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This is a list of notable baked or steamed bread varieties. This list does not include cakes, pastries, or fried dough foods, which are listed in separate Wikipedia articles. It also does not list foods in which bread is an ingredient which is processed further before serving.


Name Image Type Origin Description (including main ingredients and notable aspects)
Aish merahrah Eish baladi.jpg Flatbread Egypt Made with fenugreek seeds and maize; dough allowed to ferment overnight, then flattened and baked.
Anadama bread Anadama bread (1).jpg Yeast bread United States (New England) A sweet, cornmeal- and molasses-based bread.
Anpan Anpan 001.jpg Sweet bun Japan Filled, usually with red bean paste, or with white beans, sesame, or chestnut.
Appam served with Coconut Milk in Tamil Nadu.JPG Varies widely India
Sri Lanka
Bowl-shaped thin pancakes, made of fermented rice flour, shaped via cooking utensil, neutral taste, served usually with spicy condiment or curry, for breakfast or dinner.
Arboud Arboud Bread Jordan.jpg Unleavened bread Jordan Unleavened bread made from flour, water and salt, baked in the embers of a fire. Traditional among Arab Bedouin
Arepa Arepa asada.JPG Cornbread South America (Northern) Dish made of ground corn dough or cooked corn flour, similar to Mesoamerican tortilla and Salvadoran pupusa.
Baba Xizhou baba.jpg Various thick, round breads China (Northwestern Yunnan, Naxi people) Round, thick bread, often with various sweet or savoury fillings.
Babka Chocolate babka.jpg Yeast bread Poland, Ukraine Sweet, braided bread popular among the Jewish diaspora.
Bagel Plain-Bagel.jpg Yeast bread Germany
Polish/Ashkenazi Jewish
Ring-shaped, usually with a dense, chewy interior; usually topped with sesame or poppy seeds baked into the surface. May be boiled in lye.
French stick, French bread
Baguette de pain, WikiCheese Lausanne.jpg Yeast bread France Thin elongated loaf, made of water, flour, yeast, and salt, instantly recognizable by slits cut in top surface before baking to allow gas expansion. Can be cut to resemble the shape of wheat and called Pain d'épi.
Bakarkhani Bakarkhani 001.jpg Flatbread South Asia & Middle East Thick, sweet or spicy flatbread made of Dough, ghee, milk, sugar. Mostly consumed as snacks and also in iftar.
Balep korkun Flatbread Tibet (Central) Round, flat, easy to make, made of barley flour, water, baking powder, cooked in frying pan; Balep Korkun is a type of bannock.
Bammy Bammies.jpg Flatbread Jamaica A bread of cassava, baked on a griddle.
Banana bread Banananutbread.jpg Quick bread United States[1] Dense, made with mashed bananas, often a moist, sweet, cake-like quick bread, but some recipes are traditional yeast breads.
Bannock BannockBeremeal.jpg Quick bread (Scotland) Modern types are made with baking soda or baking powder as leavening agent, giving a light, airy texture. May be baked or fried. Some Native American peoples in North America prepare their own versions of bannock.
Bara Brith Bara Brith.jpg Fruit bread (Wales) Sometimes termed "speckled bread", raisins, currants and candied peel are added to dough.
Barbari bread Iranian Bread 1.JPG Flatbread Iran
Afghanistan (northwestern)
Invented by the Barbar tribes of Iran and Northern Afghanistan.
Barmbrack Barmbrack.jpg Quick bread Ireland Sweeter than sandwich bread, but less rich than cake, contains sultanas and raisins to add texture.
Barm cake Barm cake with black pudding.jpg Yeast bread Lancashire Soft sweet roll. Derived from ancient pre-Roman leavening process using barm. Pictured is barm cake with black pudding and melted butter.
Italian stick, cane, staff
Yeast bread Italy Shorter and thicker than a French baguette. Sometimes with sesame seed garnish.
Bazin Bazin.jpg Flatbread Libya Prepared with barley, water and salt.
Bazlama Bazlama.jpg Flatbread Turkey Flat and circular, average thickness of 2 cm, usually eaten fresh.
