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Brazil has one of the richest bird diversities in the world. The avifauna of Brazil include a total of 1,901 species, of which 270 are endemic. About 60% of the bird species recorded for all of South America. These numbers are still increasing, almost every year, due to new occurrences or new species being described. About 10% of the bird species found in Brazil are, nonetheless, threatened.

In June 2013 a simultaneous discovery of fifteen bird species in Brazil was announced, the first such since 1871, when August von Pelzeln described forty new species.[1] The birds were from the families Corvidae, Thamnophilidae, Dendrocolaptidae, Tyrannidae and Polioptilidae.[2] Eleven of the new species are endemics of Brazil and four also inhabit Peru and Bolivia.[1]



Rheidae - Rheas[edit]

Greater rhea


Tinamidae - tinamous[edit]

Crypturellus soui
Red-winged tinamou


Anhimidae - screamers[edit]

Chauna torquata

Anatidae - ducks, geese and swans[edit]

Cygnus melancoryphus
Black-bellied whistling duck


Cracidae - curassows, guans and chachalacas[edit]

Dusky-legged guan
Wattled curassow

Odontophoridae - New World quails[edit]


Podicipedidae - grebes[edit]

Podilymbus podiceps


Spheniscidae - penguins[edit]

Spheniscus magellanicus


Diomedeidae - albatrosses[edit]

Thalassarche melanophris

Procellariidae - shearwaters and petrels[edit]

Fulmarus glacialoides
Cape petrel

Hydrobatidae - storm petrels[edit]

Wilson's storm petrel

Pelecanoididae - diving petrels[edit]


Phaethontidae - tropicbirds[edit]

Phaethon rubricauda

Pelecanidae - pelicans[edit]

Pelecanus occidentalis

Sulidae - boobies and gannets[edit]

Phalacrocoracidae - cormorants[edit]

Anhingidae - darters[edit]

Anhinga anhinga

Fregatidae - frigatebirds[edit]

Fregata magnificens


Ardeidae - bitterns, herons and egrets[edit]

Agami heron

Threskiornithidae - ibises and spoonbills[edit]

Eudocimus ruber

Ciconiidae - storks[edit]

Jabiru mycteria


Phoenicopteridae - flamingos[edit]

Phoenicopterus ruber


Cathartidae - New World vultures[edit]

Cathartes aura

Pandionidae - ospreys[edit]

Pandion haliaetus

Accipitridae - hawks, kites and eagles[edit]

Great black hawk
White-tailed hawk

Falconidae - falcons and caracaras[edit]

Northern caracara
Aplomado falcon


Aramidae - limpkins[edit]


Psophiidae - trumpeters[edit]

Rallidae - rails, gallinules and coots[edit]

Purple gallinule
Common gallinule
Gray-necked wood rail

Heliornithidae - sungrebes[edit]

Eurypygidae - sunbitterns[edit]


Cariamidae - seriemas[edit]


Jacanidae - jacanas[edit]

Wattled jacana

Rostratulidae - painted-snipes[edit]

Haematopodidae - oystercatchers[edit]

Recurvirostridae - stilts[edit]

Himantopus mexicanus

Burhinidae - thick-knees[edit]

Glareolidae - coursers[edit]

Charadriidae - lapwings and plovers[edit]

Pluvialis Dominica

Scolopacidae - sandpipers, snipes, curlews, stints and phalaropes[edit]

Upland sandpiper
Tringa flavipes

Thinocoridae - seedsnipes[edit]

Chionididae - sheathbills[edit]

Pale-faced sheathbill

Stercorariidae - skuas[edit]

Pomarine jaeger

Laridae - gulls and terns[edit]

Larus dominicanus
Sterna hirundo

Rynchopidae - skimmers[edit]

Rynchops Niger


Columbidae - doves and pigeons[edit]

Band-tailed pigeon
White-tipped dove


Psittacidae - parrots, parakeets and macaws[edit]

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus
Ara ararauna
Jandaya parakeet
Amazona aestiva
Maroon-bellied conure
Red-fan parrot


Opisthocomidae - hoatzins[edit]

