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4th century[edit]

Year Battle Loc. Description
312 Battle of Turin Italy Constantine defeats forces loyal to Maxentius.
312 Battle of Verona Italy Constantine again defeats Maxentius.
312 Battle of Milvian Bridge Italy Constantine defeats Maxentius and takes control of Italy.
313 Battle of Tzirallum Turkey In the eastern part of the Empire, the forces of Licinius defeat Maximinus Daia.
314 Battle of Cibalae Croatia Constantine defeats Licinius
316 Battle of Mardia Bulgaria Constantine again defeats Licinius, who cedes Illyricum to Constantine.
324 Battle of Adrianople Turkey Constantine defeats Licinius, who flees to Byzantium
324 Battle of the Hellespont Turkey Flavius Julius Crispus, son of Constantine defeats the naval forces of Licinius
324 Battle of Chrysopolis Turkey Constantine decisively defeats Licinius, establishing his sole control over the empire.
344 Battle of Singara Iraq Emperor Constantius II fights an indecisive battle against the Persian King Shapur II
351 Battle of Mursa Major Croatia Emperor Constantius II defeats the usurper Magnentius
353 Battle of Mons Seleucus France Final defeat of Magnentius by Constantius II
356 Siege of Autun France The city of Autun, Burgundy, is being sieged by Alamanni forces. Julian the Apostate of Rome relieves the city, ending the siege.
356 Battle of Durocortorum France Caesar Julian is defeated by the Alemanni
356 Battle of Brumath France Roman troops under Julian destroy a Germanic war band in open battle.
356 Siege of Senonae France Germanic troops lay an unsuccessful siege on the city of Senonae, where Julian is staying for the winter.
357 Battle of Strasbourg France Julian expels the Alamanni from the Rhineland
359 Battle of Amida Turkey Sassanids capture Amida from Romans
363 Battle of Ctesiphon Iraq Emperor Julian defeats Shapur II outside the walls of the Persian capital, but is unable to take the city, leading to an ultimate disaster on the retreat back to Roman territory.
363 Battle of Samarra Iraq Julian fights the Sassanids and is subsequently killed in battle. Though indecisive, the battle leads to massive losses for the Roman Empire through a forced peace treaty.
366 Battle of Thyatira Turkey The army of the Roman Emperor Valens defeats the usurper Procopius.
367 Battle of Solicinium Germany Romans under Emperor Valentinian I defeat yet another Alemanni incursion.
373 Battle of the Tanais River Russia The Huns defeat the Alans near the Don, beginning the great period of the Germanic migrations.[citation needed]
377 Battle of the Willows Bulgaria Roman troops fight an inconclusive battle against the Goths.
378 Battle of Argentovaria France The Western Emperor Gratianus is victorious over the Alamanni, yet again.
378 Battle of Adrianople Turkey The Thervings under Fritigern defeat and kill the Eastern Emperor Valens.
380 Battle of Thessalonica Greece The Goths under Fritigern fight and defeat a Roman army under Emperor Theodosius I.
383 Battle of Feishui China Fu Jiān is defeated by the Jin commander Xie An. The kingdom of the Former Qin collapses shortly thereafter.
388 Battle of the Save Croatia Emperor Theodosius I defeats the usurper Magnus Maximus.
394 Battle of the Frigidus Slovenia 6 September The Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I defeats and kills the last Pagan-tolerant usurper Eugenius and his Frankish general Arbogast.
395 Battle of Canhe Slope China Part of the Later Yan campaign into Northern Wei territory; crushing defeat for the Later Yan forces.

5th century[edit]

Year Battle Loc. Description
402 Battle of Pollentia Italy Romans under Flavius Stilicho take home a small victory against the Visigoths under Alaric.
403 Battle of Verona Italy Stilicho defeats the Visigoths under Alaric, forcing them out of Italy.
406 Battle of Faesulae Italy Stilicho defeats Visigoths and Vandals under Radagaisus.
406 Battle of Mainz Germany An army of Vandals, Suevi and Alans defeats the Frankish federation.
410 Sack of Rome Italy The Visigoths under Alaric sack Rome.
425 The Roman general Aëtius defeats the Visigoths under Theodoric I.
432 Battle of Ravenna Italy The Roman general Aëtius defeats his rival Count Boniface, who is killed.
436 Battle of Narbonne France Aëtius again defeats the Visigoths under Theodoric I.
447 Battle of the Utus Bulgaria Hunnic victory led by Attila over Roman forces in what is today Bulgaria.
451 Battle of Avarayr Iran Forces of Yazdegerd II annihilate the Christian Armenian rebels led by Saint Vartan.
451 Battle of Châlons France 20 June – An alliance under Visigothic king Theodoric I and Romans under Aëtius repulse the attack of Attila the Hun and his allies. Theodoric is killed in the battle.
452 Sack of Aquileia Italy Aquileia is razed to the ground by the forces of Attila the Hun.
454 Battle of Nedao A Germanic alliance under the leadership of the Ostrogoths and the Gepids breaks Hunnic power in Europe.
455 Battle of Aylesford United Kingdom Britons and Anglo-Saxons battle in Kent, victory is unclear.
455 Sack of Rome Italy The Vandals sack Rome during their campaign against Emperor Petronius Maximus, looting the city for 14 days.
456 Battle of Campi Cannini Italy Roman General Majorian defeats an Alemanni invasion of Italy.
456 Battle of the Urbicas Theodoric II, king the Visigoths defeats the Suevi, and conquers Spain
458 Battle of Arelate France The Roman Emperor Majorian, with the support of Aegidius and Nepotianus, defeats the Visigoths at Arlate
461 Battle of Cartagena Spain A Vandal fleet surprises and destroys the Roman fleet.
466 Battle of Wippedesfleot United Kingdom The Saxons under Hengest battle the Britons, victory is undecided.
485 Battle of Mercredesburne United Kingdom Saxons under Aelle defeats British defenders.
486 Battle of Soissons France Clovis I defeated Syagrius and gained the Domain of Soissons.
489 28 August Battle of Isonzo Italy 28 August – Odoacer fights the Ostrogoths under Theodoric the Great, ending in the Italian troops' defeat.
489 Battle of Adige Italy 30 September – Odoacer fights the Ostrogoths near Verona, and is defeated a second time.
490 Siege of Ravenna Italy Odoacer holds out against Theodoric the Great until the Ostrogothic king is able to enforce a naval blockade on the city. Several days after a truce is negotiated to end the siege, Theodoric kills Odoacer with his own hands.
492 Battle of Cotyaeum Turkey Byzantine army under John the Scythian defeats Isaurians under Longinus of Cardala.
496 Battle of Tolbiac Germany Franks under Clovis I defeat the Alamanni, killing their king.
500 Battle of Mons Badonicus United Kingdom or Battle of Mynydd Baddon. British forces defeat the Saxons decisively, ending their advance into British lands. Later connected to King Arthur.

6th century[edit]

