
Battle of La Motta 7 October – Spain defeats Venice during War of the League of Cambrai
1514 Battle of Orsha 8 September – Polish–Lithuanian army defeated the army of Muscovy.
Battle of Chaldiran Selim I of Ottoman Turks defeats Persian Safavids.
1515 Battle of Marignano 13–14 September – France defeats Milan during War of the League of Cambrai
Arumer Zwarte Hoop Army of peasant rebels in Friesland fights the Dutch authorities
1516 War of Urbino Francesco Maria I della Rovere shortly reconquers Urbino
Siege of Arai 11 July – In Japan, the Hōjō Clan captures Arai castle.
Battle of Marj Dabiq 24 August – Selim I of Ottoman Turks defeats the Mamelukes and captures Syria.
Battle of Yaunis Khan 28 October – Ottoman Empire defeats the Mamelukes.
1517 Battle of Ridaniya Ottoman Turks under Selim I defeat Mamelukes and capture Egypt.
1520 Battle of the Night of Sorrows 30 June – The Aztec Empire defeats the Spanish troops of Hernán Cortés
1521 Siege of Tenochtitlan 26 May – 13 August – Fall of the Aztec Empire
Battle of Pampeluna 20 May - French take city from Spanish, Ignatius of Loyola wounded
Battle of Noáin 30 June - Spanish defeat the Franco-Navarrese army
Siege of Belgrade July to August - Suleiman I of the Ottoman Turks captures Belgrade.
Battle of Tunmen August to September - Ming Chinese Navy defeated Portuguese Navy
1522 Battle of Bicocca 27 April – Spanish victory during Habsburg-Valois Wars
Siege of Rhodes The Ottoman Empire expels the Knights of Rhodes
Battle of Xicaowan Ming Chinese Navy defeated Portuguese Navy.
1524 Siege of Edo Edo Castle falls from Uesugi control to Hōjō control
Battle of the Sesia 30 April - Spanish and Holy Roman Empire forces beat French
1525 Battle of Punta Quemada January – Pizarro defeats the Quitians, but is wounded seven times
Battle of Frankenhausen End of the German Peasants' War
Battle of Pavia 24 February – Spain and Holy Roman Empire defeat France; Francis I of France is captured
1526 First battle of Panipat 21 April – The Mughal king Babur defeats Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi
Battle of Mohács 29 August – Suleiman I of Ottoman Turks defeats the kingdom of Hungary; King Louis II killed
Siege of Kamakura Uesugi clan defeats Hōjō clan, inflicting a major psychological blow
1527 Sack of Rome 6 May – Unpaid Spanish and Imperial troops attack the city in protest during War of the League of Cognac
1529 Battle of Shimbra Kure 7 March or 9 – Imam Ahmad Gragn withstands the assault of the numerically superior army of Lebna Dengel, Emperor of Ethiopia
Battle of Chimborazo Spring - among the first confrontations in the Inca Civil War, with Atahualpa defeating his brother Huáscar
Battle of Landriano 21 June - Spanish and Holy Roman Empire troops defeat French during War of the League of Cognac
Siege of Vienna Ottomans reach limit of empire, can't capture Vienna and settle in Buda
Siege of Florence 24 October 1529 – 10 August 1530 Spanish and Holy Roman Empire troops capture Florence during War of the League of Cognac
1530 Battle of Gavinana 3 August – Florence crushed by the Holy Roman Empire during War of the League of Cognac
1531 Battle of Antukyah February or March – The Ethiopian army panics and flees before Imam Ahmad Gragn's seven cannons and matchlockmen.
