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Early 14th century (1301-50)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1302 Battle of the Golden Spurs 11 July – In Flanders, Flemish burghers led by William of Jülich and Pieter de Coninck defeat French knights.
1302 Battle of Bapheus 27 July – The founder of the Ottoman Dynasty Osman I defeats a Byzantine force.
1303 Battle of Dimbos Ottomans defeat Byzantine governors.
1304 Second Siege of Stirling Castle April – July – Edward I besieges the Scots successfully. The Warwolf siege engine is constructed and first used during this battle.
1304 Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle 17 August – Lowland rebels defeat the French under King Philip IV. The French claim victory, as they remained in possession of the battlefield while suffering the heavier losses.
1306 Battle of Methven Forces of the Earl of Pembroke defeat newly crowned Robert the Bruce and his small Scottish army.
1307 Battle of Loudon Hill Scots under Robert Bruce defeat the greater English army.
1311 Battle of Halmyros 15 March – Catalan Company defeats Walter V of Brienne of Athens and goes on to capture Athens and Thebes.
1312 Battle of Gallipoli 2000 Turcopoles are annihilated by a combined Byzantine, Kingdom of Serbia and Genoese forces
1312 Battle of Amorgos Knights Hospitaller and destroy the fleet of Menteshe
1313 Battle of Gamelsdorf 9 November – Louis the Bavarian defeats his cousin Frederick I of Austria.
1314 Battle of Bannockburn Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II, takes Stirling Castle and secures Scottish independence.
1315 Battle of Montecatini 29 August – Pisa defeats allied forces of Florence and the Kingdom of Naples.
1315 Battle of Morgarten 15 November – Swiss defeat Leopold I, Archduke of Austria decisively.
1316 Battle of Picotin 22 February – Ferdinand of Majorca defeats Matilda of Hainaut and the Achaean barons loyal to her.
1316 Battle of Manolada 5 July – Louis of Burgundy defeats the Majorcans, Ferdinand of Majorca is slain.
1316 Second Battle of Athenry 10 August – English defeated the Irish under Felim O'Connor, King of Connacht.
1318 Battle of Dysert O'Dea Irish under Ó Deághaidh defeat the English Lordship.
1318 Battle of Faughart English defeated a Scots-Irish army under Edward Bruce, who is slain.
1319 Battle of Chios The Knights Hospitaller and the Genoese of the Lordship of Chios score a crushing victory over an Aydinid fleet.
1322 Battle of Bliska A coalition of Croatian noblemen defeat Mladen II Šubić of Bribir, Ban of Croatia.
1322 Battle of Burton Bridge English Royal forces defeat a rebel English army.
1322 Battle of Boroughbridge English Royal forces defeat a rebel English army fighting for the Scots.
1322 Battle of Mühldorf 28 September – Louis the Bavarian defeats and captures Frederick I of Austria.
1325 Battle of Zappolino Communal struggle between Bologna and Modena, which emerges victorious
1325 Battle of Varey Vienne under Guigues de la Tour-du-Pin defeat the Savoyards.
1328 Battle of Cassel French under Philip VI defeat a revolting Flemish peasant army, killing their leaders.
1329 Battle of Pelekanon 10 June – The second ruler of the Ottoman Dynasty, Orhan I, defeats the Byzantine emperor Andronicus III.
1329 Battle of Ardnocher Irish force led by William MacGeoghegan defeats English army under Thomas Butler, who is killed.
1330 Battle of Posada 9 November – Basarab I of Wallachia defeats Charles I of Hungary.
1330 Battle of Fiodh an Atha Ualgarg O'Rourke is defeated by the English.
1332 Battle of Dupplin Moor English supporting Edward Balliol, Scottish pretender, defeated the Scots.
1332 Battle of Płowce 27 September- Poland's Ladislas IV Lokietek defeats Teutonic Knights.
1333 Battle of Halidon Hill 19 July – Edward III of England avenges Bannockburn.
1336 Battle of Minatogawa Kusunoki Masashige, obeying Emperor Go-Daigo's orders, leads an imperial army into a disastrous defeat by the Ashikaga. Kusunoki commits suicide.
1337 Battle of Cadsand English defeated pro-French garrison of Cadsand in Flanders.
1337 Siege of Kanagasaki Ashikaga victory during Nanboku-cho Wars.
1338 naval battle of Arnemuiden French victory over the English fleet.
