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The Youth Olympics are a multi-sport event organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) every two years, alternating between Summer Youth Olympics and Winter Youth Olympics. Selection of the host city is done by postal voting by the members of the IOC four to five years prior to the tournament, in which the IOC members vote between candidate cities which have submitted bids. Bids for the first four games have been made by 15 cities in 14 countries.

The bid process consists of two rounds. First, cities and national Olympic committees (NOCs) may show their interest and submit a preliminary bid, becoming applicant cities. Through analysis of the questionnaires, the IOC gave a weighted-average score to each city based on the scores obtained in each of the questionnaire's eleven themes: political and social support, general infrastructure, sports venues, Olympic Village, environment, accommodation, transport, security, past experience, finance, and legacy. IOC's Executive Committee then selects a short-list of candidate cities. The candidate cities are investigated by the IOC Evaluation Committee, who make an evaluation report. These submit a more extensive bid book and are subject to additional evaluation, which is presented to the IOC members. Voting occurs as an exhaustive ballot by mail, which may occur through multiple rounds until a single city holds a majority of the votes. IOC members from a candidate NOC may not vote in any round while their country remains in the election. The first two selections were done by postal votes; since the selection for the 2014 Games, voting has been done at an IOC Session.[1]

Poznań and Lillehammer are the only two cities to have applied for two games: Poznań for the Summer Games and Lillehammer for the Winter Games. China is the only country to have applied for both Summer and Winter Games, with Harbin failing the 2012 Winter bid, while Nanjing succeeded at the 2014 Summer bid. Dakar was unanimously awarded for the 2022 games becoming the first ever Olympic event held in Africa.

By year[edit]

The following is a list of bids for the Summer Olympics, sorted by year. It consists of the year the games were held or scheduled to be held, the date the decision was made, the city and country which issued the bid, the votes for each voting round, and the ultimate host of the games. The bid listed first for each games is the one selected by the IOC. "SL" indicates that the city made the short-list, but withdrew before the voting took place.

Year Session Bid(s) Vote Host Ref
City Country Round 1 Round 2
2010 119th
(6 July 2007)
Singapore  Singapore 53 Singapore
Moscow  Russia 44
Athens  Greece SL
Bangkok  Thailand SL
Turin  Italy SL
Debrecen  Hungary
Guatemala City  Guatemala
Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
Poznan  Poland
2012 12 December 2008 Innsbruck  Austria 84 Innsbruck [2]
Kuopio  Finland 15
Harbin  China
Lillehammer  Norway
2014 122nd
(10 February 2010)
Nanjing  China 47 Nanjing [1]
Poznań  Poland 42
Guadalajara  Mexico
2016 7 December 2011 Lillehammer  Norway Lillehammer [3]
2018 4 July 2013 Buenos Aires  Argentina 40 49 Buenos Aires [1]
Medellín  Colombia 32 39
Glasgow  Great Britain 13
Guadalajara  Mexico
Rotterdam  Netherlands
Poznań  Poland
2020 128th
(31 July 2015)
Lausanne   Switzerland 71 Lausanne [4]
Brasov  Romania 10
2022 133rd
(8 October 2018)
Dakar  Senegal Unanimous Dakar [5]
Abuja  Nigeria
Gaborone  Botswana
Tunis  Tunisia

By city[edit]

The following is a list of bids submitted by city. It lists the national Olympic committee, the city, and the games for which failed and successful bid were submitted. A parenthesis indicates that the city was awarded the games without a bidding process. An asterix (*) indicates that the bid was not shortlisted.

City Country Failed bids Successful bids
Buenos Aires  Argentina 2018
Innsbruck  Austria 2012
Harbin  China 2012
Nanjing  China 2014
Medellin  Colombia 2018
Kuopio  Finland 2012
Glasgow  Great Britain 2018
Athens  Greece 2010
Guatemala City  Guatemala 2010
Debrecen  Hungary 2010
Turin  Italy 2010
Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 2010
Guadalajara  Mexico 2014, 2018
Rotterdam  Netherlands 2018
Lillehammer  Norway 2012 2016
Poznań  Poland 2010, 2014, 2018
Moscow  Russia 2010
Brasov  Romania 2020
Singapore  Singapore 2010
Lausanne   Switzerland 2020
Bangkok  Thailand 2010
Dakar  Senegal 2022
Abuja  Nigeria 2022
Gaborone  Botswana 2022
Tunis  Tunisia 2022


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