Battle of Puná April – Pizarro's forces defeat much larger forces of natives on the island of Puná
Battle of Obertyn 22 August - Polish army defeats the Moldavians
Battle of Kappel 11 October – Victory of Swiss Catholics over the followers of Zwingli
Battle of Amba Sel 28 October – Imam Ahmad Gragn again defeats Emperor Lebna Dengel, and crosses the Walaqa River unchecked into Bet Amhara
1532 Battle of Quipaipan April - decisive battle of the Inca Civil War with Atahualpa defeating his brother and Huáscar
Battle of Cajamarca 16 November - Pizarro captures king Atahuallpa during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire
1533 Battle of Cuzco Capital of the Inca empire taken by the Spanish
1536 Battle of Un no Kuchi Takeda family forces defeat Hiraga Genshin
Siege of Cuzco 6 May 1536 – March 1537 - Siege of the city of Cuzco by the army of Inca Emperor Manco Inca Yupanqui, Manco Inca is defeated
1537 Battle of Ollantaytambo January – The forces of the Inca emperor Manco Inca defeat the Spanish troops of Hernando Pizarro
1538 Battle of Las Salinas Pizarro brothers defeat Diego de Almagro
Battle of Preveza Ottoman fleet defeats Spanish-Venetian fleet
1540 Battle of Mabila 18 October - Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto's forces destroy the fortress town of Mabila in present-day Alabama, killing Tuskaloosa
1541 Battle of Sahart 24 April – Ethiopian Emperor Gelawdewos defeats an attack by Garad Emar, a lieutenant of Imam Ahmad Gragn. However, the Emperor is forced south into Shewa and away from the advancing troops of Portuguese commander Christovão da Gama
1542 Battle of Baçente 2 February – Portuguese under Christovão da Gama capture a Moslem-occupied hillfort in northern Ethiopia
Battle of Sezawa 9 March – Takeda Shingen defeats four enemy forces to begin his conquest Shinano Province
Battle of Jarte 4 April-16 The Portuguese under Christovão da Gama encounter the army of Imam Ahmad Gragn in two successive victories
Battle of the Hill of the Jews August – During the rainy season, Christovão da Gama captures a strategic position and many badly needed horses
Battle of Haddon Rig 24 August – Scottish victory over the English
Battle of Wofla 28 August – Reinforced with at least 600 arquebusiers and cavalry, Imam Ahmad Gragn attacks the Portuguese camp. The Portuguese are scattered, Christovão da Gama captured and executed.
Battle of Solway Moss 25 November – English victory over Scotland
Battle of Azukizaka Oda Nobuhide defeats Imagawa Yoshimoto
Siege of Uehara Takeda Shingen captures Uehara Castle from Suwa Yorishige
Siege of Kuwabara One day after Uehara, Shingen defeats Yorishige again. Yorishige then commits suicide
Siege of Fukuyo Takeda Shingen captures Fukuyo fortress. Battle of Ankokuji follows, Takato Yoritsugu defeated
Battle of Alltan-Beath Scottish clan battle
Siege of Perpignan French siege raised by Spanish army
1543 Battle of Wayna Daga 11 February – Ethiopian/Portuguese troops decisively defeat their Muslim opponent; Imam Ahmad Gragn killed.
Siege of Nagakubo Shingen defeats Oi Sadataka
Battle of Muros Bay 25 July - Spanish fleet defeats French fleet
Siege of Nice 5–22 August - Ottomans and French sack Nice
1544 Battle of Ceresole 11 April – French forces defeat Holy Roman Empire in Italy
Battle of Serravalle 2–4 June - Spanish and Holy Roman Empire defeat Italian mercenaries
First Siege of Boulogne 19 July - 18 September - English forces capture Boulogne
Second Siege of Boulogne October - French forces unsuccessfully besiege the town
Siege of Kojinyama Takeda Shingen continues his conquest of Ima Valley, Shinano Province
Battle of the Shirts Scottish clan battle
1545 Battle of Ancrum Moor 27 February - Scottish victory over the English during the War of the Rough Wooing
Siege of Takatō Takeda Shingen defeats Takatō Yoritsugu, taking his castle
Siege of Ryūgasaki The Takeda family defeats Tozawa Yorichika
Battle of the Solent 18–19 July – Indecisive naval battle between France and England, English flagship Mary Rose sinks
Battle of Bonchurch July - French invade Isle of Wight and are repulsed
Battle of Kawagoe Hōjō forces defeat the Uesugi, foiling a siege
1547 Battle of Mühlberg 24 April – Emperor Charles V captures elector of Saxony and lays siege to Wittenberg in the Schmalkaldic War
Battle of Pinkie 10 September – Earl of Hertford guardian of Edward VI crushes Scottish resistance
1548 Battle of Uedahara 14 February – Takeda Shingen defeats Murakami Yoshikiyo
Battle of Shirojiritoge Takeda Shingen surprises and defeats Ogasawara Nagatoki in a dawn attack
1549 Siege of Fukashi Takeda Shingen captures several of Nagatoki's castles, forcing him to flee to Kyoto.

Late 16th century (1551–1600)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1551 Siege of Tripoli 15 August – The garrison of the Knights of Malta in the fortress of Tripoli surrender to Ottoman besiegers after a bombardment lasting six days.
