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This is list of free trade agreements between two sides, where each side could be a country (or other customs territory), a trade bloc or an informal group of countries.

Note: Every customs union, common market, economic union, customs and monetary union and economic and monetary union is also a free trade area.

For fully multilateral agreements, see List of multilateral free trade agreements, which are also not listed below.

For a general explanation, see free trade area.

Operating agreements[edit]

List of agreements between two states, two blocs or a bloc and a state.

ASEAN Free trade agreements
  People's Republic of China
  Current FTA's
  Proposed Bilateral/Multilateral FTA's
Costa Rica Free Trade Agreements
  Costa Rica
  Current FTA's
  Signed but not ratified Bilateral/Multilateral FTA's
EFTA Free trade agreements
EU Free trade agreements
  Current Bilateral/Multilateral FTA's
  Proposed/Suspended Bilateral/Multilateral FTA's
Mexico free trade agreements
  The United States
  FTA in force
  FTA signed, awaiting ratification
Agreement Country Country Date
Armenia-Kazakhstan free trade agreement Armenia Kazakhstan December 25, 2001
Armenia-Kyrgyzstan free trade agreement Armenia Kyrgyzstan October 27, 1995
Armenia-Moldova free trade agreement Armenia Moldova December 21, 1995
Armenia-Turkmenistan free trade agreement Armenia Turkmenistan July 7, 1996
ASEAN–China Free Trade Area Association of Southeast Asian Nations People's Republic of China January 1, 2010[20][21]
Closer Economic Relations Australia New Zealand
Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement Australia Chile
Korea-Australia FTA Australia Korea
Australia-Singapore free trade agreement Australia Singapore
Australia-Thailand free trade agreement Australia Thailand
Australia – United States Free Trade Agreement Australia United States 2004
Canada–Chile Free Trade Agreement Canada Chile
Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Canada Colombia August 15, 2011[22]
Canada – Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement Canada Costa Rica
Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement Canada Israel
Canada-Peru free trade agreement Canada Peru
Chile-El Salvador free trade agreement Chile El Salvador June 3, 2002
Chile-El Salvador free trade agreement Chile Costa Rica
Chile-Costa Rica free trade agreement Chile Costa Rica
Chile-Mexico Free Trade Agreement Chile Mexico
Thailand-Chile Free Trade Agreement Chile Thailand 2013 [19]
Chile-Japan free trade agreement Chile Japan September 3, 2007
Chile-South Korea free trade agreement Chile South Korea April 1, 2004
China-Chile free trade agreement Chile People's Republic of China October 1, 2006[23]
China–Peru Free Trade Agreement People's Republic of China Peru
China–Pakistan Free Trade Agreement People's Republic of China Pakistan
China-Thailand free trade agreement People's Republic of China Thailand
Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement People's Republic of China Hong Kong
Mainland and Macau Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement People's Republic of China Macau
China-Singapore free trade agreement People's Republic of China Singapore
Chile-Panama free trade agreement Chile Panama March 7, 2008
Egypt-Turkey free trade agreement Egypt Turkey
European Free Trade Association-Chile free trade agreement European Free Trade Association Chile December 1, 2004
European Free Trade Association-Canada free trade agreement European Free Trade Association Canada
European Free Trade Association-Israel free trade agreement European Free Trade Association Israel
European Free Trade Association-Turkey free trade agreement European Free Trade Association Turkey
European Union-Canada free trade agreement European Union Canada
European Union-Chile free trade agreement European Union Chile
Israel-Turkey free trade agreement Israel Turkey
Morocco-Turkey free trade agreement Morocco Turkey
New Zealand – China Free Trade Agreement New Zealand People's Republic of China
Russia-Armenia free trade agreement Russia Armenia March 25, 2003
Serbia - EU Free Trade Agreement (SAA) Serbia EU 2008
Serbia - EFTA Free Trade Agreement Serbia EFTA 2009
Serbia - CEFTA Free Trade Agreement Serbia CEFTA 2007
Serbia - Russia Free Trade Agreement Serbia Russia 2000
Serbia - Belarus Free Trade Agreement Serbia Belarus 2009
Serbia - Turkey Free Trade Agreement Serbia Turkey 2009
Serbia - Kazakhstan Free Trade Agreement Serbia Kazakhstan 2010
Turkey-Bosnia and Herzegovina free trade agreement Turkey Bosnia and Herzegovina
Turkey-Macedonia free trade agreement Turkey Macedonia
Turkey-Palestinian Authority free trade agreement Turkey Palestinian Authority
Turkey-Tunisia free trade agreement Turkey Tunisia
Ukraine-Armenia free trade agreement Ukraine Armenia
United States-Israel Free Trade Agreement United States Israel 1985
United States-Jordan Free Trade Agreement United States Jordan 2001
United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement United States Chile 2004
United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement United States Singapore 2004
United States-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement United States Bahrain 2006
United States-Morocco Free Trade Agreement United States Morocco 2006
United States-Oman Free Trade Agreement United States Oman 2006
United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement United States Peru 2007
Japan-Vietnam free trade agreement Japan Vietnam

Signed agreements[edit]

Agreements that have been negotiations and signed by the respective head of states but not yet ratified by the countries legislative body.

Agreement Country Country Date
Chile-Peru free trade agreement Chile Peru August 22, 2006
Chile-Colombia free trade agreement Chile Colombia November 27, 2006
Chile-Honduras free trade agreement Chile Honduras
European Union-Korea Free Trade Agreement European Union South Korea October 15, 2009
Economic Partnership Agreement European Union Caribbean Community November 1, 2008[24]
Malaysia-New Zealand free trade agreement[25] Malaysia New Zealand October 26, 2009
Republic of Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement South Korea United States June 30, 2007

Proposed bilateral agreements[edit]

List of agreements in negotiation. Agreements that are so far only discussed without any formal action by the parties involved are not listed.

Defunct bilateral agreements[edit]

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