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This is a list of books about the Korean War.

Campaigns and battles[edit]

  • Appleman, Roy (1992), South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu, Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, United States Army, ISBN 0-16-035958-9 
  • Appleman, Roy (1987), East of Chosin: Entrapment and Breakout in Korea, 1950, 2, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 0-89096-283-9 
  • Appleman, Roy (1989), Disaster in Korea: The Chinese Confront MacArthur, 11, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 978-1-60344-128-5 
  • Appleman, Roy (1990), Escaping the Trap: The US Army X Corps in Northeast Korea, 1950, 14, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 0-89096-395-9 
  • Appleman, Roy (1990), Ridgway Duels for Korea, 18, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 0-89096-432-7 
  • Hamburger, Kenneth E. (2003), Leadership in the Crucible : The Korean War Battles of Twin Tunnels & Chipyong-ni, College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, ISBN 1-58544-232-1 
  • Hinshaw, Arned Lee (1989), Heartbreak Ridge, New York, NY: Praeger Publishers, ISBN 0-275-93217-6 
  • Marshall, S.L.A. (1982), The River and the Gauntlet: Defeat of the Eighth Army by the Chinese Communist forces, November, 1950, in the Battle of the Chongchon River, Korea, Des Moines, IA: Time-Life Books, ISBN 0-8094-3845-3 
  • Rowny, Edward (2013), An American Soldier's Saga of the Korean War, Washington, D.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-1490352411 
  • Rowny, Edward (2013), Smokey Joe & the General, Washington, D.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-1493538423 
  • Russ, Martin. Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950, Penguin, 2000, 464 pages, ISBN 0-14-029259-4
  • Salmon, Andrew (2009), To the Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, London, UK: Aurum Press, ISBN 978-1-84513-408-2 

Combat studies[edit]

Air combat[edit]

  • Bruning, John R. (2000), Crimson Sky: The Air Battle for Korea, Riverside, NJ: Protomac Books Inc., ISBN 1-57488-841-2 
  • Hallion, Richard P. The Naval Air War in Korea (1986).
  • Werrell, Kenneth P. (2005), Sabres over MiG Alley, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institution Press, ISBN 1-59114-933-9 
  • Warrell, Kenneth P. "Across the Yalu: Rules of Engagement and the Communist Air Sanctuary during the Korean War." Journal of Military History 72.2 (2008): 451–76. Print.
  • Zhang, Xiao Ming (2004), Red Wings Over the Yalu: China, the Soviet Union, and the Air War in Korea, College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, ISBN 1-58544-201-1 

Ground combat[edit]

Intelligence gathering[edit]

  • Roe, Patrick C. (2000), The Dragon Strikes, Novato, CA: Presidio, ISBN 0-89141-703-6 


  • Huston, James Alvin (1989), Guns and Butter, Powder and Rice : U.S. Army Logistics in the Korean War, Selinsgrove, PA: Susquehanna University Press, ISBN 0-941664-87-2 
  • Shrader, Charles R. (1995), Communist Logistics in the Korean War, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-29509-3 

Naval combat[edit]

  • Marolda, Edward (2007), The US Navy in the Korean War, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, ISBN 978-1-59114-487-8 

Psychological warfare[edit]

  • Pease, Stephen E. (1992), Psywar: Psychological Warfare in Korea, 1950–1953, Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, ISBN 0-8117-2592-8 


  • Malkasian, Carter (2002), A History of Modern Wars of Attrition, Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, ISBN 0-275-97379-4 
  • Ohn, Chang-Il. "The Korean War of 1950–1953: U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and U.S. Strategy." Revue Internationale D'histoire Militaire 70 (1988): 211–41. Print.
  • Rees, David (1964). Korea: The Limited War. New York: St Martin's. OCLC 1078693. 

Unit cohesion[edit]

  • George, Alexander L. (1967), The Chinese Communist Army in Action: The War and its Aftermath, New York, NY: Columbia University Press, OCLC 284111 

Cultural impact[edit]

  • West, Philip; Levine, Steven I.; Hiltz, Jackie (1998), America's Wars in Asia: A Cultural Approach to History and Memory, Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, ISBN 0-7656-0237-7 
  • Zhang, Hong (2002), The Making of Urban Chinese Images of the United States, 1945–1953, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-31001-7 

Encyclopedia and reference work[edit]