Sieges of Toishi Takeda Shingen takes the castle of Toishi after besieging it multiple times starting in 1550
Siege of Mirandola July 1551 to March 1552 - Pope Julius III besieges town then withdraws
1552 Siege of Eger Hungarian victory over Ottoman Turks
Capture of Muscat August - Muscat captured from Portuguese by Ottoman fleet
Battle of Ponza 5 August - Franco-Ottoman fleet defeats Genoese fleet
Siege of Kazan 2 September- 13 October - Ivan the Terrible defeats the Kazan Khanate
Siege of Metz October 1552 to January 1553 - Unsuccessful siege by Holy Roman Empire
Siege of Temesvár Ottoman Empire captures town
1553 First Battle of Kawanakajima June - indecisive battle between Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin
Siege of Katsurao Takeda Shingen captures fortress
Battle of Sievershausen 9 July - Maurice, Elector of Saxony and Duke Henry V, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg defeat Albert Alcibiades, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
Battle of Tucapel 25 December - Mapuche (Araucanian) Indians defeat Spanish conquistadors
1554 Battle of Marihueñu 23 February - Mapuche defeat Spanish conquistador Francisco de Villagra
Battle of Marciano 2 August - Florence finally defeats Siena
Battle of the Gulf of Oman 10–25 August - Portuguese destroy Ottoman fleet
Battle of Renty 12 August – Francis, Duke of Guise repels an Imperial invasion of Picardy
Battle of Tadla September - Saadi dynasty defeat Wattasids
Battle of Oshikibata Mōri clan defeat Sue Harukata
1555 Second Battle of Kawanakajima Takeda Shingen defeats Uesugi Kenshin
Battle of Kivinebb 11 March - Swedish victory over Russians
Battle of Sirhind 22 June - Mughal Empire has decisive victory over the Suri Empire
Battle at Machhiwara Mughal Empire defeats Suri Empire
Capture of Bougie Ottomans capture Béjaïa from Spain
Battle of Garbharry Battle fought between Clan MacKay and Clan Sutherland
Battle of Miyajima 16 October - Mōri clan defeat Ōuchi clan on sacred island of Miyajima
1556 Battle of Nagara-gawa April - Saitō Yoshitatsu defeats father Saitō Dōsan
Battle of Peteroa June to July - Spanish victory over Manuche
Battle of Tughlaqabad 7 October - Hemu defeats Mughal forces and occupies Delhi
Second battle of Panipat 5 November – Akbar the Great defeats Hemu
Siege of Oran Ottoman troops besiege the Spanish garrison in Oran
1557 Third Battle of Kawanakajima Takeda Shingen repelled by Uesugi Kenshin
Battle of St. Quentin 10 August – Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy defeats Anne de Montmorency during the Habsburg-Valois War
Battle of Lagunillas 8 November - Spanish defeat Mapuche during Arauco War
Siege of Kotte November 1557 to November 1558 - Sitawaka besiege Portuguese. Portuguese break out.
1558 Siege of Calais 7 January – France capture the city from the English
Battle of Wadi al-Laban March–April - Between Moroccos and Ottomans. Ottomans retreat
Siege of Narva April to May - Russians besiege Narva during Livonian War
Battle of Gravelines 13 July Spain defeats France
Mostaganem Expedition August to September - Spanish forces fail to capture Mostaganem from the Ottomans.
