List of beaches in New England

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A beach on the coast of Massachusetts on a foggy early spring day.

This is a list of beaches in New England sorted by state then town. Beaches are not exclusively all on seashores but may also be located on lakes, rivers or other bodies of water.


Connecticut's southern shore with 618 miles (995 km) of tidal coastline offers many beaches on the Long Island Sound and inland:[1][2]


Maine's coast offers sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean between 3,478 miles (5,597 km) of tidal shoreline:[1]


Salt-water beaches in Massachusetts are entirely in the eastern part of the state, concentrated in particular in Cape Cod and islands along its 1,519 miles (2,445 km) of coastline:[1]

New Hampshire[edit]

Location of New Hampshire Beaches

Despite having a tidal coastline of just 131 miles (211 km) and an ocean shoreline of just 18 miles (29 km), New Hampshire has at least 10 oceanfront beaches:[1]

Rhode Island[edit]

Partial map of Rhode Island beaches

Nicknamed "The Ocean State", Rhode Island's beaches line the 384 miles (618 km) of tidal shoreline across the Narragansett Bay:[1]


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