1340 Battle of Parabiago Rebel Lodrisio Visconti is defeated by the Visconti of Milan's army.
1340 Battle of Sluys 24 June – Edward III beats the Franco-Genoese fleet of Philip VI of France off the coast of Flanders and gains control of the English Channel.
1340 Battle of Saint-Omer 26 July – Anglo-Flemish force driven back from the town by a French army.
1340 Battle of Rio Salado 30 October – Alfonso XI of Castile and Alfonso IV of Portugal defeat the Marinid under Sultan Abul-Hassan and the Granadine under King Yusuf I.
1341 Battle of Champtoceaux 13 October −16 October – Begins Breton War of Succession.
1342 Battle of Brest 18 August – English fleets defeats Genoese mercenaries.
1342 Battle of Morlaix Besieged by the English, a French relief army broke the siege of Morlaix. When the English retreated into a wood, the French withdrew.
1344 Battle of Stephaniana May – Turks from the Emirate of Aydin defeat a Serbian army in northern Greece.
1345 Battle of Auberoche English relief army lifted a siege by the French.
1345 Battle of Gamenario Ghibelline Asti and John II of Montferrat defeat the Neapolitan Guelph League army.
1345 Battle of Lough Neagh Naval battle between Hugh O'Neill and the Clann Hugh Buidhe.
1345 Battle of Peritheorion 7 July – A Byzantine-Turkish army under John VI Kantakouzenos and Umur Bey defeats and kills the renegade lord Momchil in the Rhodope.
1345 Battle of Warns Frisians defeat Dutch invasion force led by William IV, Count of Holland.
1345 Siege of Kaffa (Second) 1345-46 The Golden Horde again lays siege to the Genoese city of Kaffa on the Black Sea, but withdraws due to the Black Death.
1346 Battle of Calry Lough Gill O Rourke soundly defeated by the O Connors.
1346 Battle of St-Pol-de-Leon English defeated the French.
1346 Battle of Caen English force captured and sacked the town.
1346 Battle of Blanchetaque English under Edward III crossed the Somme.
1346 Battle of Crécy 26 August – English longbowmen defeat French cavalry at Abbeville.
1346 Battle of Neville's Cross English defeated the Scots under King David Bruce.
1347 Siege of Calais 4 September 1346 – 3 August 1347 – English forces capture the city.
1347 Battle of Porta San Lorenzo (Rome) – November – The people of Rome defeat the baronal troops of Stefano Colonna.
1347 Battle of La Roche-Derrien English relief army lifted a French siege.
1349 Battle of Lunalonge Anglo-Gascons held the upper hand during the day over the French but the Anglo-Gascons had to withdraw during the night.
1349 Battle of Llucmajor 25 October – James IV of Majorca defeated and killed by troops of Aragon.
1350 Les Espagnols sur Mer English fleet defeats Castilian fleet.

Late 14th century (1351–1400)[edit]

Year Battle Description
1351 Combat of the Thirty Thirty French knights from Chateau Josselin under Jean de Beaumanoir call out and defeat thirty English knights under Robert Bemborough.
1351 Battle of Saintes English relief army lifted a French siege.
1351 Battle of Ardres French defeated the English.
1352 Battle of Mauron Anglo-Bretons defeated the French.
1354 Battle of Sapienza Genoans destroy Venetian fleet.
1354 Fall of Gallipoli March – Ottoman Turks under Sultan Orhan capture Gallipoli, giving them a bridgehead into Europe.
1356 Baile Loch Deacair In south Connacht
1356 Battle of Poitiers 25 October – Edward the Black Prince captures King John II of France, France plunges into chaos.
1358 Battle of Mello Army of French nobles crushes the peasant Jacquerie.
1361 Battle of Wisby Danish defeated the Swedish.
1362 Battle of HelsingborgDanish-German War
1362 Battle of Brignais 6 April – Free Companies defeat the French.
1362/1363 Battle of Blue Waters The Pagan Lithuanians defeat Islamic Tatar Forces
1364 Battle of Cocherel 16 May – French defeat Gascon-Navarrese-English.
1364 Battle of Cascina 28 July – Battle between Republics of Pisa and Florence.
1364 Battle of Auray 29 September – End of Breton War of Succession English defeat Franco-Bretons.
1365 Battle of Adrianople Capture by Ottoman Turks
1367 Battle of Nájera English under the Black Prince and Don Pedro of Castile defeated the Franco-Castilians.
1369 Battle of Montiel Franco-Castilians under King Henry II of Castile defeated Portuguese-Marinids-Grenadines-Jews under Don Pedro of Castile.