Date Battle Notes
507 Battle of Vouillé The Franks under Clovis I defeat the Visigoths under Alaric II decisively, gaining Gallia Aquitania. Clovis kills Alaric in single combat.
524 Battle of Vézeronce 25 June - Burgundians and Ostrogoths under Theodoric the Great defeat the Merovingian Franks.
530 Battle of Dara Byzantine commander Belisarius, in alliance with Heruli and Huns, defeats Sassanid Persians in Turkey as part of the Iberian War.
530 Battle of Satala Byzantines under Sittas and Dorotheus defeat attacking Persians under Mermeroes.
c 530 Battle on the Ice of Lake Vänern Between Eadgils and his uncle king Onela of Sweden with the help of Beowulf. This event appears in several Norse sagas and in the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf.
531 Battle of Callinicum A Sasanian army defeats a Byzantine force in Syria, but with heavy losses on both sides.
532 Battle of Autun Frankish kings Childebert I and Clothar I defeat the Burgundians and conquer their territory.
533 Battle of Ad Decimum 13 September - Belisarius defeats the Vandals under Gelimer near Carthage.
533 Battle of Tricamarum 15 December - Belisarius again defeats the Vandals near Carthage, ending Vandal rule in North Africa.
535 Battles of Mammes and Mount Bourgaon Spring - Byzantine general Solomon defeats the Moorish rebels and secures control of Byzacena.
537 Battle of Camlann King Arthur killed, perhaps mythical, by Mordred.
537 Battle of Scalas Veteres Germanus defeats rebel African army under Stotzas.
538 Siege of Rome (537-538) Unsuccessful siege of Rome by the Ostrogoths, Byzantine defenders under Belisarius remain victorious.
540 Battles of Babosis and Zerboule Byzantine general Solomon defeats the Moorish rebels of the Aures Mountains region and secures control of Numidia and Mauretania Sitifensis.
543 Battle of Anglon (543) A Byzantine invasion of Sasanian Armenia is defeated by a small force under Nabedes.
late 546/early547 Battle near Sbeitla Byzantine general John Troglita defeats the Moorish rebels under Antalas
547 Battle of Marta Late summer - John Troglita is defeated by a coalition of Tripolitanian Moors.
548 Battle of the Fields of Cato Summer - John Troglita defeats the last Moorish coalition and suppresses the Moorish revolt.
551 Battle of Sena Gallica A Byzantine naval squadron defeats the Ostrogoth fleet decisively.
552 Battle of Taginae Byzantines under Narses defeat Ostrogoths under Totila, who dies in battle.
552 Battle of Asfeld Longobards under king Audoin defeat the Gepids under Thurisind, who is killed.
553 Battle of Mons Lactarius Byzantines under Narses defeat the Ostrogoths under Teia, ending Ostrogoth resistance.
554 Battle of the Volturnus October - Byzantines under Narses defeat the Franks and Alamanni decisively.
554 Yawm Halima ("Day of Halima") The Ghassanids under al-Harith ibn Jabalah defeat the Lakhmids under al-Mundhir III ibn al-Nu'man, who is killed.
570 Battle of 'Ayn Ubagh the Ghassanids under al-Mundhir III ibn al-Harith defeat the Lakhmids under Qabus ibn al-Mundhir
573 Battle of Arfderydd Welsh battle between Christian and non-Christian forces; Gwenddoleu dies.
575 Sack of al-Hirah The Ghassanids under al-Harith ibn Jabalah sack the Lakhmid capital, al-Hirah.
577 Battle of Deorham West Saxons defeats the Briton Celts in Wiltshire, England.
586 Battle of Solachon Byzantine forces under Philippicus defeat a Sassanid army in Mesopotamia.
588 Battle of Martyropolis Byzantine forces defeat a Sassanid army at Martyropolis
598 Battle of Yodong region Korean Goguryeo kingdom repulses the Chinese Sui Dynasty.
599 Battles of Viminacium Byzantines defeat the Avars.

7th century[edit]

Year Battle Description
603 Battle of Co Loa The Chinese Sui Dynasty defeats and conquers the Vietnamese Former Lý dynasty.
603 Battle of Degsastan Northumbrian king Æthelfrith defeats Scots under Áedán mac Gabráin
609 Battle of Dhi Qar battle fought between Arabs in southern Iraq and a Sassanid Persian army
612 Siege of Yodong fortress (612) Korean Goguryeo defeats the Chinese Sui Dynasty.
612 Battle of Salsu Goguryeo cavalry forces, although outnumbered, overwhelmed the Chinese troops in combat and eventually emerged victorious.
613 Battle of Antioch An attack by Byzantine forces on the recently captured Antioch ends in a decisive Sassanid victory.
614 Siege of Jerusalem After 21 days, Jerusalem falls to the Sassanid forces and their Jewish allies.
615 Siege of Thessalonica Sclaveni under the chieftain Chatzon attempt to capture the city.
616 Battle of Chester Aethelfrith defeats the armies of Welsh kingdoms Powys and Rhôs.
617, 8 September Battle of Huoyi Li Yuan defeats the Sui Dynasty and enters Chang'an.
618, 6 October Battle of Yanshi Wang Shichong scores a decisive victory over Li Mi, breaking the blockade of Luoyang and taking over the latter's followers.
618, 29 November Battle of Qianshuiyuan The Tang dynasty scores a decisive victory over their rival Xue Rengao.
619 Siege of Alexandria The advancing Sassanid armies easily capture Alexandria in their campaign to conquer Roman Egypt.
621 Battle of Hulao The Tang under Li Shimin crush the forces of Dou Jiande. Luoyang surrenders soon after, securing the Tang dynasty's victory in the civil war that followed the collapse of the Sui dynasty.
624, 17 March Battle of Badr Muslim forces under Muhammad defeat a larger pagan Meccan force, killing their leaders.
625, 23 March Battle of Uhud Khalid ibn al-Walid defeats a Muslim force, before eventually converting to Islam himself and joining the Muslim forces.
625, April Battle of Sarus Heraclius fights the Sassanid army of General Shahrbaraz, ending in a draw that doesn't stop the Persian advance towards Constantinople.
626 Siege of Constantinople (626) The Avars, in alliance with the Sassanids, besiege Constantinople unsuccessfully.
627 Battle of the Trench An army from the city of Mecca fails to capture Muslim held Medina, defended by Muhammad using an early form of trench warfare
627 Siege of Derbent Tong Yabgu of Western Turks capture the fortress during Perso-Turkic War.
627, 12 December Battle of Nineveh Byzantines under Emperor Heraclius defeat Sassanid Persians
629 Battle of Mu'tah Khalid ibn al-Walid leads a small Muslim Arab army against a much larger Roman army in his first battle against the Roman Empire, which results in a stalemate and Khalid being honoured with the title "Sword of Allah"
630 Conquest of Mecca Muhammad conquers Mecca without any bloodshed
630 Battle of Yinshan Tang Chinese army, led by Li Jing, decisively defeats the Eastern Turks, fall of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate.
631 Battle of Wogastisburg King Samo defeats Austrasian forces, led by Dagobert I, Merovingian king of the Franks
632 Battle of Akraba Rashidun forces defeat a numerically superior rebel army under Musaylimah, killing him.
633, April Battle of Chains Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats a Persian army in his first battle against the Persian Empire
633, May Battle of Walaja Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats the larger forces of the Persian Empire using a double envelopment maneuver
633, May Battle of Ullais Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats a larger army from the Persian Empire
633, November Battle of Zumail Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats the Persian forces, conquering most of Mesopotamia (Iraq) from the Persian Empire
633 Battle of Hatfield Chase Penda of Mercia defeats and kills Edwin of Northumbria
634, January Battle of Firaz Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats the larger combined forces of the Persian Empire, Roman Empire, and Christian Arabs, completing his conquest of Mesopotamia
634, June–July Battle of Bosra A small Muslim army under Khalid ibn al-Walid lay siege to the city of Bosra, decisively defeating a larger army of Romans and Christian Arabs
634, July Battle of Ajnadayn The first major pitched battle between the Muslim Arabs under Khalid ibn al-Walid against a larger Roman army under Heraclius leads to a decisive Muslim victory for Khalid
634, Aug–Sept Conquest of Damascus Thomas surrenders after four-week siege with no relief in sight and Muslim forces inside the city.
634, September Battle of Sanita-al-Uqab 12,000 Byzantines are defeated in an attempt to break the siege of Damascus in a battle 20 miles north of the city
634, September Battle of Marj-ud-Deebaj Refugees from the surrender at Damascus are intercepted just short of Antioch and butchered by Muslim forces.
634 Battle of Heavenfield Oswald of Bernicia defeats and kills the Welsh king Cadwallon ap Cadfan of Gwynedd
635 Battle of Fahl Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats the larger forces of the Roman Empire under Heraclius, and conquers Palestine, Jordan and southern Syria from the Roman Empire
636, August Battle of Yarmouk Muslim Arab forces under Khalid ibn al-Walid crush a larger army of Romans, Greeks, Franks, Russians, Slavs, Armenians, Georgians and Christian Arabs under Heraclius and Constantine III, and conquer the Levant from the Roman Empire
636, November Battle of al-Qādisiyyah Muslim Arabs decisively defeat a larger Sasanian army led by general Rostam Farrokhzād
637 Siege of Ctesiphon Muslim Arabs conquered the Sasanian capital of Ctesiphon
637, June Battle of Hazir Khalid ibn al-Walid defeats the garrison of Qinnasrin under Meenas at Hazir in Syria, wiping out the Byzantine force.
637, October Battle of Iron Bridge Khalid ibn al-Walid decisively defeats a larger Roman army under Heraclius in his final battle against the Roman Empire, conquering northern Syria and southern Turkey
642 Battle of Nehaward Muslim Arabs gain a final victory over the Persian Empire, ending the Persian Sassanid dynasty
642 Battle of Maserfeld 5 August – Penda of Mercia defeats and kills Oswald of Bernicia
645 Siege of Yodong fortress (645) The Chinese Tang Dynasty defeats Goguryeo.
645 Siege of Ansi fortress Korean Goguryeo forces defeat the Chinese Tang Dynasty.
650 Battle of Balanjar (650s) Khazar Turks defeat the Umayyad Caliphate's forces.
655 Battle of Winwaed Northumbrian King Oswiu defeats and kills pagan Mercian king Penda
656 Battle of the Camel Rashidun forces under Ali ibn Abi Talib defeat a rebel army at Basra, Iraq.
657 Battle of Irtysh River Tang Chinese army led by Su Dingfang decisively defeats the Western Turkic khagan Ashina Helu, led to the Tang conquest of the Western Turks.
658 Battle of Siffin Forces of Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib battle rebel forces of Muawiyah I, Governor of Syria, indecisively.
660 Battle of Hwangsanbeol A superior Silla army defeats Baekje decisively, killing General Gyebaek.
663 Battle of Baekgang Tang Chinese and Silla forces decisively defeat Yamato Japanese and Baekje forces.
668 Conquest of P'yongyang Silla and the Chinese Tang Dynasty defeat and conquer Goguryeo.
670 Battle of Dafei River Tang Chinese army is annihilated by the Tibetans, who take over control of the Tarim Basin.
674 First Arab siege of Constantinople The Byzantines defeat the Arabs after 4 years of siege through the use of Greek fire
680 Battle of Ongal Bulgar and probably Slavonic forces under Khan Asparukh defeat a Byzantine army led by Emperor Constantine IV near the mouth of the river Danube. As a result, a Bulgar kingdom is founded on former Byzantine territories in the Balkan peninsula.
680 Battle of Kerbela 10 October – The Umayyad forces kill all supporters and relatives of Muhammad present at Karbala, including Husain ibn Ali, the Prophet's grandson.
682/683 Battle of Vescera Defeat of the Umayyads under Uqba ibn Nafi by the Berbers and Byzantines.
683 Siege of Mecca Unsuccessful siege of Mecca by Umayyad forces, which allows Ibn al-Zubayr to set himself up as anti-Caliph there.
684 Battle of Marj Rahit Umayyads supported by the Banu Kalb defeat a hostile tribal coalition around the Qays and secure control of Syria.
685 Battle of 'Ayn al-Warda The "Penitents" of Kufa are annihilated by the Umayyads.
685 Battle of Dun Nechtain Picts defeat Northumbrians in Scotland, killing their leader.
689 Battle of Coronate The army of Cunincpert, king of the Lombards, defeat the followers of the usurper Alahis on the Adda River.
691 Battle of Maskin Umayyads defeat Mus'ab ibn al-Zubayr and recover control of Iraq
692 Siege of Mecca Umayyad forces under al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf capture Mecca, the stronghold of the anti-Caliph Ibn al-Zubayr, ending the Second Islamic Civil War in an Umayyad victory.
692 Battle of Sebastopolis Umayyads defeat Byzantine forces after the defection of 20,000 Slav soldiers.
698 Battle of Carthage After a surprise attack of Byzantine forces on Carthage, Umayyad forces take back the city under very heavy losses.
698 Battle of Tianmenling The Balhae and the Tang Dynasty of China collide in seeking supremacy of Manchuria.

