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This list includes all types of constructions to lift or lower boats between two levels of a waterway, such as boat lifts, canal inclined planes, portage railways and water slopes, but excluding conventional locks. This list is not complete.

Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium[edit]

Flag of Canada.svg Canada[edit]

Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China[edit]

  • Danjiangkou dam boat lift, also in Hubei Province, capable of lifting vessels of 450 tons displacement.
  • Geheyan dam boat lift, in Hubei Province, capable of lifting vessels of 300 tons displacement. The dam was completed in 1994, but technical difficulties delayed the opening of the ship lift for four more years.
  • Longtan dam boat lift, capacity to lift vessels of 250 tons, in a basin 40×10.8×1.8 meters, and a vertical lift of 68.5 meters.[2]
  • Yantan Ship Lift
  • Three Gorges Dam, boat lift (possibly complete July 2016)[3] and staircase lock[4][5]

Flag of France.svg France[edit]

Flag of Germany.svg Germany[edit]

Flag of Japan.svg Japan[edit]

Keage Incline around 1940

Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands[edit]

Flag of Poland.svg Poland[edit]

Flag of Russia.svg Russia[edit]

Krasnoyarsk Inclined Plane

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom[edit]

Hay Inclined Plane

Flag of the United States.svg United States[edit]


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