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This is a chronological list of both fictional and non-fictional books written about anarchism. This list includes books that advocate for anarchism as well as those that criticize or oppose it. For ease of access, this list provides a link to the full text whenever possible, as well as the audiobook version as an aid for the visually impaired.

Chronological list[edit]

Published Title Full text Audiobook Author(s) Genre School of thought / Theme
1793 Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and its Influence on Morals and Happiness[1] William Godwin Non-fiction
1840 What is Property? Or, an Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government[2] Wikisource Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Non-fiction "Property is theft"
1844 The Ego and Its Own[3][4] Max Stirner Non-fiction Individualist anarchism
1846 System of Economical Contradictions; Or, The Philosophy of Misery Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Non-fiction
1850 Anarchist Manifesto Anselme Bellegarrigue Non-fiction: Manifesto
1867-1870 No Treason Wikisource Lysander Spooner Non-fiction: Collection of essays
1873 Statism and Anarchy[5] Mikhail Bakunin Non-fiction
1882 God and the State Wikisource Mikhail Bakunin Non-fiction
1890 News from Nowhere Wikisource William Morris Fiction Libertarian socialism
1891 Anarchy Wikisource Errico Malatesta Non-fiction
1891 Contemporary Socialism[6] John Rae Non-fiction Revolutionary socialism
1891 The Anarchists: A Picture of Civilization at the Close of the Nineteenth Century John Henry Mackay Fiction
1892 The Conquest of Bread Wikisource Peter Kropotkin Non-fiction Anarcho-communism
1894 The Kingdom of God Is Within You Wikisource Leo Tolstoy Non-fiction Christian anarchism
1896 Voluntary Socialism Francis Dashwood Tandy Non-fiction Mutualism
1899 Fields, Factories, and Workshops[7] Peter Kropotkin Non-fiction
1899 Memoirs of a Revolutionist Peter Kropotkin Non-fiction: Autobiography
1902 Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution Wikisource Peter Kropotkin Non-fiction: Essay collection Anarcho-communism
1902 Anarchism and Other Essays Wikisource Emma Goldman Non-fiction: Collection of essays
1924 Anarchism Or Socialism?[8] Joseph Stalin Non-fiction: Stalinist criticism of anarchism Stalinism
1929 Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism[9] Wikisource Alexander Berkman Non-fiction Anarcho-communism
1938 Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice Rudolf Rocker Non-fiction Anarcho-syndicalism
1949 Pioneers of American Freedom: Origin of Liberal and Radical Thought in America Rudolf Rocker Non-fiction
1954 Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist[10] Wikisource Ammon Hennacy Non-fiction Christian anarchism
1962 Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements[11][12] George Woodcock Non-fiction: History Mixed
1965 Anarchism: From Theory to Practice Daniel Guérin Non-fiction
1967 The Russian Anarchists[13] Paul Avrich Non-fiction: History
1970 In Defense of Anarchism Robert Paul Wolff Non-fiction Individualist anarchism
1971 Post-Scarcity Anarchism[14] Murray Bookchin Non-fiction Communalism
1974 The Dispossessed[15][16] Ursula K. Le Guin Fiction
1976 The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years, 1868–1936[17] Murray Bookchin Non-fiction: History
1978 The Eye of the Heron[18] Ursula K. Le Guin Fiction
1982 People Without Government: An Anthropology of Anarchy[19] Harold Barclay Non-fiction
1987 Christian Anarchy: Jesus' Primacy Over the Powers[20][21] Vernard Eller Non-fiction Christian anarchism
1989 For Anarchism[22] David Goodway (Editor) Non-fiction: Collection of essays Mixed
1991 Anarchy and Christianity[20][21] Jacques Ellul Non-fiction Christian anarchism
1991 Temporary Autonomous Zone Peter Lamborn Wilson Non-fiction
1993 The Politics of Individualism: Liberalism, Liberal Feminism, and Anarchism[23] L. Susan Brown Non-fiction: Political science
1995 Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm Murray Bookchin Non-fiction Social anarchism
1999 Christi-Anarchy: Discovering a Radical Spirituality of Compassion[21] David Andrews Non-fiction Christian anarchism
2005 Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas Robert Graham (Editor) Non-fiction: Anthology Mixed
2005 Gramsci Is Dead: Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements Richard J. F. Day Non-fiction
2005 Rebel Alliances: The Means and Ends of Contemporary British Anarchisms[24] Benjamin Franks Non-fiction
2007 The Coming Insurrection The Invisible Committee Non-fiction Insurrectionary anarchism
2010 New Perspectives on Anarchism, Labour and Syndicalism: The Individual, the National and the Transnational[25][26] David Berry & Constance Bantman Non-fiction
2012 That Holy Anarchist: Reflections on Christianity & Anarchism[27] Mark Van Steenwyk Non-fiction Christian anarchism
2012 Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play[28] James C. Scott Non-fiction
2013 The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey[29] Michael Huemer Non-fiction Philosophical anarchism/Anarcho-capitalism

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