8th century[edit]

Year Battle Description
701 Battle of Dayr al-Jamajim Umayyad forces under al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf defeat the Iraqi rebellion of Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad ibn al-Ash'ath.
707 Siege of Tyana Umayyads besiege the Byzantine town of Tyana over the winter and capture it after a relief army is defeated in spring.
708 Battle of Anchialus Bulgarians under Tervel defeat a Byzantine army under Justinian II.
709 Battle of Kabul Part of the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan.
711 Battle of Guadalete The invading Umayyad armies defeat the Visigoths in Iberia, killing King Roderic.
711 Battle of Bolchu The Türgesh are defeated by the Eastern Turkic Khaganate.
715 Battle of Compiègne In the first significant battle of the Frankish Civil War of 715–718, Ragenfrid defeats Theudoald.
716 Battle of Cologne Part of the Frankish Civil War of 715–718. Charles Martel suffers his only defeat.
716 Battle of Amblève Part of the Frankish Civil War of 715–718. Charles Martel defeats his Neustrian and Frisian rivals.
717 Battle of Vincy Part of the Frankish Civil War. Charles Martel and the Austrasians defeat the Frankish king, Chilperic II, and his mayor of the palace, Ragenfrid.
717 Second Arab siege of Constantinople Umayyad forces lay siege to the Byzantine Capital once more. They are defeated after a year by Leo III with the help of a Bulgar army under Khan Tervel.
717 Battle of Aksu (717) Tang Chinese forces defeat an allied forces of Umayyad Muslims, Tibetans and Turgesh Turks.
718 Battle of Soissons The last significant battles of the Frankish civil war with Charles Martel victorious.
718 Battle of Covadonga Asturian forces defeat the Umayyad invaders for the first time (date uncertain 718 – 725)
721 Battle of Toulouse 9 June – Umayyad forces besiege Toulouse, subsequently lose to Odo of Aquitaine's relief troops.
722 Battle of Hehil Britons defeat Anglo-Saxons of Wessex "among the Cornish"
723 Battle of Balanjar Umayyad forces successfully conquer Balanjar, looting and killing its population in the process.
724 Day of Thirst Umayyad army is routed by the Turgesh; beginning of the collapse of the Umayyad position in Transoxiana
727 Siege of Nicaea Umayyad forces unsuccessfully besiege Nicaea for 40 days.
729 Battle of Baykand Umayyad forces break through Turgesh encirclement and reach Bukhara.
729 Siege of Kamarja Umayyad Arabs defend the fortress of Kamarja for 58 days against overwhelming Turgesh numbers before being allowed to retire.
729 Battle of Ravenna (729) Byzantine forces are defeated by Italians following an argument about icon veneration.
732 Battle of Tours 10 October – Umayyad forces, led by Abd er-Rahman, lose to Charles Martel near Poitiers.
734 Battle of the Boarn Charles Martel defeats the Frisians, killing King Poppo and ending the Frisian Kingdom.
737 Battle of the Baggage Turgesh drive back an Umayyad invasion of Khuttal and capture their baggage train.
737 Battle of Kharistan Umayyad governor of Khorasan Asad ibn Abdallah al-Qasri defeats the Turgesh khagan in battle, alting the Turgesh invasion south of the Oxus river.
740 Battle of Akroinon Byzantine emperor Leo III the Isaurian wins an important victory over the Umayyads in modern Turkey.
740 Battle of the Nobles Berber forces defeat the Umayyads near Tangier, killing their leader and 10,000 Arabs.
746 Battle of Keramaia The Cibyrrhaeots defeat the Egyptian fleet of the Umayyad Caliphate.
746 Battle of Rupar Thutha Kufa and Mosul taken by Marwan II.
750 Battle of Bråvalla The Danish army is defeated by the Swedish.
750 Battle of Zab Decisive victory for the Abbasids resulting in the Umayyads' fall and rise of a new Caliphat.
751 Battle of Talas Abbasid forces defeat Tang forces at the banks of Talas River.
756 Battle of Yongqiu Tang forces deal a decisive blow to the Yan during the An Shi Rebellion.
756 Battle of the Long Walls The Bulgar Khan Kormisosh is defeated by the Byzantine forces of Emperor Constantine V. As a result, the Bulgars overthrow Kormissosh and a period of political instability begins in the Bular khanate.
756 Battle of Marcellae Emperor Constantine V of Byzantium defeats a Bulgar army under the new Khan Vinekh.
757 Battle of Suiyang Pyrrhic victory for the Yan against Tang forces.
759 Battle of the Rishki Pass Bulgar Khan Vinekh defeats a Byzantine army in a mountain pass.
763 Battle of Bakhamra The Abbasids under Isa ibn Musa crush an Alid rebel army under Ibrahim ibn Abdallah.
763 Battle of Anchialus The Bulgar Khan Telets is defeated by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine V.
766 Siege of Kamacha Unsuccessful attack on the Byzantine border fortress of Kamacha by the Abbasids.
772 Battle of Janbi Rustamid state established in Morocco
774 Battle of Berzitia Superior Byzantine forces led by Constantine V crush a Bulgar army led by Khan Telerig.
775 Battle of Bagrevand The Abbasid Caliphate defeats a major Armenian rebellion and kills its leaders. Muslim control over Transcaucasia is solidified, while several major Armenian nakharar families lose power and flee to the Byzantine Empire.
778 Battle of Roncesvalles Basques defeat an invading Frankish army. Roland, Paladin of Charlemagne, dies.
786 Battle of Fakhkh A Hasanid Alid uprising in Mecca is crushed by the Abbasids. Idris ibn Abdallah flees to the Maghreb, where he later founds the Idrisid dynasty.
788 Battle of Kopidnadon Abbasid forces defeat Byzantine forces.
791 Battle of Raab Charlemagne defeats the Avars and as a result subdues Pannonia in vassalage.
792 Battle of Marcellae The Bulgar Khan Kardam defeats a Byzantine army under Emperor Constantine VI.