  • Brune, Lester and Robin Higham, eds., The Korean War: Handbook of the Literature and Research (Greenwood Press, 1994)
  • Ecker, Richard E. (2005), Korean Battle Chronology: Unit-by-Unit United States Casualty Figures and Medal of Honor Citations, Jefferson, NC: McFarland, ISBN 0-7864-1980-6 
  • Edwards, Paul M. The A to Z of the Korean War. The Scarecrow Press, 2005. 307 pp.
  • Edwards, Paul M. The Hill Wars of the Korean Conflict : A Dictionary of Hills, Outposts and other Sites of Military Action. McFarland & Co., 2006. 267 pp.
  • Edwards, Paul M. The Korean War: a Historical Dictionary. The Scarecrow Press, 2003. 367 pp.
  • Edwards, Paul M. Korean War Almanac (2006)
  • Hu, Guang Zheng (胡光正); Ma, Shan Ying (马善营) (1987), Chinese People's Volunteer Army Order of Battle (中国人民志愿军序列) (in Chinese), Beijing: Chinese People's Liberation Army Publishing House, OCLC 298945765 
  • Matray, James I. (ed.) Historical Dictionary of the Korean War. Greenwood Press, 1991. 626 pp.
  • Varhola, Michael J. (2000), Fire and Ice: The Korean War, 1950–1953, Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, ISBN 978-1-882810-44-4 
  • Millett, Allan R, "A Reader's Guide To The Korean War" Journal of Military History (1997) Vol. 61 No. 3; p. 583+ full text in JSTOR; free online revised version
  • Millett, Allan R. "The Korean War: A 50 Year Critical Historiography," Journal of Strategic Studies 24 (March 2001), pp. 188–224. full text in Ingenta and Ebsco
  • Millett, Allan R. (2007), The Korean War: The Essential Bibliography, Dulles, VA: Potomac Books, ISBN 978-1-57488-976-5 
  • Sandler, Stanley ed., The Korean War: An Encyclopedia (Garland, 1995)
  • Summers, Harry G. Korean War Almanac (1990)


  • Chang, Jung; Halliday, Jon (2005). Mao: The Unknown Story. Knopf. ISBN 0-679-42271-4. 
  • James, D. Clayton The Years of MacArthur: Triumph and Disaster, 1945–1964 (1985), scholarly biography of MacArthur
  • James, D. Clayton with Anne Sharp Wells, Refighting the Last War: Command and Crises in Korea, 1950–1953 (1993)
  • Leitich, Keith. Shapers of the Great Debate on the Korean War: A Biographical Dictionary (2006) covers Americans only

Official history[edit]

British Commonwealth[edit]

  • Farrar-Hockley, Anthony (1990), Official History: The British Part in the Korean War, Volume I, II, London, England: HMSO, ISBN 0-11-630953-9 
  • McGibbon, Ian (1996), New Zealand and the Korean War. Combat Operations, Volume II, Auckland, New Zealand: Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-558343-4 
  • O'Neil, Robert, Australia in the Korean War 1950–53 (2 vols). Australian War Memorial and the Australian Government Publishing Service, 1981 and 1985.
  • Wood, Herbert Fairlie (1966), Official History of the Canadian Army in Korea: Strange Battleground, Ottawa, Canada: Queen's Printer, OCLC 4199207 


  • Chinese Military Science Academy (2000), History of War to Resist America and Aid Korea (抗美援朝战争史) (in Chinese), Volume I, II, III, Beijing: Chinese Military Science Academy Publishing House, ISBN 7-80137-390-1 

North Korea[edit]

  • DPRK Science Academy History Research Division (1961), The Joseon People's History of the Justice War for Fatherland Liberation (朝鲜人民正义的祖国解放战争史) (in Chinese), Pyongyang: DPRK Foreign Language Publishing House 

South Korea[edit]

  • Chae, Han Kook; Chung, Suk Kyun; Yang, Yong Cho (2001), Yang, Hee Wan; Lim, Won Hyok; Sims, Thomas Lee; Sims, Laura Marie; Kim, Chong Gu; Millett, Allan R., eds., The Korean War, Volume I, II, III, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, ISBN 978-0-8032-7795-3 

United States[edit]

Oral history, recollections and memoirs[edit]

  • Watson, Brent Byron. Far Eastern Tour: The Canadian Infantry in Korea, 1950–1953. 2002. 256 pp.
  • Wu, Ru Lin (吴瑞林) (1995), 42nd Corps During the War to Resist America and Aid Korea (抗美援朝中的第42军) (in Chinese), Beijing: Gold Wall Press, ISBN 7-80084-118-9 
  • Yoo, Young-Bok (2012), Tears of Blood: A Korean POW's Fight for Freedom, Family and Justice, Los Angeles, CA: Korean War POW Affairs, ISBN 978-1479383856 

Origins, politics, diplomacy[edit]

  • Barnouin, Barbara; Yu, Changgeng (2006). Zhou Enlai: A Political Life. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press. ISBN 962-996-280-2. 
  • Becker, Jasper (2005). Rogue Regime: Kim Jong Il and the Looming Threat of North Korea. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-517044-X. 
  • Carpenter, William M. "The Korean War: A Strategic Perspective Thirty Years Later." Comparative Strategy 2.4 (1980): 335–53. Print.
  • Casey, Steven. Selling the Korean War: Propaganda, Politics, and Public Opinion in the United States, 1950–1953. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2008. Print.
  • Chen, Jian (1994). China's Road to the Korean War: The Making of the Sino-American Confrontation. New York: Columbia University Press. ISBN 978-0-231-10025-0. 
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  • Zhang, Shu Guang (1992), Deterrence and Strategic Culture: Chinese-American Confrontations, 1949–1958, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, ISBN 0-8014-2751-7 



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  • Srivastava, M. P. The Korean Conflict: Search for Unification. New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India, 1982. Print.