Beer bread Beer Bread 1.jpg Quick or yeast bread Germany Made with regular beer or other types such as stout or dark beer.
Belgian waffle Waffle.jpg Waffle Belgium A type of waffle popular in North America and in Belgium. Compared to the standard American waffle, it is identified by its larger size, lighter batter, larger squares, and a higher grid pattern that forms deep pockets.
Bhakri Bhakri 1.jpg Flatbread India
Usually grayish in colour, made of cereals and thus high in protein and fibre like Jowar, Bajra or Maize.
Bialy Bialy 1.jpg Yeast bread Poland Similar to a bagel, but instead of a hole it has only a dimple on top, which is filled with a bit of butter and diced onion or garlic. Known as a cebularz in Poland.
Bing Bing zi (Chinese pancakes).jpg Flatbread China Similar to a Mexican tortilla, only much thicker; usually cooked on a griddle.
Biscotti Cantuccini-Toscani.jpg Biscuit Italy Italian almond biscuits that are twice-baked, oblong-shaped, dry, crunchy, and may be dipped in a drink, traditionally Vin Santo.
Biscuit Biscuit which has been broken open.jpg Quick bread although sometimes made with yeast United States Canada This refers to the North American quick bread, generally light and fluffy (similar to a scone). Elsewhere the term biscuit means a small baked product that would be called either a "cookie" or a "cracker" in the United States and most of English-speaking Canada.
Black bread Mischbrot-1.jpg Rye Russia Made of rye grain, usually dark colored and high fiber, ranges from crispy in texture to dense and chewy.
Blaa Waterford Blaa, bla or blah (bread of Ireland).jpg Bun Ireland Doughy, white bread bun (roll) specialty; particularly associated with Waterford, Ireland. Currently made in Waterford and County Kilkenny, and was historically made in Wexford.
Bolani Bolani Afghan bread 01.jpg Flatbread Afghanistan Has a very thin crust and can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients, such as potatoes, spinach, lentils, pumpkin, or leeks.
Bolo do caco Bolo do caco com polvo.jpg Flatbread Portugal (Madeira) A circular flatbread made with sweet potatoes.
Borlengo Borlengo lardo.jpg Pancake Italy A thin crepe now made with milk, eggs (sometimes omitted), flour and salt. Originally a food eaten by the poor and made with flour and water.
Borodinsky Borodinoer Brot, borordinsky bread, бородинский хлеб II.jpg Sourdough Russia A dark brown sourdough rye bread, traditionally sweetened with molasses and flavored with coriander and caraway seeds.
Boule Boule de campagne 01.jpg Yeast bread France
From the French for "ball".
Bread roll Bread rolls.JPG Bun Europe Short, oblong or round, served usually before or with meals, often with butter.
Breadstick Grissini.jpg Dry bread Italy A dry bread formed into sticks, served as an appetizer.
Brioche Brioche.jpg Yeast bread, Sweet France A highly enriched bread, noted for its high butter and egg content, commonly served as a component of French desserts. Made in loaves or buns.
Broa Broafortal.jpg Cornbread Portugal Unlike the cornbread typical of the southern United States, made of mix of cornmeal and wheat or rye flour, leavened with yeast rather than baking powder or baking soda.
Brown bread Vollkornbrot z01.JPG Rye or wheat bread Ireland Made with a significant amount of whole grain flour, usually rye or wheat; sometimes made with molasses or coffee. Also known as "wholemeal bread".
Bublik Bublik in Kiev with Sesame.JPG Wheat bread Poland Made from yeast-leavened wheat dough that commonly contains milk, butter, and egg whites and is rather sweet.
Canadian White White Canada A thick, protein-rich sliced sandwich bread.
Carrot bread Vegan Carrot Raisin Manna Bread (4107948062).jpg Leavened United States May be prepared with grated carrot[2] or carrot juice.[3] Pictured is a vegan carrot bread with raisins.