9th century[edit]

Year Battle Loc. Description
801-802 Battle of Weizhou China Tang Chinese forces decisively defeat Tibetan forces in the South-West front
804 Battle of Krasos Turkey Abbasids under Ibrahim ibn Jibril surprise and defeat the Byzantine emperor Nikephoros I
809 Siege of Serdica Bulgaria Bulgar Khan Krum seizes the fortified Byzantine town of Serdica, nowadays Sofia.
811 Battle of Pliska Bulgaria Nikephoros I of the Byzantine Empire captures and destroys the Bulgar capital, Pliska, only to be crushingly defeated and killed a few days later by the Bulgar khan Krum.
813 Battle of Versinikia Bulgaria
The Bulgars of Krum defeat the Byzantines of Emperor Michael I Rangabe.
814 Battle of Burdizon A Bulgar force led by the new Khan Omurtag is defeated by a Byzantine army of Emperor Leo V. A peace treaty follows as a result.
819 Battle of Yanzhou China Tang Chinese forces decisively defeat Tibetan forces in the North-West front
822 Battle of Kedouktos Turkey The Bulgars of Khan Omurtag attack the Byzantine rebel Thomas the Slav as a favour to Byzantine Emperor Michael II, but are defeated.
825 Battle of Ellandun United Kingdom Egbert of Wessex defeats Beornwulf of Mercia, ending Mercian supremacy.
829 Battle of Thasos Greece The Cretan Saracens defeat the Byzantines off Thasos.
838 Battle of Anzen Turkey Theophilus is defeated by the Abbasids in modern Turkey.
838 Battle of Hingston Down United Kingdom Egbert of Wessex defeats a Cornish and Viking army, ending Cornish independence.
845 Battle of Ballon France Charles the Bald of West Francia is defeated by the Bretons of Nominoe
849 Battle of Ostia Italy An Italian alliance fleet defeats Saracen pirates.
863 Battle of Lalakaon Turkey Byzantines under Michael III defeat the Emirate of Melitene forces decisively.
870 Siege of Melite Malta Aghlabids under Sawāda Ibn Muḥammad capture the Byzantine city of Melite.
870 Battle of Englefield United Kingdom Anglo-Saxons under Æthelwulf defeat the Danelaw Vikings.
871 Battle of Reading United Kingdom Ethelred of Wessex and Alfred the Great are defeated by a Danish army, suffering heavy losses.
872 Battle of Hafrsfjord Norway Harald Hårfagre takes over great parts of Norway, The Country of Norway is regarded to be founded after the battle.
c. 872 Battle of Bathys Ryax Turkey (possibly also in 878) – The Byzantine Empire defeats the Paulician heretics, killing their leader Chrysocheir.
c. 872/3 Battle of Kardia Turkey Byzantine admiral Niketas Ooryphas defeats a fleet of Cretan Saracens under the renegade Photios.
c. 873 Battle of the Gulf of Corinth Greece (possibly as late as 879) – Byzantine admiral Niketas Ooryphas defeats a fleet of Cretan Saracens and kills their commander, the renegade Photios.
878 Battle of Edington United Kingdom West Saxons under Alfred the Great defeat the Danelaw Vikings.
878 Battle of Cynwit United Kingdom West Saxons, said to have been under the command of a certain ealdorman named Odda, defeat a Viking army, killing their leader, an unnamed man who may have been identical to Ubba.
878 United Kingdom Vikings defeat forces of St Cuthbert in West Sussex
880 Battle of Cephalonia Greece Byzantine admiral Nasar defeats an Aghlabid fleet in a night attack off western Greece.
880 Battle of Stelai Italy Byzantine admiral Nasar defeats an Aghlabid fleet off southern Italy.
880 Italy The Byzantines under Leo Apostyppes capture Taranto from the Muslims.
881 Battle of the Conwy United Kingdom Anarawd ap Rhodri defeats the Mercians under Æthelred, Lord of the Mercians. Known in Welsh as Dial Rhodri: the Avenging of Rhodri.
881 Italy The Aghlabids under al-Hasan ibn al-Abbas defeat the Byzantines under Barsakios near Taormina.
881/2 Battle of Caltavuturo Italy The Byzantines under Mosilikes defeat the Aghlabids under Abu Thawr.
885 Battle of Tawahin Israel Tulunids defeat Abbasid attempt at recovering Syria and Egypt.
891 Battle of Leuven Belgium Arnulf of the Franks defeats a Viking army, ending their invasion.
893 Battle of Buttington United Kingdom An army of Mercians, West Saxons and Welsh led by Æthelred, Lord of the Mercians defeats a Viking army
896 Battle of Bulgarophygon Turkey During the summer the Bulgars led by Prince Simeon I defeat a Byzantine army decisively.
896 Siege of Dorostolon Bulgaria The Bulgars under their princes Boris-Michael and his son Symeon finally break a Magyar siege.

10th century[edit]