British Commonwealth[edit]

  • Bercuson, David J. (1999), Blood on the Hills: the Canadian Army in the Korean War, Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, ISBN 0-8020-0980-8 
  • Johnston, William (2003), A War of Patrols: Canadian Army Operations in Korea, Vancouver: UBC Press, ISBN 0-7748-1008-4 


  • Crahay, Albert (1985), The Brown Berets in Korea 1950–1953 (Béréts Bruns en Corée 1950–53) (in French), Brussels: Editions J.M. Collet 
  • (French) (Dutch) Crahay, Albert, The Belgians in Korea (Les Belges en Corée / De Belgen in Korea) 
  • (French) (Dutch) Verhaegen, Benoît (1999), A Season in Korea: From the "Kamina" to the Imjin (Une Saison en Corée: Du " Kamina " à Imjin / Operatie in Korea: Van 'Kamina' naar Imjin), Brussels: Editions Racine, ISBN 2-87386-164-9 
  • (French) (Dutch) Tobback, André, In Korea 1952–1953: At the front with 2 platoon, B company (En Corée: 1952-53 – Au front avec la 2ème peloton de la compagnie B / In Korea 1952–1953 – Aan het front met het 2de peloton va, de compagnie B) 
  • de Wit, Franz (2003), Belgians Can Do Too! Korea 15 July 1951 – 15 July 1952 (in Dutch), Brussels: De Krijger 
  • Pontzeele, Didier (2004), Goodnight Irene: The Korean War diary of Marcel Fichefet (Goodnight Irene: Het Koreaans oorlogsdagboek van Marcel Fichefet) (in Dutch), Brussels: De Krijger 
  • (French) (Dutch) Peerlinck, Hugo, Chronicle of the Belgian Battalion in Korea 1950–1955 (Chronique du Bataillon Belge Corée 1950–55 / Kroniek Van Het Belgisch Koreabataljon 1950–1955), Brussels: Editions Flyingpencil 
  • Peerlinck, Hugo, Album of the Belgian Battalion in Korea 1950–1955 (Album van het Belgisch Koreabataljon 1950–1955) (in Dutch), Brussels: Editions Flyingpencil 
  • Gahide, Jean-Pierre (1991). Belgium and the Korean War: 1950–1955 (La Belgique et la guerre de Corée: 1950-1955) (in French). Brussels: Koniklijk Legermuseum. ISBN 9782870510100. 


  • Xue, Yan (徐焰) (1990), First Confrontation: Reviews and Reflections on the History of War to Resist America and Aid Korea (第一次较量:抗美援朝战争的历史回顾与反思) (in Chinese), Beijing: Chinese Radio and Television Publishing House, ISBN 7-5043-0542-1 
  • Zhang, Shu Guang (1995), Mao's Military Romanticism: China and the Korean War, 1950–1953, Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, ISBN 0-7006-0723-4 


  • Skordiles, Komon, Kagnew, the story of the Ethiopian fighters in Korea, 1954 

South Korea[edit]

United States[edit]

Prisoners of war[edit]

  • Bassett, Richard M. And the Wind Blew Cold: The Story of an American POW in North Korea. Kent State U. Press, 2002. 117 pp.
  • Biderman, Albert D. (1963), March to Calumny: The Story of American POW's in Korea, New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, OCLC 4956442 
  • Cunningham, Cyril (2000), No Mercy, No Leniency: Communist Mistreatment of British Prisoners of War in Korea, Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Leo Cooper, ISBN 0-85052-767-8 
  • Heo, Man-ho, "North Korea's Continued Detention of South Korean POWs since the Korean and Vietnam Wars" Korea Journal of Defense Analysis (2002) Vol. XIV No. 2; pp. 141–65;
  • Kinkhead, Eugene (1981), In Every War But One, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-23113-3 
  • Lech, Raymond B. (2000), Broken Soldiers, Chicago, IL: University of Illinois, ISBN 0-252-02541-5 
  • Young, Charles S. (2014), Name, Rank, and Serial Number: Exploiting Korean War POWs at Home and Abroad, New York: Oxford, ISBN 978-0-19-518348-1 
  • Yoo, Young-Bok (2012), Tears of Blood: A Korean POW's Fight for Freedom, Family and Justice, Los Angeles, CA: Korean War POW Affairs, ISBN 978-1479383856 

Unit history[edit]