List of bees of Great Britain

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This page contains a list of bees of Great Britain. The following species are all within the superfamily Apoidea.

Family Colletidae[edit]

Genus Colletes[edit]

Genus Hylaeus[edit]

Family Andrenidae[edit]

Genus Andrena[edit]

Genus Panurgus[edit]

Family Halictidae[edit]

Genus Halictus[edit]

Genus Lasioglossum[edit]

Genus Sphecodes[edit]

Genus Dufourea[edit]

Genus Rophites[edit]

Family Melittidae[edit]

Genus Dasypoda[edit]

Genus Melitta[edit]

Genus Macropis[edit]

Family Megachilidae[edit]

Genus Anthidium[edit]

Genus Stelis[edit]

Genus Heriades[edit]

Genus Chelostoma[edit]

Genus Osmia[edit]

Genus Hoplitis[edit]

Genus Megachile[edit]

Genus Coelioxys[edit]

Family Apidae[edit]

Genus Nomada[edit]

Genus Epeolus[edit]

Genus Eucera (long-horned bees)[edit]

Genus Anthophora (flower bees)[edit]

Genus Melecta (cuckoo bees)[edit]

Genus Ceratina (carpenter bees)[edit]

Genus Xylocopa (carpenter bees)[edit]

Genus Bombus (bumblebees)[edit]

Subgenus Bombus[edit]

Subgenus Cullumanobombus[edit]

Subgenus Kallobombus[edit]

Subgenus Megabombus[edit]

Subgenus Melanobombus[edit]

Subgenus Psithyrus[edit]

Subgenus Pyrobombus[edit]

Subgenus Rhodobombus[edit]

Subgenus Subterraneobombus[edit]

Subgenus Thoracombus[edit]

Genus Apis (honey bees)[edit]


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