Year Battle Loc. Description
902 Siege of Taormina Italy The former Aghlabid emir, Ibrahim II, captures the fortress of Taormina from the Byzantine Empire.
903 Battle of Hama Syria 29 November – The Abbasid army under Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Katib deals a crushing defeat on the Qarmatians under the Sahib al-Shama
904 Sack of Thessalonica Greece Saracens under Leo of Tripoli sack the Byzantine Empire's second-largest city
907 Battle of Pozsony Hungarians completely defeat the combined European forces and expand their military control to river Enns.
910 Battle of Tettenhall United Kingdom Between Edward the Elder and the Yorkshire Danes. The Danish were defeated.
915 First Battle of Corbridge United Kingdom
915 Battle of Garigliano Italy Christian League defeats the Saracen bands in southern Lazio
917 Battle of Acheloos Bulgaria 20 August – A large-scale Byzantine invasion against Bulgaria is decisively defeated by Tzar Simeon I of Bulgaria.
918 Second Battle of Corbridge United Kingdom
923 Battle of Soissons France 15 June – Rollo of Normandy killed by Charles III, but Charles is defeated and imprisoned by Rudolf duke of Burgundy who succeeded Robert
926 Battle of the Bosnian Highlands Bosnia and Herzegovina Simeon I of Bulgaria sent an army under Alogobotur against the Byzantine ally Croatia, but this army was defeated by King Tomislav of Croatia. Fearing a Bulgarian retribution, Tomislav accepted to abandon his union with Byzantium and make peace on the basis of the status quo, negotiated by the papal legate Madalbert.
933 Battle of Riade Germany Fowler Henry Holy Roman Emperor defeats Magyars.
937 Battle of Brunanburh United Kingdom Athelstan of England defeats a combined Norse-Celtic force
938 Battle of Bạch Đằng Vietnam Ngô Quyền defeats Southern Han
939 Battle of Simancas Spain Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III of Córdoba is defeated by a combined Hispanic-Christian force.
946 Battle of Baghdad Iraq
953 Battle of Marash Turkey The Hamdanid Emir of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawla, scores a major victory over the Byzantines under Bardas Phokas the Elder.
955 Battle of Lechfeld Germany 10 August – Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor defeats Magyars, ending their invasion of the West.
956 Turkey September/October – A Byzantine fleet under Basil Hexamilites deals a crushing defeat on the fleet of Tarsus.
958 Battle of Raban Syria The Byzantines under John Tzimiskes defeat the Hamdanid Emir of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawla.
960 Battle of Andrassos Turkey The Byzantines under Leo Phokas the Younger score a crushing victory over the Hamdanid Emir of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawla
962 Battle of Bauds United Kingdom Indulf of Scotland is killed in battle with Danish pirates.
962 Siege of Taormina Italy The Kalbids capture the fortress of Taormina from the Byzantine Empire on behalf of the Fatimid Caliphate.
965 Battle of the Straits Italy The Fatimid fleet deals a crushing defeat on the Byzantine fleet under Niketas Abalantes
969 Capture of Preslav Bulgaria Sviatoslav I of Kiev captures Preslav, the Bulgarian capital.
970 Battle of Arcadiopolis Turkey Bardas Skleros defeats a Russo-Bulgarian army.
971 Battle of Dorostolon Bulgaria Byzantine emperor John Tzimiskes defeats the Rus'.
971 Battle of Alexandretta Turkey Byzantines defeat a Fatimid army near Alexandretta, forcing them to lift their siege of Antioch.
972 Battle of Cedynia Poland Mieszko I of Poland defeated Hodon of Germany.
978 or 979 Battle of Pankaleia The rebel Byzantine general Bardas Skleros defeated the loyalist commander Bardas Phokas the Younger.
981 Battle of Bạch Đằng Vietnam Former Le defeated the Song dynasty.
982 Battle of Crotone Italy 13 July or 14 – Emperor Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor is defeated by a Kalbid army .
991 Battle of Maldon United Kingdom 10 August – Olaf Tryggvason's Vikings defeat English of Ealdorman Brihtnoth of Essex.
994 Battle of the Orontes Syria 15 September – Fatimid victory over the Byzantines under Michael Bourtzes.
998 Battle of Apamea Syria 19 July – Fatimids defeat Byzantine army under Damian Dalassenos.
998 Siege of Zadar Croatia Macedonian emperor Samuil unsuccessfully besieged the fortified city of Zadar during the military campaign against Croatia.
999 Battle of Glenn Mama Republic of Ireland Brian Boru and Máel Sechnaill defeat the Leinstermen and Vikings of Dublin.

11th century[edit]

Year Battle Loc. Description
1000 Battle of Lastovo Croatia Forces of the Republic of Venice occupied the island of Lastovo in southern Croatia.
1000 Battle of Swold Semi-legendary battle. Norway is defeated by an alliance of the other Scandinavians.
1010 Battle of Aqbat al-Bakr Spain 2 June – Rebels defeat forces of the Caliphate of Cordoba.
1014 Battle of Clontarf Republic of Ireland 23 April – Irish King Brian Boru ends Norse rule of Ireland, but is killed in battle.
1014 Battle of Kleidion Bulgaria Byzantine Emperor Basil II conquers the Bulgarians, ending Bulgarian independence for 171 years.
1016 Battle of Nesjar Norway Future Norwegian king Saint Olav Haraldsson laid foundation for his reign in this victory.
1016 Battle of Ashingdon United Kingdom 18 October – Danes led by Canute the Great defeat an English army led by King Edmund II ('Ironside').
1018 Battle of Carham United Kingdom Máel Coluim II, King of Scots, defeats the Northumbrians.
1018 Battle of Vlaardingen Netherlands Count Dirk III of West Frisia defeats an army sent by Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor at Vlaardingen.
1018 Battle of Heunghwajin North Korea Korean defeat the Khitan.
1018 Battle of Kwiju North Korea The major battle during the Third Goryeo-Khitan War, decisive victory for the Goryeo.
1021 Battle of Shirimni Turkey 11 September – Byzantine forces under Basil II defeats Georgian forces under George I.
1022 Battle of Svindax Turkey Byzantine Emperor Basil II defeats Giorgi I of Georgia, forcing him to accept a treaty.
1024 Battle of Lemnos Greece Byzantine forces annihilate a Rus' raid.
1030 Battle of Stiklestad Norway Norwegian King Saint Olaf Haraldsson is killed in battle, but Christianization of Norway is ensured.
1030 Battle of Azaz Syria Mirdasids defeat a large Byzantine army led by Emperor Romanos III in person
1040 Battle of Dandanaqan Turkmenistan Seljuk Turks defeat the Ghaznavid Empire and begin occupying Khorasan.
1042 Battle of Sasireti Georgia (country) Byzantine Empire intervenes in a civil war in Georgia in favor of the rebels. Royal army of Georgia crushed.
1047 Battle of Val-ès-Dunes France William, Duke of Normandy and King Henry I of France against the forces of several rebel Norman barons.
1053 Battle of Civitate Italy Robert Guiscard's Normans destroy the army of Pope Leo IX.
1053–54 Siege of Medina Malta Failed Byzantine attempt to retake Medina, Malta.
1054 Battle of Dunsinane United Kingdom Malcolm defeats MacBeth.
1057 Battle of Lumphanan United Kingdom MacBeth is killed in battle against Malcolm's forces.
1063 Battle of Cerami Italy Normans under Roger I of Sicily defeated a Muslim alliance of Sicilian and Zirid troops.
1063 Battle of Graus Spain Castile and Zaragoza defeat Aragon, killing Ramiro I.
1066 Battle of Fulford United Kingdom 20 September – Norwegian Vikings led by Harald III of Norway defeat the northern earls Edwin and Morcar
1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge United Kingdom 25 September – Harold Godwinson of England defeats his brother Tostig Godwinson and Harald III of Norway, both are killed.
1066 Battle of Hastings United Kingdom 14 October – Normans under William the Conqueror defeat the Anglo-Saxon army under Harold Godwinson, who is killed.
1068–71 Siege of Bari Italy Byzantines lose Bari, their last possession in Italy, to the Norman Robert Guiscard.
1071 Battle of Cassel France 22 February - Robert the Frisian defeats and kills Arnulf III, Count of Flanders, claiming the title of Count of Flanders.
1071 Battle of Manzikert Turkey Byzantine emperor Romanos IV Diogenes is defeated and captured by the Seljuk Turks.
1075 Battle of Langensalza Germany King Henry IV of Germany defeated rebel Saxons decisively.
1078 Battle of Kalavryai Turkey Imperial forces under Alexios Komnenos defeat the rebels under Nikephoros Bryennios the Elder.
1078 Siege of Taormina Italy The Italo-Normans capture the fortress of Taormina from the Emirate of Sicily.
1079 Battle of Cabra Spain El Cid defeats the combined forces of the Emir of Granada and his Castilian allies.
1081 Battle of Dyrrhachium Albania Robert Guiscard of Apulia and Calabria defeats the Byzantines under Emperor Alexius I Comnenus.
1086 Battle of az-Zallaqah Spain 23 October – Almoravides defeat Castile and Aragon forces decisively.
1091 Battle of Levounion Turkey 29 April – Byzantines under Alexios I Komnenos defeat the Pechenegs.
1093 Battle of Alnwick United Kingdom Malcolm III of Scotland is killed by English Knights under Robert de Mowbray.
1093 Battle of the Stugna River Ukraine The Kypchaks defeat Chernihiv and Kiev.
1096 Battle of Civetot Turkey 21 October - Seljuk Turks, led by Kilij Arslan I, defeat the People's Crusade
1097 Siege of Nicaea Turkey 14 May – 19 June, Byzantines and Crusaders defeat forces of the Sultanate of Rum at Nicaea.
1097 Battle of Dorylaeum Turkey 1 July – Crusaders defeat the Seljuk forces in Anatolia.
1097 Battle of Gvozd Mountain Croatia Hungarian forces under King Coloman defeat the Croats, killing their king Petar Svačić.
1098 Siege of Antioch Turkey 3 June – Crusaders capture Antioch after more than eight months of siege.
1099 Siege of Jerusalem Israel 15 July – Crusaders capture Jerusalem from the Fatimids after a month of siege and bloody street-fighting.
1099 Battle of Ascalon Israel 12 August – Crusaders defeat the Fatimids at Ascalon, but the city is not taken.

