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The following is a list of birds found in and around Bangalore in Karnataka, India. The Nandi Hills, Bannerghatta forest ranges and the Kaveri valley/Sangam area are included in addition to the Bangalore city limits roughly extending 40 kilometres around the city centre (General Post Office). The area has been studied from early times due to its climate and accessibility during the Colonial period.[1] This list also includes annotations. This list is largely based on an annotated checklist published in 1994.[2][3] The family placement and sequence of families is based on the IOC world bird list (version 2.9).

Schematic map of birding areas in and around Bangalore
Outline of routes to locations around Bangalore



Family: Phasianidae[edit]

Grey francolin or grey partridge


Family: Anatidae[edit]


Family: Podicipedidae[edit]

Family: Phoenicopteridae[edit]


Family: Ciconiidae[edit]


Family: Threskiornithidae[edit]

Family: Ardeidae[edit]

Family: Pelecanidae[edit]


Family: Phalacrocoracidae[edit]

Family: Anhingidae[edit]


Family Pandionidae[edit]

  • Osprey, Pandion haliaetus (historic)

Family: Accipitridae[edit]

Black kite, a scavenger


Family: Falconidae[edit]


Family: Otididae[edit]


Family: Rallidae[edit]

Family: Gruidae[edit]


Family: Turnicidae[edit]

Family: Burhinidae[edit]

Family Recurvirostridae[edit]

Family Charadriidae[edit]

Family: Rostratulidae[edit]

Family: Jacanidae[edit]

Family: Scolopacidae[edit]

Green sandpiper, a winter migrant

Family: Glareolidae[edit]

  • Indian courser, Cursorius coromandelicusone Dr Robert B.Watson shot an Indian Courser from a flock on 26 April 1952 and again saw 2 birds when he visited on 15 May 1952 [19] [20]
  • Small pratincole, Glareola lactea[21]

Family: Laridae[edit]

Family Sternidae[edit]


Family: Pteroclidae[edit]


Family: Columbidae[edit]


Family: Psittacidae[edit]


Family: Cuculidae[edit]

Sirkeer malkoha


Family: Tytonidae[edit]

Family: Strigidae[edit]

Spotted owlet


Family: Caprimulgidae[edit]


Family: Hemiprocnidae[edit]

Family: Apodidae[edit]


Family: Coraciidae[edit]

Indian roller, the state bird of Karnataka

Family: Alcedinidae[edit]

Family: Meropidae[edit]


Family: Upupidae[edit]

Family: Bucerotidae[edit]


Family: Picidae[edit]

Family: Megalaimidae[edit]

White-cheeked barbet


Family: Pittidae[edit]

Indian pitta, a colourful but secretive migrant

Family: Tephrodornithidae[edit]

Family: Artamidae[edit]

Family: Aegithinidae[edit]

Family: Campephagidae[edit]

Family: Laniidae[edit]

Family: Oriolidae[edit]

Family: Dicruridae[edit]

Family: Rhipiduridae[edit]

Family: Monarchidae[edit]

Family: Corvidae[edit]

Family: Stenostiridae[edit]

Family: Paridae[edit]

Family: Alaudidae[edit]

Family: Pycnonotidae[edit]

Family: Hirundinidae[edit]

Family: Phylloscopidae[edit]

Family: Acrocephalidae[edit]

Family: Cisticolidae[edit]

Ashy prinia or ashy wren-warbler

Family: Pellorneidae[edit]

Family: Timaliidae[edit]

Family: Leiothrichidae[edit]

Yellow-billed babbler or white-headed babbler, the commonest babbler in urban areas

Family: Sylviidae[edit]

Family: Zosteropidae[edit]

Family: Irenidae[edit]

Family: Sturnidae[edit]

Acridotheres fuscus south.jpg

Family: Turdidae[edit]

Oriental magpie robin found in gardens

Family: Muscicapidae[edit]

Family: Chloropseidae[edit]

Family: Dicaeidae[edit]

Family: Nectariniidae[edit]

Family: Passeridae[edit]

Family: Ploceidae[edit]

Baya weavers at partly built nest

Family: Estrildidae[edit]

Family: Motacillidae[edit]

Family: Fringillidae[edit]

Family: Emberizidae[edit]

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