Česnica Božićna česnica.jpg Soda bread Serbia Baked during Christmas season with a solid silver coin in the dough for good luck; the family member whose bread piece contains the coin is viewed as the most fortunate for that year.
Challah Challah Bread Six Braid 1.JPG Leavened Jewish Braided, made with wheat flour, yeast, oil/butter and eggs (optional), usually made by Jewish people for the Shabbat.
Chapati Chapatiroll.jpg Flatbread South Asia Thin in size and made with wheat flour; usually eaten with cooked dal (lentil soup), vegetable curry, chicken and mutton curry dishes; pieces are used to wrap around and pick up each bite of the cooked dish.
Chickpea bread Chickpea bread and persimmon butter.jpg Leavened Albania
Made from chickpea flour. The most significant difference of this type of bread is, instead of using regular yeast, they use a yeast made with chickpeas.
Cholermüs Pancake Switzerland Also known as a "Swiss pancake", as its name self-explains, a Swiss pancake, or "shredded, fried crepe," is a breakfast pancake with dried fruit filling. This preparation should not be confused with Hollermus, or Holdermus, which is an elderberry mash.
Christmas wafer Oplatki.w.koszyczku.jpg Crispy bread Poland/Central Europe Christmas wafers are a ceremonial bread, usually embossed with images of Christian figures, such as Jesus or the Virgin Mary.
Ciabatta Ciabatta cut.JPG White Italy Loaf is somewhat elongated, broad and flattish and, like a slipper, should be somewhat collapsed in the middle.
Coppia Ferrarese Coppia-ferrarese.jpg Sourdough Italy Twisted in shape. Sourdough bread made with flour, lard, olive oil, and malt.
Cornbread Skillet cornbread.jpg Cornbread Americas Made from cornmeal, can be baked or fried, has a golden appearance, usually has a moist interior.
Cottage loaf Cottage loaf 2.jpg Yeast bread United Kingdom (England) Name refers mostly to shape of loaf, not consistency, loaves are made when larger and smaller roughly spherical balls are squashed together, forming a cottage shape.
Cozonac Cozonac-cu-nuca-103.jpg Sweet leavened bread Romania, Bulgaria Prepared with milk, yeast, eggs, sugar, butter, raisins, lokum, grated orange or lemon zest, walnuts or hazelnuts, and vanilla or rum flavor.
Cracker WaterBiscuit-Trio.jpg Crispy bread United States
United Kingdom
Isle of Man
A baked good typically made from a grain and flour, dough and usually manufactured in large quantities. Crackers (roughly equivalent to savory biscuits in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man) are usually flat, crisp, small in size (usually 3 inches or less in diameter) and made in various shapes, commonly round or square.
Crêpe Crepes dsc07085.jpg Pancake France Extremely thin pancakes, can be stuffed with cheese, asparagus, ham, spinach, eggs, ratatouille, mushrooms, artichoke, or meat products. In Canada, they are often filled with fruit and consumed as a breakfast dish.
Crisp bread Knaeckebroed.jpg Crispy bread Scandinavia Very dry, traditionally consists of wholemeal rye flour, salt, and water.
Crumpet Buttered crumpet2.jpg Flatbread England Usually circular and flat, but thick, with pores in upper surface. This gives it a light, spongy texture.
Cuban bread Key West Cuban mix.jpg Yeast bread, White United States (Florida)
A fairly simple white bread, similar to French bread and Italian bread, but has a slightly different baking method and ingredient list.
Curry bread Curry-bun,curry-pan,katori-city,japan.JPG Bun Japan Some Japanese curry is wrapped in a piece of dough, which is coated in flaky bread crumbs, and usually deep fried or baked.
Damper Wattleseed Damper (cropped).jpg Soda bread Australia Made of a wheat flour, traditionally baked in the coals of a campfire; iconic Australian dish.
Dampfnudel CDampfnudelnWP6.jpg Sweet bread, White Germany Usually dense and moist with a white top surface.
Dorayaki Dorayaki 001.jpg Pancake Japan Japanese confection, which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castella, wrapped around a filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste.