12th century[edit]

Year Battle Loc. Description
1101 Battle of Ramla Israel Jerusalem forces under Baldwin I defeat a superior Fatimid army.
1101 Battle of Mersivan Turkey August – Seljuk Turks defeat Crusaders.
1101 Battle of Heraclea Turkey September – Seljuks defeat Crusaders.
1102 Battle of Ramla Israel A Fatimid army defeats 500 Crusader Knights.
1104 Battle of Harran Turkey Baldwin II of Jerusalem is captured by the Seljuk Turks.
1105 Battle of Artah Syria Crusaders of Antioch defeat the Seljuk Turks of Aleppo.
1105 Battle of Ramla Israel Crusaders under Baldwin I defeat the Fatimids
1106 Battle of Tinchebray France 28 September – Henry I of England defeats his brother Robert, Duke of Normandy, in northwestern France.
1108 Battle of Uclés Spain 29 May – Almoravids victory over Castile and León; Sancho, son and heir of Alfonso VI of León and Castile, is slain.
1109 Battle of Naklo Poland Boleslaus III of Poland defeats the Pomeranians.
1109 Battle of Hundsfeld Poland Boleslaus III of Poland defeats King Henry V of the Holy Roman Empire.
1109 Battle of Głogów Poland 14 August – Boleslaus III successfully holds the town of Głogów against Henry V and Svatopluk of Bohemia.
1111 Battle of Shaizar Syria Baldwin I of Jerusalem and Mawdud ibn Altuntash fight, resulting in a tactical draw, and withdrawal of the Crusaders
1113 Battle of Al-Sannabra Israel Baldwin I of Jerusalem was defeated by Mawdud ibn Altuntash of Mosul.
1115 Battle of Sarmin Syria Crusaders from Antioch led by Roger of Salerno defeat the Seljuk Turks.
1115 Battle of Welfesholz Germany Saxons under Lothair I of Supplinburg defeat the Holy Roman army.
1119 Battle of Ager Sanguinis Syria 28 June – Turks under Ilghazi defeat Antioch troops, killing Roger of Salerno.
1121 Battle of Didgori Georgia (country) 12 August – Georgian forces under David IV defeat Seljuk Turks.
1122 Battle of Beroia Bulgaria Byzantines under John II Komnenos defeat Pechenegs.
1125 Battle of Azaz Syria 11 June – Crusaders under Baldwin II of Jerusalem defeat Seljuks, Mosul and Aleppo forces.
1126 Battle of Marj al-Saffar Syria Crusaders under Baldwin II of Jerusalem defeat the Burids of Damascus.
1128 Battle of São Mamede Portugal Afonso Henriques defeats his mother Teresa of León and takes control over the County of Portugal.
1132 Battle of Nocera Italy Roger II of Sicily is defeated in his first major engagement by Ranulf II, Count of Alife.
1136 Battle of Crug Mawr United Kingdom Welsh under Owain Gwynedd defeat the South Wales Normans.
1137 Battle of Rignano Italy Roger II of Sicily is defeated in a major engagement by Ranulf, Duke of Apulia, again.
1138 Battle of the Standard United Kingdom 22 August – English forces under William of Aumale defeat an army of David I of Scotland.
1139 Battle of Ourique Portugal 25 July – Afonso Henriques defeats the Almoravids and declares Portugal an independent kingdom with himself as monarch.
1140 Siege of Weinsberg Germany Conrad III of Germany besieges the Welf city of Weinsberg unsuccessfully.
1144 Siege of Edessa Turkey 28 November – 24 December – Zengi captures Edessa from the Crusaders.
1147 Battle of Santarém Portugal 15 March – Portugal captures the city of Santarém from the Almoravids.
1147 Siege of Lisbon Portugal Crusaders under Afonso I of Portugal capture Lisbon from the Almoravids.
1147 Battle of Constantinople Turkey September – Byzantines defeat German crusaders and force them to cross to Asia Minor.
1147 Battle of Dorylaeum Turkey 25 October – Seljuk Turks defeat German crusaders under Conrad III.
1148 Siege of Damascus Syria French and German Crusaders, in alliance with Jerusalem, fail to conquer Damascus from the Saracens, ending the Second Crusade.
1149 Battle of Inab Syria 29 June – Raymond of Antioch killed in battle against Nur ad-Din Zangi and Unur of Damascus.
1151 Battle of Móin Mhór Republic of Ireland Kingdom of Leinster defeats Kingdom of Thomond.
1153 Battle of Ascalon Israel Jerusalem captures Ascalon from the Fatimid Egyptians.
1156 Battle of Brindisi Italy The Norman Kingdom of Sicily defeats the Byzantine Empire forces at the siege of Brindisi.
1157 Battle of Coed Eulo United Kingdom Henry II's invasion of Wales suffers a severe check near Basingwerk by Owain Gwynedd, though the situation is recovered, and a peace agreement later signed that cedes much of modern-day Flintshire to England.
1157 Battle of Grathe Heath Denmark Valdemar I of Denmark defeats and kills Sweyn III.
1164 Battle of Harim Syria 12 August – A Crusader alliance is defeated by the Zengids.
1167 Battle of Sirmium Serbia Byzantine Empire defeats Hungary.
1167 Battle of al-Babein Egypt Crusaders under Amalric I battle the Zengids of Syria, ending in a tactical draw.
1167 Battle of Monte Porzio Italy 29 May – Imperialists under Christian of Mainz and Rainald of Dassel defeat large Roman army
1174 Battle of Alnwick United Kingdom William I of Scotland is defeated and captured by a small English force.
1176 Battle of Legnano Italy 29 May – Lombard League defeats and wounds the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.
1176 Battle of Myriokephalon Turkey Seljuk Turks defeat army of Emperor Manuel I Comnenus of the Byzantine Empire in Phrygia.
1177 Battle of Montgisard Israel 25 November – Ayyubids under Saladin are defeated by the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Knights Templar.
1179 Battle of Jacob's Ford Saladin defeats the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
1179 Siege of Taillebourg France A young Richard the Lionheart takes a rebel castle in Aquitaine which was previously considered impregnable.
1180 First Battle of Uji Japan Taira clan defeats Minamoto clan, killing Prince Mochihito.
1180 Siege of Nara Japan The Taira clan destroys the city during the Genpei War.
1180 Battle of Ishibashiyama Japan 14 September – Taira victory near Mount Fuji.
1180 Battle of Fujigawa Japan 9 November – Taira forces flee after a fake surprise attack by the Minamoto and Takeda clans.
1181 Battle of Sunomatagawa Japan 25 April – Minamoto sneak attack thwarted, Taira are victorious.
1181 Battle of Yahagigawa Japan Minamoto clan forced to withdraw, but Taira clan unable to pursue.
1182 Battle of Belvoir Castle Israel inconclusive battle between Baldwin IV of Jerusalem and an Ayyubid army of Saladin from Egypt
1183 Battle of Al-Fule Israel inconclusive battle between Guy of Lusignan and the Ayyubid army of Saladin from Egypt
1183 Siege of Hiuchi Japan Taira clan captures the fortress, but Minamoto defenders escape.
1183 Battle of Kurikara Japan 2 June – Decisive Minamoto victory, turning the tides.
1183 Battle of Shinohara Japan Minamoto victory. Several single combats prior to main battle.
1183 Siege of Kerak Jordan November–December – Saladin lays siege to Raynald of Châtillon's stronghold during marriage of Humphrey IV of Toron and Isabella of Jerusalem. King Baldwin IV's arrival forces Saladin to withdraw.
1183 Battle of Mizushima Japan 17 November – Taira naval victory over the Minamoto.
1183 Siege of Fukuryūji Japan Minamoto forces capture the fortress.
1183 Battle of Muroyama Japan The Taira clan's five-wave assault defeats Minamoto forces.
1184 Siege of Hōjūjidono Japan Minamoto no Yoshinaka's faction captures Emperor Go-Shirakawa.
1184 Second Battle of Uji Japan 19 February – Minamoto no Yoshinaka defeated by the rest of the Minamoto, forced away from the capital at Kyoto.
1184 Battle of Awazu Japan 21 February – Minamoto no Yoshinaka killed.
1184 Battle of Ichi-no-Tani Japan 18 March – Minamoto victory, Taira no Tadanori killed.
1184 Battle of Kojima Japan Minamoto victory over the Taira.
1184 Siege of Santarém Portugal Abu Yaqub Yusuf besieges Santarém but fails to capture the Portuguese city.
1185 Battle of Demetritzes Greece Alexios Branas decisively defeats Norman invasion army.
1185 Battle of Yashima Japan Taira forces confounded and defeated.
1185 Battle of Dan-no-ura Japan Decisive victory for the Minamoto. Last battle of Genpei War.
1187 Battle of Cresson Israel 1 May – Al-Afdal (Saladin's eldest son) defeats the small crusader army at Nazareth.
1187 Battle of Hattin Israel 4 July – Saladin destroys the Crusader army and takes several commanders prisoner.
1187 Siege of Jerusalem Israel 20 September – 2 October – Saladin captures Jerusalem after 2 weeks of siege.
1187 Battle of the Thirteen Wings Mongolia Inconclusive battle between Temujin and Jamukha
1189 Battle of Acre Israel Crusaders defeat Saladin's Ayyubid army outside Acre.
1190 Battle of Iconium Turkey 18 May – Frederick Barbarossa's forces defeat Seljuk Turks.
1191 Battle of Arsuf Israel 7 September – Richard Lionheart's forces repel Saladin's attack.
1192 Battle of Jaffa Israel 5 August – Richard I's Crusader army defeats Saladin.
1194 Battle of Aberconwy United Kingdom Llywelyn ap Iorwerth defeats his brother and assumes control of Gwynedd
1195 Battle of Alarcos Spain 18 July – Almohad victory over Alfonso VIII of Castile.
1198 Battle of Gisors France Richard I defeats Philip II of France.