1370 Battle of Pontvallain French victory against English
1371 Battle of Baesweiler Edward, Count of Guelders and William II, Duke of Jülich defeat Wenceslaus, Duke of Brabant.
1371 Battle of Maritsa 26 September – Serbs under their ruler Vukashin were defeated by an Ottoman force.
1372 Battle of La Rochelle Naval battle. Castilian fleet defeats the English fleet. English sea dominance destroyed.
1373 Battle of Chiset (Chizai) French defeated an English relief army trying to lift the siege of Chiset.
1377 Cesena Bloodbath 2,500/5,000 inhabitants of the Italian city of Cesena are slaughtered by Papal troops led by John Hawkwood during the War of the Eight Saints.
1377 Battle on Pyana River The Russian troops are defeated, while their commander drowns in the river.
1377 Battle of Dubravnica Moravian Serbia defeated the Ottoman Empire.
1380 Battle of Kulikovo Dmitri Donskoy of Moscow halts the Mongols.
1381 Battle of North Walsham Forces led by Henry le Despenser defeat the rebels of Norfolk at the end of the English Peasants' Revolt.
1382 Battle of Roosebeke French and Castilian forces under King Charles VI of France defeated Flemish and English forces.
1383 Trian Chongail Hugh O Neill and Robin Savage kill each other in a cavalry charge.
1384 Battle of Atoleiros 6 April – Nuno Alvares Pereira (Portuguese general) defeats Castile.
1385 Tochar Cruachain-Bri-Ele O Conchobhair, King of Uí Falighe, soundly defeats the English of Meath.
1385 Battle of Trancoso An army sent by John I of Castile is defeated by the Portuguese.
1385 Battle of Aljubarrota 14 August – Portugal maintains independence from Castile, John I establishes Avis dynasty.
1385 Battle of Valverde 14 October – A Portuguese army defeated a Castilian army.
1385 Battle of Savra Serbian forces under Balša II and Ivaniš Mrnjavčević were defeated by Ottoman commander Hayreddin Pasha near Berat.
1386 Battle of Sempach 9 July Swiss defeat Leopold III of Austria.
1386 Battle of Pločnik Serbian victory and first serious defeat for the Ottoman army in the Balkans.
1387 Battle of Castagnaro 11 March – Giovanni Ordelaffi and Ostasio da Polenta, for Verona, defeated by John Hawkwood and Francesco Novello Carraresi, for Padua.
1388 Battle of Buyur Lake March Ming Chinese army under general Lan Yu,decisively defeated Mongol Northern Yuan Dynasty,more than 100'000 Mongols killed or captured.
1388 Battle of Otterburn 19 August English defeated in Scottish/English border dispute.
1388 Battle of Bileća 27 August Bosnians and Serbians defeat the Ottomans.
1389 Battle of Kosovo Polje A Turkish army gathered by Murad I and a Serbian army under Knez Lazar beat each other into the ground. The battle was a draw, yet in the wake of it the Serbs were left with too few men to effectively defend their lands, while the Turks had many more troops in the east. Both Lazar and Murad lost their lives in the battle.
1391 Battle of Alessandria Paduan army under John Hawkwood defeats Veronese under Giovanni Ordelaffi.
1394 Ros-mic-Triuin King of Leinster attacks and defeats the English.
1394 Battle of Rovine 10 October – Mircea cel Batrin the voievod of Wallachia defeated Beyazid I, sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
1395 Battle of Portomaggiore 16 April – Astorre I Manfredi for the Republic of Venice and Niccolò III d'Este beat Ferrarese rebel Azzo X d'Este.
1396 Battle of the North Inch Scottish clan battle
1396 Battle of Nicopolis 25 September – French-Hungarian crusade defeated by the Ottoman Empire
1399 Battle of Tragh-Bhaile The Anglo-Irish defeat the sons of Henry O Neill.
1399 Battle of the Vorskla River Vytautas the Great of Lithuania is defeated by generals of Tamerlane.

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