Dosa Dosa-chutney-sambhar.jpg Pancake India (Southern) Fermented crêpe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. It is also served with variety of fillings like potato, coconut, paneer, vegetables, dry fruits etc.
Eggette Eggette in Hong Kong 4.JPG Pancake Hong Kong Spherical pancake or ball waffle popular in Hong Kong and Macao. The food item is also referred to as an egg puff, egg waffle, puffle or by its Cantonese name, gai daan jai, and is made from eggs, sugar, flour, and light evaporated milk.
English muffin Imaginatorium-b02007muff.jpg Yeast bread England Small, round, thin, usually dusted with cornmeal and served split horizontally, toasted, buttered, eaten as a snack alone or part of meal, usually breakfast or, in the UK and Ireland, early-evening tea. In the UK, usually just called a "muffin".
Farl Ben W Bell Soda Bread Farl 05 June 2007.jpg Flatbread Scotland) Made by spreading dough on a griddle or skillet in a rough circular shape, then cutting it into four equal pieces and cooking.
Filone Leavened Italy Similar to a French baguette.
Flatbread Roasting Papadums.jpg Flatbread Global (Such As Kenya) Bread that is flat in shape, often round in shape. Cooked and eaten in many cultures around the world.
Flatbrød Brødkorg.JPG Flatbread Norway Traditional food, usually eaten with fish, salted meats and soups.
Flatkaka Flatbread, Rye Iceland Soft, round, thin and dark with a characteristic pattern from the frying pan; traditionally fried in small, heavy cast iron frying pans.
Focaccia Focaccia-erbe-olive.jpg Yeast bread Italy Often punctured or dotted with a knife to relieve surface bubbling.
Fougasse Fougasse de Foix.jpg Yeast bread France Some versions are sculpted or slashed into a pattern resembling an ear of wheat.
Graham bread Graham6.jpg United States A whole wheat bread inspired by Sylvester Graham.
Green onion pancake Tsongyoubing.JPG Flatbread China Savory, non-leavened flatbread folded with oil and minced scallions (green onions). Unlike a true pancake, it is made from dough instead of batter.
Guokui Red bean guokui closeup.jpg Flatbread China Flatbread made from flour with different regional variations, often cookied in a cylindrical oven.
Hallulla Panes chilenos.JPG Flatbread Chile Round, baked with butter, used for Chilean aliados: cheese and ham sandwich.
Hard dough bread Yeast bread Jamaica A common sandwich bread.
Hardbrood Hardbrood.jpg Flatbread, White the Netherlands (Groningen) Dry white flat bread, consisting of two layers, each as thick as an American pancake, that are connected at the dents.
Hardtack Japanese Hardtack Kanpan.jpg Flatbread, Crispy Japan Simple type of cracker or biscuit, made from flour, water, and sometimes salt.
Himbasha Himbasha.jpg Flatbread Eritrea
Celebratory, slightly sweet, often served at special occasions, several varieties, most distinctive flavoring is ground cardamom seeds.
Hot and spicy cheese bread Yeast bread Madison, Wisconsin Made from a brioche-like yeasted dough, mixed with Provolone cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, and topped with crushed hot red peppers.
Injera Alicha 1.jpg Flatbread Eritrea
Risen with a fermented starter with unique, slightly spongy texture, traditionally made of teff flour.
Johnnycake or Hoecake Jonnycakes 01.jpg Flatbread United States Fried gruel made of yellow or white cornmeal, mixed with salt, hot water or milk and cooked in a skillet or oven; sometimes sweetened; attributed to Native Americans.
Ka'ak Arabkaak.jpg Leavened Near East
The Middle East
Arab World
Varies with bread rings and sweets.
Kalach Lob NARkult 09.JPG Yeast bread East Slavs Kettlebell-shaped or ring-shaped bread.
Kamir Kamir Arab kecil.jpg Yeast bread Indonesia Round shape bread made of yeast, flour, butter, egg mixture and banana or tapai.
Khanom bueang Khanom bueang 01.jpg Flatbread, Crispy Thailand
Common Thai street food, resemble tacos made of rice flour, usually first topped or filled with coconut cream, then sweet or savory toppings: shredded coconut, strips of fried eggs or egg yolks, chopped scallions.