Ottoman invasion of the Balearic Islands Ottomans capture Balearic Islands during the Ottoman-Habsburg wars
Battle of Rio de Janeiro Portuguese destroy French settlement of Henriville
Battle of Quiapo 13 December - Spanish defeat Mapuche
1559 Battle of Spancel Hill Sir Donnell O'Brien defeats Connor O'Brien, 3rd Earl of Thomond and his ally Richard Burke, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde in County Clare
1560 Battle of Glasgow 18 March - Lords of the Congregation defeat French
Battle of Djerba 9–14 May – Ottoman fleet defeats Holy League
Battle of Norada In Japan, the Azai clan gains its independence from the Rokkaku
Siege of Marune Forces of Imagawa Yoshimoto defeat forces of Oda Nobunaga
Battle of Okehazama Oda Nobunaga's small forces ambush and slay warlord Imagawa Yoshimoto
Battle of Ērģeme Russian Tsardom defeats Livonian Confederacy so decisively that the Livonian Order was disbanded
Invasion of Jaffna Portuguese invade Kingdom of Jaffna
1561 Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima 10 September Takeda Shingen defeats Uesugi Kenshin in the climax of their ongoing conflicts
Siege of Moji Mōri clan break siege by Ōtomo Sōrin and Portuguese traders
Siege of Odawara Hōjō clan resist siege by Uesugi Kenshin
1562 Battle of Nevel 19 August - Tactical Polish victory over Russia during Livonian War
Battle of Corrichie 28 October - Mary, Queen of Scots Civil Wars
Battle of Dreux 19 December Catholics versus Huguenots in France. Both leaders captured.
Battle of Mulleriyawa Sitawaka forces defeat Portuguese near Colombo during Sinhalese–Portuguese War
1563 Sieges of Oran and Mers El Kébir Spanish victory during Ottoman-Habsburg wars
Siege of Orléans Catholics besiege Protestants during War of Religion
Battle of Bornholm 30 May - Naval battle between Denmark and Sweden during Northern Seven Years' War
Battle of Mared 9 November - Danes beat Swedes during Northern Seven Years' War
Capture of Älvsborg Danes capture Älvsborg during Northern Seven Years' War
Battle of Öland 11 September - Naval battle between Denmark and Sweden during Northern Seven Years' War
Siege of Musashi-Matsuyama Combined Takeda clan-Hōjō clan army regain Musashi-Matsuyama castle
1564 Battle of Ula 26 January - Lithuanians defeat Russians during Livonian War
Siege of Concepción 1 February to 1 April - Mapuche besiege Spanish
First battle of Öland 30 to 31 May - Danish fleet beat Swedish fleet during Northern Seven Years' War
Fifth Battle of Kawanakajima Indecisive battle between Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin
Battle of Kōnodai Hōjō clan forces defeat the forces of Satomi Yoshihiro
Battle of Azukizaka Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats the Ikkō-ikki
1565 Battle of Talikota 26 January - Deccan sultanates defeat Vijayanagara Empire
Battle of Affane February - Butlers beat the Geraldines
Siege of Malta Knights of Malta defeat Turkish forces
Battle of Glentaisie 2 May - O'Neills defeat Clan MacDonald of Dunnyveg.
Battle of Rügen 21 May -Swedish Fleet beats Danish fleet during Northern Seven Years' War
Battle of Axtorna 20 October - Danes beat the Swedes during Northern Seven Years' War
1566 Battle of Szigetvár 6 August to 8 September - 2,300 Hungarian defenders are annihilated by an army of 90,000 soldiers of the Ottoman Empire
Battle of Brobacka 9 August - Swedish army ambushes and defeats Danish army
Siege of Minowa Takeda Shingen captures Minowa castle from Uesugi clan
1567 Battle of Rio de Janeiro 20 January - Portuguese finally defeat French colony
Battle of Oosterweel 13 March - Traditionally seen as the beginning[1] of the Eighty Years' War. Spain defeats Dutch rebels
Battle of Carberry Hill 15 June - Mary, Queen of Scots forces defeated by James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton and James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray
Siege of Inabayama Castle 13 to 27 September - Oda Nobunaga takes castle
Siege of Chittorgarh October - Mughal forces successfully besiege Rajputs in Chittor Fort
Battle of Saint-Denis 10 November - 16,000 Royalists defeat 5,000 Huguenots near Paris
Battle of Digomi Georgian king Simon I of Kartli repulses Persian attack near Tbilisi