13th century[edit]

Year Battle Loc. Description
1201 Battle of the Thirteen Sides Mongolia Temujin and his coalition of Mongol tribes decisively defeat Jamukha, the Naimans, Tatars, Merkits, Taichuud, Jadarans, and smaller tribes not allied with his coalition.
1202 Siege of Zadar Croatia The crusaders besieged the fortified city of Zadar in Croatia according to an agreement with the Republic of Venice and

captured and sacked it, despite letters from Pope Innocent III forbidding such an action and threatening excommunication.

1202 Battle of Basian Turkey Georgians under David Soslan decisively defeat Seljuk Turks.
1204 Fourth Crusade Turkey The Franks capture Constantinople.
1205 Battle of Adrianople Turkey The Bulgarian army defeats the Latin Empire and captures Baldwin I of Constantinople.
1208 Battle of Lena Sweden Swedish armed peasants defeat Danish army.
1210 Battle of Ümera Latvia Estonian forces defeat the Livonian Order, during the Livonian crusade.
1211 Battle of the Rhyndacus Turkey 15 October – the Latin emperor Henry of Flanders defeats the Nicaean emperor Theodore I Lascaris.
1211 Battle of Viljandi Estonia Estonian victory over the Livonian Order, during the Livonian crusade.
1212 Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa Spain 16 July – Almohads expelled from most of Iberia by a joint army of the Christian kingdoms of Castile, León, Portugal, Navarre and Aragon.
1213 Battle of Damme Belgium 30 May-31 – English under William Longsword, Earl of Salisbury, sink most of fleet of France's King Philip II in the harbor of Damme.
1213 Battle of Muret France 12 September – French crusaders under Simon de Montfort defeat forces of Aragon and Catalonia, killing King Peter II of Aragon. End of Aragonese intervention in Languedoc.
1214 Battle of Bouvines France 27 July – France under king Philip Augustus defeats England (under John Lackland) and Otto IV of Germany, conquering Flanders and Angevin territories in France, and bringing about the final decision in the German StaufenWelf rivalry in favor of Frederick II
1215 Battle of Zhongdu China Genghis Khan and the Mongols defeat the Jin dynasty and capture Zhongdu (now Beijing).
1216 Battle of Lipitsa Russia Konstantin of Rostov defeats his younger brothers, Yuri and Yaroslav.
1217 Battle of South Foreland United Kingdom Fleet of English Hubert and Burgh defeat French fleet of Eustace the Monk off Dover.
1217 Battle of Otepää Estonia Estonian and Russian victory over the Livonian Order, during the Livonian crusade.
1217 Battle of St. Matthew's Day Estonia The Livonian Order and its allies defeat Estonians, during the Livonian crusade.
1218 Siege of Damietta Egypt The Crusaders successfully besiege and capture the city from the Ayyubids.
1219 Battle of Lindanise Estonia Danish forces under Valdemar II defeat the Estonians, during the Livonian crusade.
1220 Battle of Lihula Estonia Invading Swedish forces are defeated by Estonians, during the Livonian Crusade.
1222 Siege of Trebizond Turkey Seljuq Turks attempt to conquer Trebizond, are defeated by Emperor Andronikos I Gidos.
1223 Battle of Kalka River Ukraine 31 May – The Mongols under Jebe and Subutai defeat an alliance of Kiev, Galicia-Volhynia, Chernigov and the Cumans decisively.
1224 Battle of Poimanenon Turkey The Nicaean emperor John III Vatatzes defeats a joint army of the Latin Empire and of rebels under the brothers Isaac and Alexios Laskaris
1230 Battle of Klokotnitsa Bulgaria 9 March – Victory for the Second Bulgarian Empire over the Despotate of Epirus.
1230 Siege of Dun Beal Gallimhe Republic of Ireland Week-long inconclusive battle between the Irish and Normans.
1230 Battle of Yassıçemen Turkey August 10–12 – Seljuk Turks defeat forces of Jalal ad-Din of Khwarazm.
1231 Battle of Jerez Spain Castile defeats Moorish forces of Ibn Hud.
1236 Battle of Saule Lithuania 22 September – Samogitians and Semigalians defeat Livonian Brothers of the Sword, whose remnants are incorporated into the Teutonic Knights.
1237 Battle of Cortenuova Italy Emperor Frederick II defeats the Lombard League.
1238 Battle of the Sit River Russia 4 March – Mongols led by Batu Khan defeat Vladimir-Suzdal forces, Yuri II killed.
1238 Siege of Brescia Italy Long unsuccessful siege during the war between Frederick II of Sicily and the Guelphs of Northern Italy.
1239 Siege of Faenza Italy Long successful siege during the war between Frederick II of Sicily and the Guelphs of Northern Italy.
1240 Battle of the Neva Russia 15 June – Alexander Nevsky of the Novgorod Republic stops the Swedish invasion of Russia.
1241 Battle of Liegnitz Poland 9 April – Mongols of the Golden Horde defeat feudal nobility including Knights Templar in Silesia, killing King Henry II the Pious.
1241 Battle of Mohi Hungary 11 April – Mongol forces under Batu Khan and Subutai defeat the Hungarian army under king Béla IV of Hungary, but the victory was not complete, so the Mongols leave Hungary utterly destroyed.
1242 Battle on Lake Peipus Estonia
5 April – Alexander Nevsky defeats the alliance of Teutonic Knights, the Livonian Order, Denmark and Dorpat.
1242 Battle of Taillebourg France Louis IX of France defeats Henry III of England.
1243 Siege of Viterbo Italy Frederick II of Sicily unsuccessfully besieges Viterbo.
1243 Battle of Kösedağ Turkey 26 June – Mogols defeat Seljuk Turks, making Anatolia and Trebizond vassal states of the Mongol Empire.
1244 Battle of La Forbie Israel 17 October – Crusaders defeated by Ayyubids.
1246 Battle of Haugsnes Iceland 19 April – The largest and bloodiest battle in Icelandic history where the forces of Thordur Kakali defeat Gissur Thorvaldsson
1247 Sack of Dun Gallimhe Republic of Ireland Normans defeated by the Irish.
1248 Battle of Parma Italy 18 February – Frederick II of Sicily is defeated by the Lombard League.
1249 Battle of Fossalta Italy 26 May – King Enzio of Sardinia is captured by Bolognese in a clash between Guelphs and Ghibellines
1250 Egypt The Seventh Crusade is defeated at Al-Mansurah.
1250 Battle of Fariskur Egypt 6 April – Ayyubid Egyptians defeat Seventh Crusade forces of Louis IX of France. taking him prisoner.
1250 Battle of Cingoli Italy Papal and Guelph army is crushed by an Imperial and Italian army
1254 Battle of Adrianople Turkey Nicaean forces under Theodore II Lascaris defeat the Bulgarians.
1255 Battle of Montebruno Italy 23 February – Astigiani defeats Thomas II of Savoy.
1255 Battle of Bryn Derwin United Kingdom June – Llywelyn ap Gruffudd defeats his brother Owain ap Gruffudd and assumes control of Gwynedd
1257 Battle of Cadfan United Kingdom Decisive victory for the Welsh against the English.
1257 Creadran-Cille Republic of Ireland Normans driven out of Lower Connacht by the Tír Chonaill Kingdom.