Khakhra Khakhra.png Flatbread, Crispy Gujarat, India Common Gujarati food, resembling roti or chapati in its round shape, but crispy and dry.
Khubz Salfit Khubz 003.jpg Flatbread Arab world Medium-size yeast bread made with whole wheat flour, with a hollow pocket in the center.
Kifli Hoernchen.jpg Yeast bread Austria Similar to a bagel, but the dough starts as a wedge and is rolled into a crescent shape rather than a circle – or sometimes into a straight stick. The kipferl is usually given an egg wash and sprinkled with either poppy seeds or caraway seeds mixed with coarse salt.
Kisra Kisra maker.jpeg Flatbread Sudan
South Sudan
Popular fermented bread made of sorghum (durra) or wheat
Kitcha Kita herb bread.jpg Flatbread Ethiopia
Also known as kitta or caccabsaa, a wheat-flour flatbread cooked in a pan. Often used to make fit-fit.
Kulcha Kulchachole.jpg Flatbread India
Pakistan (Punjab)
Made of maida flour dough, mashed potatoes, onion (optional), many spices, rolled into flat round shape, baked until golden brown, usually rubbed with butter, eaten with spicy chickpea curry.
Lagana Lagana (λαγάνα) (cropped).jpg Crispy bread Greece Special kind of azyme bread, baked only on Clean Monday, the first day of Lent. Not to be confused with lasagna.
Lahoh LahohS.jpg Leavened Djibouti
Spongy, pancake-like, dough of plain flour, self-raising flour, warm water, yeast, pinch of salt.
Lángos Langos Eger Hungary.jpg Yeast bread Hungary
Dough patty baked in fat. It is served as a snack with sour cream and cheese as well as with ham, onion and parsley. It is served warm.
Laobing 福州礼饼 01.jpg Flatbread China (Northern) Unleavened, sometimes called a "Chinese pancake", very much like Indian chapati, can be size of a large pizza, about one centimeter thick, doughy and chewy texture, made by pan frying thick unleavened batter made of salt, flour, water.
Lavash Pan armenio en el mercado de Yerevan.JPG Flatbread Iran
Soft, thin, dough is rolled out flat, flexible when fresh, easier to use for wrap sandwiches, dries fast and grows brittle and hard, for long storage. A traditional dish of Armenian cuisine. In 2014, "lavash, the preparation, meaning and appearance of traditional bread as an expression of culture in Armenia" was inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.[4]
Lefse Lefse on a griddle.jpg Flatbread Norway Soft, made of potato, milk or cream (or sometimes lard), flour, cooked on a griddle.
Limpa Limpabread2.jpg Yeast bread Scandinavia A sweet, spiced rye bread.
Lye roll Laugenbroetchen fcm.jpg Yeast bread Germany Rolls that are coated or immersed in lye before baking, though baking soda or washing soda may be substituted. A more generalized form of the pretzel.
Malooga Flatbread Yemen Pizza-like dough (flour, water, yeast, salt) kneaded well, risen, cut to large rounds, stretched, repeatedly warm ghee spread on dough as it is folded, round is stretched into flat round form, baked in tandoor-like oven.
Maltese bread
’’Ħobż tal-Malti’’
Sourdough Malta Traditional Maltese bread originating in Qormi, often served with tomato paste and olive oil.
Mantou ClassicwhiteMantou.jpg Bun China Steamed, made of white flour, often slightly sweetened.
Markook Markouk from Israel.png Flatbread Levant
The Middle East
Arab World
West Asia
Usually large, round dough, about 2 feet in diameter, kept thin before baking; can be baked either in a clay oven or on a saj, a domed-convex metal griddle.
Marraqueta Marraqueta bread.jpg Leavened, lobed loaf Chile Kneaded, made with flour, salt, water, and leavening.
Matzah Machine-made Shmura Matzo.jpg Flatbread Israel (Jewish) Unleavened. Used in Judaism, mainly during Passover. Made in 18 minutes to avoid rising. Consists of 2 ingredients: flour and water.