Battle of Farsetmore Part of the Clan war between the O'Neills and the O'Donnells
1568 Siege of Chartres 28 February to 15 March - Huguenots besiege Royalists
Battle of Dahlen 25 April - Dutch attempt to conquer Roermond during Eighty Years War
Battle of Langside 13 May - James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray defeats the forces of his half-sister, Mary, Queen of Scots, forcing her to flee to England
Battle of Heiligerlee 23 May - Dutch army ambushes Spanish army
Battle of Jemmingen 21 July - Spanish army under the Duke of Alva defeats the Dutch army
Battle of San Juan de Ulúa 23 September - Spanish fleet defeats English privateers
Battle of Jodoigne Spain defeats Dutch army
Siege of Hachigata Takeda Shingen is unable to take a Hōjō fortress
Siege of Malacca Sultan of Aceh attacks Portuguese-held Malacca
1569 Battle of Catirai Mapuche defeat Spanish
Siege of Odawara Takeda Shingen's forces burn the Hōjō clan controlled town
Battle of Mimasetoge Takeda Shingen escapes a trap set for him by the Hōjō clan
Siege of Ranthambore Mughal forces capture Ranthambore Fort
Battle of Jarnac 13 March - French Catholic forces defeat French Huguenots
Battle of La Roche-l'Abeille 25 June - French Huguenots defeat French Catholic forces
Battle of Orthez 24 August - Huguenots defeat Royalist forces
Battle of Moncontour 3 October - French Catholic forces defeat French Huguenots decisively
Siege of Kanbara Takeda Katsuyori successfully besieges and captures Kanbara castle
1570 Battle of Bun Garbhain Clan Cameron decisively defeat the Clan Mackintosh
Siege of Chōkō-ji Unsuccessful attempt to retake a castle captured by Oda Nobunaga
Siege of Kanegasaki Forces of Oda Nobunaga capture Kanegasaki fortress
Siege of Hanazawa Takeda clan captures Hanazawa castle from Imagawa clan
Battle of Anegawa 30 July - Nobunaga joins forces with Tokugawa Ieyasu to defeat the Asakura and Azai
Siege of Famagusta 17 September 1570 - 5 August 1571 - Ottoman Turks besiege and capture Famagusta
1571 Siege of Mount Hiei Nobunaga defeats the Tendai Warrior Monks and razes their temple complex
Siege of Fukazawa Takeda Shingen captures Fukazawa from Hōjō clan
Battle of Tonegawa Unresolved conflict between Uesugi forces and Takeda forces
Battle of Bankusay Channel 3 June - Spanish settler fleet defeats local Kapampangan fleet
Battle of Tillieangus 10 October - Clan Gordon overcomes Clan Forbes
Battle of Craibstone 20 November - Clan Gordon overcomes Clan Forbes again
Battle of Lepanto 7 October - Spain and Venice's fleets defeat the Ottoman fleet
First Siege of Nagashima Unsuccessful attempt by Nobunaga to take the fortress
1572 Battle of Molodi The Crimean Tatars and Ottoman Janissaries are routed by Russians near Moscow
Siege of Futamata Takeda Shingen captures one of Tokugawa Ieyasu's fortresses
Capture of Brielle 1 April – Marked a turning point in the uprising of the Low Countries against Spain in the Eighty Years' War
Battle of Kizaki June - Forces of Shimazu Takahisa defeated the larger army of Itō Yoshisuke in Japan.
Siege of Mons June to September - Successful Spanish siege of Dutch held town.
Relief of Goes August - Spanish raise the Dutch siege of Goes
Siege of Middelburg November 1572 to February 1574 - Dutch rebel army successfully besieged Middelburg, held by Spanish forces under Cristóbal de Mondragón.
Siege of La Rochelle November 1572 to July 1573 - Catholic troops besiege Protestant Huguenots. Negotiated settlement.
Siege of Sancerre November 1572 to August 1573 - Catholic forces besieged Protestant Huguenots. Siege abandoned.
Siege of Haarlem 11 December 1572 to 13 July 1573 – Spanish successfully besiege Protestant garrison at Haarlem
1573 Battle of Mikatagahara Tokugawa Ieyasu is forced to retreat from Takeda Shingen
Siege of Iwamura Takeda Shingen's forces led by Akiyama Nobutomo capture Iwamura castle
Siege of Odani Nobunaga defeats Azai Nagamasa, effectively destroying the Azai family
Siege of Ichijo ga dani Nobunaga effectively destroys the Asakura
Siege of Noda Takeda Shingen is killed
Battle of Lode January - Swedes defeat Russians during Livonian War
Battle of Flushing 17 April – Dutch rebels manage to capture 5 Spanish ships.
