List of beetle species of Great Britain

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This is a list of beetle species in Britain.

Suborder Adephaga[edit]

Family Carabidae
See List of ground beetle (Carabidae) species recorded in Britain
Families Gyrinidae, Haliplidae, Noteridae, Paelobiidae and Dytiscidae
See List of water beetle species recorded in Britain

Suborder Myxophaga[edit]

Family Sphaeriusidae

Suborder Polyphaga[edit]

Infraorder Bostrichiformia[edit]

Infraorder Cucujiformia[edit]

Infraorder Elateriformia[edit]

Infraorder Scarabaeiformia[edit]

Superfamily Scarabaeoidea[edit]

See List of dung beetle and chafer (Scarabaeoidea) species recorded in Britain

Infraorder Staphyliniformia[edit]