1258 Battle of Baghdad Iraq 29 January – 10 February – Hulagu Khan of the Mongols defeats the Abbasid, taking the Caliph prisoner.
1258 Battle of Karydi Greece May/June – William II of Villehardouin Prince of Achaea, defeats a coalition of princes led by the Duke of Athens, Guy I de la Roche and ends the War of the Euboeote Succession.
1258 Battle of Acre Israel 25 June - Fleet of the Republic of Venice defeats fleet of the Republic of Genoa off Acre. Genoese abandon Acre.
1259 Battle of Skuodas Lithuania The Samogitian army invaded Courland and defeated the Livonian Order.
1259 Battle of Pelagonia September – The Empire of Nicaea defeats Achaea, Epirus and Sicily.
1259 Battle of Cassano Italy 27 September – Ezzelino III da Romano is defeated by the crusade army of the Guelphs.
1260 Battle of Durbe Latvia 13 July – Teutonic Knights and its branch Livonian Order are defeated by Samogitians, what triggers the Great Prussian Insurrection.
1260 Battle of Kressenbrunn Austria July – Bohemian and Austrian forces under Premysl Ottokar II defeat Béla IV of Hungary.
1260 Battle of Ain Jalut Israel 3 September – Egyptian Mamluk army defeats Mongols and Georgians north of Palestine.
1260 Battle of Montaperti Italy 4 September – Sienese defeat Florentines (Guelphs and Ghibellines).
1260 Siege of Constantinople Turkey Unsuccessful attack on the Constantinopolitan suburb of Galata by forces of the Empire of Nicaea.
1261 Battle of Callann Republic of Ireland Finghin Mac Carthy of the Kingdom of Desmond defeats Normans.
1262 Battle of Hausbergen France The bourgeois of Strasbourg defeat the army of the bishop.
1262 Battle of Terek river Nogai Khan of Golden Horde defeats Hulagu. First open conflict in Mongol Empire.
1263 Battle of Largs United Kingdom Scots versus Norwegians, no definitive victory for either.
1263 Battle of Prinitza Greece The forces of the Principality of Achaea defeat a far larger Byzantine army.
1263 Battle of Settepozzi Greece A Venetian fleet of 38 ships defeats a joint Byzantine-Genoese fleet of 48 ships off the Peloponnese.
1264 Battle of Lewes United Kingdom 14 May – (Second Barons' War) English rebels under Simon de Montfort defeat Henry III of England.
1264 Battle of Makryplagi Greece The forces of the Principality of Achaea defeat a Byzantine army, taking their commanders prisoner.
1265 Battle of Evesham United Kingdom 4 August – (Second Barons' War) English under Prince Edward defeat rebels under Simon de Montfort, who is killed.
1266 Battle of Benevento Italy 26 February – Charles of Anjou defeats Manfred of Sicily and conquers his kingdom (Guelphs and Ghibellines)
1266 Battle of Trapani Italy 23 June - (War of Saint Sabas) Venetian fleet captures Genoese fleet.
1268 Battle of Rakvere Estonia Russian victory over the Livonian Order.
1268 Battle of Xiangyang China Decisive Yuan Mongol victory over the Song Dynasty. First war ever involving the usage of firearms
1268 Battle of Tagliacozzo Italy 23 August – Charles of Anjou defeats Conradin (Guelphs and Ghibellines)
1269 Battle of Colle Val d'Elsa Italy 16 June – Guelph victory over Siena.
1270 Battle of Karuse Estonia 16 February - Lithuanian victory over the Livonian Order.
1270 Battle of Áth an gCeap Republic of Ireland Normans heavily defeated by the Irish.
1274 Battle of Bun'ei Japan 20 November Mongols invade Kamakura Japan but are defeated and forced to retreat.
1275 Battle of Neopatras Greece Byzantine army besieging Neopatras is defeated by far smaller force from the Duchy of Athens
1275 Battle of Demetrias Greece Byzantine fleet defeats coalition of Lombard and Venetian lords of Euboea and Crete.
1275 Battle of Roccavione Italy 12 December Charles I of Anjou's Neapolitan army is defeated by the Piedmontese league led by Asti.
1277 Battle of Desio Italy A Visconti army under Ottone Visconti defeats the della Torre family troops.
1278 Battle of Dürnkrut and Jedenspeigen Austria (also known as Battle on the Marchfeld) 26 August Rudolf of Habsburg defeats Ottakar II Przemyśl.
1279 Battle of Aizkraukle Latvia 5 March – Lithuanians defeat units of the Livonian Order.
1279 Battle of Yamen China 19 March – Yuan Dynasty defeats Song Dynasty, young emperor Bing drowned.
1280–1281 Siege of Berat Albania Defeat of besieging Angevin army after its commander is captured by the Byzantine relief force.
1281 Battle of Kōan Japan 15 August – Typhoon wipes out the invading fleet of Kublai Khan in Japan.
1281 Battle of Homs Syria 29 October – Mamluks defeat Mongols of the Ilkhanate.
1282 Battle of Orewin Bridge United Kingdom 11 December – Welsh troops decisively defeated by the English.
1287 Battle of Garoza Latvia 26 March – the Semigallians defeat the Livonian Order.
1288 Battle of Worringen Germany 5 June – Battle for duchy of Limburg. Brabant defeats the forces of Cologne, Luxembourg and Nassau.
1288 Battle of Bạch Đằng (1288) Vietnam Đại Việt defeated the invasion of Yuan dynasty.
1289 Battle of Campaldino Italy Florence and allies defeat Arezzo.
1289 Siege of Copenhagen (1289) Denmark Copenhagen withstood the attack.
1289 Battle of Skanör Sweden Skanör withstood the attack, Norwegian Chieftain Thord Krytter fell in the battle.
1291 Siege of Acre Israel Mameluks capture the last Crusader city.
1295 Battle of Maes Moydog United Kingdom 5 March – one of Edward I's armies defeats Welsh rebels, hastening the end of Madog ap Llywelyn's revolt.
1296 Battle of Dunbar United Kingdom 27 April English defeat Scots and occupy much of Scotland; first battle of the Wars of Scottish Independence.
1296 Battle of Curzota Croatia Genoa defeats Venetian fleet including Marco Polo.
1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge United Kingdom 11 September – Scots under William Wallace defeat English of John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey.
1297 Battle of Furnes Belgium 20 August – French under Robert II of Artois defeat the Flemish at Bulskamp, near Furnes (Veurne).
1298 Battle of Turaida Latvia 1 June – The Livonian Order was decisively defeated by the residents of Riga allied with Lithuania under command of Vytenis.
1298 Battle of Göllheim Germany July 2 - Albert I of Habsburg defeated Adolf of Germany. After battle, Albert was elected King of the Romans.
1298 Battle of Falkirk United Kingdom 22 July – in Stirlingshire – English archers defeat Scots led by William Wallace, English longbow's first great victory.
1299 First Siege of Stirling Castle United Kingdom Scottish forces besiege constable John Sampson unsuccessfully.
1299 Battle of Falconaria Italy 1 December – Sicilians under Frederick II of Sicily defeat Neapolitans under Philip I of Taranto.

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