Battle of Borsele 22 April – A Spanish fleet under Sancho d'Avila is forced to retreat by a Dutch fleet under Admiral Worst
Battle of Haarlemmermeer 26 May – The Dutch failed in an attempt to break the siege of Haarlem
Siege of Alkmaar August to October - Dutch garrison fight off Spanish force under Don Fadrique
Capture of Geertruidenberg 28 August - English, French Huguenot and Fleming forces capture Geertruidenberg from Franco-Spanish Catholic garrison
Battle on the Zuiderzee 11 October - Dutch fleet destroyed a larger and better-equipped Spanish fleet on the Zuiderzee
Siege of Leiden October 1572 to October 1574 - Spanish under Francisco de Valdez unsuccessfully besiege Leiden.
Battle of Delft October - Anglo-Dutch force under Thomas Morgan repels Spanish force under Francisco de Valdez
1574 Battle of Reimerswaal 29 January – Sancho d'Avila's attempt to resupply his troops ends up in the destruction of his fleet by Anglo-Dutch forces.
Capture of Valkenburg February - English troops surrender Valkenburg Castle in Flanders to Spanish forces.
Siege of Leiden Dutch rebels victory over Spain
Battle of Mookerheyde 14 April - A Dutch army crumbles at a Spanish army's presence
Battle of Lillo 30 May – Lodewijk van Boisot with 64 Dutch ships destroys the Spanish fleet near Antwerp
Conquest of Tunis 13 September - Ottoman Empire finally defeats Spanish Empire for control of North Africa
Battle of Takatenjin Takeda Katsuyori, son of Takeda Shingen, captures Tokugawa Ieyasu's fortress of Takatenjin
Second Siege of Nagashima Nobunaga's second attempt is foiled by a counter-attack
Siege of Itami Nobunaga defeats Araki Murashige who had rebelled
1575 Battle of Nagashino 28 June - Nobunaga repels the forces of Takeda Katsuyori
Third Siege of Nagashima Nobunaga finally captures Nagashima fortress
1576 Siege of Mitsuji May - Honganji forces defeat Nobunaga's army, killing Harada Naomasa
First Battle of Kizugawaguchi August - Unsuccessful naval blockade by Nobunaga
1577 Battle of Lubieszów 17 April - Polish army defeats Danzig Rebellion army
Battle of Tedorigawa Nobunaga launches an unsuccessful attack on the forces of Uesugi Kenshin
1578 Battle of Gembloux 31 January - Don John of Austria crushes Protestant army
Battle of Alcazarquivir 4 August - Moors defeat Portuguese army, kill King Sebastian of Portugal
Second Battle of Kizugawaguchi Nobunaga defeats the naval forces of the Mori clan
Battle of Rijmenam (1578) The Spanish forces were dealt a strategic defeat by the Dutch
Siege of Kozuki Hideyoshi is defeated by the Mori clan
Battle of Çıldır Ottoman Turks defeat Safavid Persia and conquer the Caucasus
1579 Siege of Itami Hideyoshi captures Itami castle from Araki Murashige
Siege of Maastricht 20,000 Spanish troops under Farnese captures the city defended by 2,000 Dutch soldiers and civilians
1580 Battle of Alcântara Spanish candidate to the Portuguese throne defeats national candidate
Siege of Ishiyama Honganji August - Kōsa surrenders to Nobunaga after a ten-year siege
Siege of Miki Hideyoshi captures Miki castle from Nagaharu
1581 Siege of Breda Spanish troops took the Dutch city by surprise
Siege of Takatenjin Oda Nobunaga captures Takeda controlled castle
Siege of Tottori Hideyoshi captures Tottori Castle. The castle's lord commits suicide
1582 Battle of Temmokuzan Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga destroy the forces of Takeda Katsuyori, who commits suicide
Siege of Takamatsu Hideyoshi captures Takamatsu Castle. The lord of this castle also commits suicide
Battle of Honnō-ji 21 June - Nobunaga is defeated by Akechi Mitsuhide, who forces him to commit suicide
Battle of Yamazaki Hideyoshi defeats Akechi Mitsuhide, the murderer of his master Oda Nobunaga