Opisthocomus hoazin


Cuculidae - cuckoos, anis and ground cuckoos[edit]

Guira cuckoo


Tytonidae - Barn owls[edit]

Strigidae - owls[edit]

Glaucidum brasilianum
Spectacled owl


Steatornithidae - oilbirds[edit]

Nyctibiidae - potoos[edit]

Common potoo

Caprimulgidae - nightjar and nighthawks[edit]

Lesser nighthawk
Chordeiles minor


Apodidae - swifts[edit]

Chimney swift

Trochilidae - hummingbirds and hermits[edit]

White-necked jacobin
Brown violet-ear
Violet-capped woodnymph
Glittering-throated emerald
Amethyst woodstar
Copper-rumped hummingbird


Trogonidae - trogons[edit]

White-tailed trogon


Alcedinidae - kingfishers[edit]

Ringed kingfisher

Momotidae - motmots[edit]

Momotus momota


Galbulidae - jacamars[edit]

Rufous-tailed jacamar

Bucconidae - puffbirds[edit]

Black-fronted nunbird


Capitonidae - barbets[edit]

Ramphastidae - toucans[edit]

Ramphastos toco
Ramphastos vitellinus
Ramphastos tucanus

Picidae - woodpeckers[edit]

White woodpecker
Lineated woodpecker
White-barred piculet
Campo flicker


Thamnophilidae - Typical antbirds[edit]

Pectoral antwren, a Brazilian endemic

Conopophagidae - gnateaters[edit]

Black-cheeked gnateater

Formicariidae - antthrushes[edit]

Grallariidae - antpittas[edit]

Rhinocryptidae - tapaculos[edit]

Furnariidae - ovenbirds, spinetails and woodcreepers[edit]

Bar-winged cinclodes
Chicli spinetail
Rufous-capped spinetail
Pallid spinetail
Streaked xenops
White-throated woodcreeper
Planalto woodcreeper
Lesser woodcreeper

Tyrannidae - Tyrant flycatchers[edit]

Great kiskadee
White-crested elaenia
Common tody-flycatcher
Yellow-lored tody-flycatcher
Cliff flycatcher
Eastern wood pewee
Pied water tyrant
White-headed marsh tyrant
Cattle tyrant
Dusky-capped flycatcher
Short-crested flycatcher
Rusty-margined flycatcher
Social flycatcher
Piratic flycatcher
Tropical kingbird
Masked tityra
Chestnut-crowned becard
Vermilion flycatcher
Masked water tyrant

Tityridae - becards and tityras[edit]

Oxyruncidae - sharpbill[edit]

Cotingidae - cotingas[edit]

Pipridae - manakins[edit]

White-bearded manakin
Golden-headed manakin

Vireonidae - vireos[edit]

Red-eyed vireo
Rufous-browed peppershrike

Corvidae - jays[edit]

Plush-crested jay

Hirundinidae - swallows[edit]

Southern rough-winged swallow
Hirundo rustica

Troglodytidae - wrens[edit]

House wren
Sedge wren

Donacobiidae - donacobius[edit]

Polioptilidae - gnatcatchers[edit]

Turdidae - thrushes[edit]

Rufous-bellied thrush

Mimidae - mockingbirds[edit]

Chalk-browed mockingbird

Motacillidae - pipits[edit]

Thraupidae - tanagers[edit]

Paroaria capitata
Blue-black grassquit
Double-collared seedeater
Double-collared seedeater
Chestnut-bellied seed finch
Saffron finch
Pampa finch

Emberizidae - buntings and American sparrows[edit]

Rufous-collared sparrow

Cardinalidae - Saltators and allies[edit]

Buff-throated saltator

Parulidae - New World warblers[edit]

Tropical parula
Masked yellowthroat

Icteridae - orioles, oropendolas and allies[edit]

Dolichonyx oryzivorus
White-browed blackbird
Crested oropendola

Fringillidae - euphonias and siskins[edit]

Hooded siskin

Estrildidae - waxbills and estrildid finches[edit]

Common waxbill
Zebra finch

Passeridae - house sparrows[edit]

Passer domesticus

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