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This is a list of the bird species recorded in Réunion. The avifauna of Réunion include a total of 91 species, of which four are endemic, 21 have been introduced by humans and 20 are rare or accidental. One species listed is extirpated in Réunion and is not included in the species count. Six species are globally threatened.

This list's taxonomic treatment (designation and sequence of orders, families and species) and nomenclature (common and scientific names) follow the conventions of The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World, 6th edition. The family accounts at the beginning of each heading reflect this taxonomy, as do the species counts found in each family account. Introduced and accidental species are included in the total counts for Réunion.

The following tags have been used to highlight several categories. Not all species fall into one of these categories. Those that do not are commonly occurring native species.

  • (A) Accidental - a species that rarely or accidentally occurs in Réunion
  • (E) Endemic - a species endemic to Réunion
  • (I) Introduced - a species introduced to Réunion as a consequence, direct or indirect, of human actions
  • (Ex) Extirpated - a species that no longer occurs in Réunion although populations exist elsewhere
  • (X) Extinct - a species formerly found on Réunion, but no longer exists alive globally
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Order: Procellariiformes   Family: Diomedeidae

Shearwaters and petrels[edit]

Order: Procellariiformes   Family: Procellariidae

Austral storm petrels[edit]

Order: Procellariiformes   Family: Oceanitidae


Order: Phaethontiformes   Family: Phaethontidae

Boobies and gannets[edit]

Order: Suliformes   Family: Sulidae


Order: Suliformes   Family: Fregatidae

Bitterns, herons and egrets[edit]

Order: Pelecaniformes   Family: Ardeidae

Ibises and spoonbills[edit]

Order: Pelecaniformes   Family: Threskiornithidae


Order: Phoenicopteriformes   Family: Phoenicopteridae

Ducks, geese and swans[edit]

Order: Anseriformes   Family: Anatidae

Hawks, kites and eagles[edit]

Order: Accipitriformes   Family: Accipitridae

Caracaras and falcons[edit]

Order: Falconiformes   Family: Falconidae

Pheasants and partridges[edit]

Order: Galliformes   Family: Phasianidae

Rails, crakes, gallinules and coots[edit]

Order: Gruiformes   Family: Rallidae


Order: Charadriiformes   Family: Dromadidae

Pratincoles and coursers[edit]

Order: Charadriiformes   Family: Glareolidae


Order: Charadriiformes   Family: Turnicidae

Plovers and lapwings[edit]

Order: Charadriiformes   Family: Charadriidae

Sandpipers and allies[edit]

Order: Charadriiformes   Family: Scolopacidae

Gulls, terns, and skimmers[edit]

Order: Charadriiformes   Family: Laridae

Pigeons and doves[edit]

Order: Columbiformes   Family: Columbidae

Old World parrots[edit]

Order: Psittaciformes   Family: Psittaculidae

Typical owls[edit]

Order: Strigiformes    Family: Strigidae


Order: Apodiformes   Family: Apodidae

Typical rollers[edit]

Order: Coraciiformes   Family: Coraciidae

Swallows and martins[edit]

Order: Passeriformes   Family: Hirundinidae


Order: Passeriformes   Family: Campephagidae


Order: Passeriformes   Family: Pycnonotidae

Old World flycatchers[edit]

Order: Passeriformes   Family: Muscicapidae

Monarch flycatchers[edit]

Order: Passeriformes   Family: Monarchidae


Order: Passeriformes   Family: Zosteropidae


Order: Passeriformes   Family: Sturnidae

Weavers and allies[edit]

Order: Passeriformes   Family: Ploceidae

Waxbills and allies[edit]

Order: Passeriformes   Family: Estrildidae

Siskins, crossbills and allies[edit]

Order: Passeriformes   Family: Fringillidae


Order: Passeriformes   Family: Passeridae

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