Battle of Uchide-hama Hideyoshi again defeats Nobunaga's murderer, Akechi Mitsuhide
1583 Battle of Shizugatake May - Hideyoshi relieves one of his allies who was under siege
Battle of Torches 9–11 May - Ottoman Turks defeat Safavid Persians at the end of three days of battle
1584 Battle of Komaki and Nagakute Hideyoshi is defeated by Tokugawa Ieyasu
1585 Invasion of Shikoku Hideyoshi conquers the island
1586 Battle of Zutphen 22 September - Spanish defeat Dutch rebels
1587 Battle of Coutras 20 October - Huguenot forces defeat the French Royal Army
Battle of Vimory 26 October - French Royalist forces defeat foreign Huguenot forces
1588 Battle of Byczyna 24 January - A Polish faction defeats a Habsburg faction
Battle of Gravelines 29 July - Spanish Armada beaten decisively in battle against the English and Dutch fleet
1590 Battle of Ivry 14 March Henri IV of Navarre defeats Catholic League in War of the Three Henries
Siege of Odawara 4 May August - the Go-Hojo clan surrendered to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Japan was unified (1590)
Siege of Shimoda May to August - Hideyoshi's forces successfully besiege Hōjō clan
1591 Battle of Bhuchar Mori July - Mughal Empire defeated combined Kathiawar forces led by Nawanagar State
1592 Battle of Sangju 24 April - Konishi Yukinaga defeats the Koreans under Yi Il
Battle of Ch'ungju 28 April - Japanese forces decisively defeat the Koreans
Battle of Okpo 7 May - The Korean Navy defeats a Japanese convoy
Siege of Busan 24–25 May (13–14 April Lunar Calendar) Japanese defeat Koreans
Battle of Hansan Island 14 August - Korean Navy defeats Japanese Navy
Battle of Busan 1 November - Korean Navy could not recapture Busan from Japan
Siege of Pyongyang Chinese general Li Rusong defeats Konishi Yukinaga. Japan is expelled from Pyongyang
Siege of Jinju (1592) Siege of Jinju Fortress. Commander Kim Si-min repulses the Japanese commander Hosokawa Tadaoki, due to the arrival of a Korean relief force led by Gwak Jae-u
1593 Battle of Byeokjegwan 27 January - battle between Japan and China in Seoul. The Japanese army led by Ukita Hideie and Kobayakawa Takakage defeated the Chinese army under Li Rusong
Battle of Haengju The Korean army under commander Gwon Yul defenders were successful in repelling the Japanese forces
Siege of Jinju Japanese defeat Koreans
Battle of Sisak Forces of the Holy Roman Empire defeat forces of the Ottoman Empire
Battle of Dryfe Sands A clash between Clan Maxwell and Clan Johnstone
1594 Battle of Glenlivet 3 October - Religious clan battle
1596 Battle of Keresztes 24 to 26 October Ottoman Empire defeats Austria-Hungary and Germany
Capture of Cadiz Dutch United Provinces seize the Spanish city of Cádiz
1597 Battle of Turnhout 24 January - Dutch troops defeat Spanish cavalry
Battle of Chilchonryang 28 August - Japanese Navy decisively defeat Korean Navy
Siege of Namwon August - Japanese defeat Korean and Chinese alliance force
Siege of Ulsan Japanese defeat Korean and Chinese alliance force
Battle of Myeongnyang 26 October - Korean Navy defeats Japanese navy
1598 Battle of the Yellow Ford Irish under Hugh O'Neill, earl of Tyrone, destroy English force
Battle of Stångebro 25 September - Sigismund loses the Swedish crown to his uncle, Duke Charles
Battle of Sacheon (1598) October - Japanese army defeats Chinese army
Battle of Noryang Point 16 December - Chinese and Korean Navy decisively defeat the Japanese army
1600 Battle of Sekigahara Japanese General Ieyasu defeats three regents of the son of Hideyoshi in the most important battle in Japanese history – he later establishes the Tokugawa Shogunate
Battle of Nieuwpoort 2 July - Battle between Dutch (led by Prince Maurits) and Spanish army, led by Albrecht, archduke of Austria

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