Melonpan Melonpan.jpg Sweet bun, Crispy Japan Made of enriched dough covered in thin layer of crispy cookie dough. Pineapple bun is a similar sweet bread from Hong Kong, and a Korean variation Soboro bread uses peanut butter in the top layer.
Miche Pain de Campagne.jpg Leavened France Rounded loaf, often sourdough based.
Michetta Michetta (pane)1.JPG Leavened Italy Also known as rosetta, it has a hollow, bulging shape.
Milk loaf, milk bread, milk roll Leavened Japan Soft white bread, sometimes baked in loaf tin with circular cross-section; recipe includes milk.[5][6] Called shokupan(食パン) in Japan.
Mollete Mollete.jpg Flatbread, White Andalusia, Spain A soft white bread, often served toasted with oil and garlic or lard.
Mohnflesserl Mohnflesserl.jpg White Austria Traditional Austrian pastry in the form of a braided bun, sometimes sprinkled with poppy seeds or salt, or glazed
Montreal-style bagel Bagels-Montreal-REAL.jpg Yeast bread Canada A bagel that is boiled in honey-sweetened water and then baked in a wood-fired oven. It is smaller and denser and uniquely incorporates egg and honey in the dough.
Ngome Flatbread Mali Made of millet, water, and vegetable oil.
Obwarzanek krakowski Obwarzanek mak.jpg Yeast bread Kraków, Poland A ring-shaped bread product made of strands of dough twisted into a spiral that is boiled and sprinkled with salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, etc., before being baked
Pain de mie or pancarré Pain de mie.jpg Yeast bread Italy Slightly sweet sandwich-style loaf with a dense crumb.
Palianytsia Stamps of Ukraine, 2013-29.jpg Yeast bread Ukraine Traditionally made with an incision at the top and baked in a hearth
Pambazo Pan bazo mexicano.jpg Yeast bread Mexico A bread for making a sandwich of the same name.
Pan dulce Pan dulce.JPG Sweet bread Mexico A bread that is one of the poster treats in Mexico and other Latin American countries.
Panbrioche Heart-shaped panbrioche dolce.jpg Leavened Italy A bread similar to brioche.
Pandesal Pan de Sal (Philippines).jpg Sweet bread Philippines A rounded bread made of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and salt.
Pandoro Pandoro cut 01.jpg Yeast bread Italy Traditional sweet yeast loaf, most popular around Christmas and New Year, typically Veronese, usually shaped like a frustum with 8 pointed-star section, often served dusted with vanilla scented icing sugar made to resemble the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps in winter.
Pane carasau Pane carasau.jpg Flatbread Sardinia Traditional flatbread, thin, crisp, usually in form of a dish half a meter wide, made by taking baked flatbread, splitting it in two sheets that are re-baked, recipe is ancient for shepherds who used to stay far from home for months, can last up to one year if kept dry.
Pane di Altamura Pane altamura.jpg Leavened Italy Made from durum flour, often odd in shape.
Pane ticinese Tessinerbrot.jpg Leavened, White Switzerland White, distinguished by its shape and softness, made of several small sub-loaves or rolls to be broken off by hand, with oil added to dough, which makes it soft.
Panettone Panettone - Nicolettone 2017 - IMG 7085 (31752542285).jpg Sweet bread Italy Fluffy, base round, octagon or star section, takes days to make to cure acidic dough like sourdough, contains candied citrus, raisins, sliced vertically, served with cider or champagne, esp. for Christmas, New Year.
Panfocaccia Panfocaccia 01.jpg Leavened Italy A bread similar to focaccia.
Papadum or Papad Stack of papadums.jpg Flatbread India Thin, crisp, and cracker-like, served with meal, as appetizer, as final item in meal, or as snack, eaten with various toppings: chopped onions, chutney, other dips and condiments.
Paratha Aloo paratha.jpg Flatbread India
Unleavened, made by pan frying whole wheat dough, ghee or cooking oil usually in dough and on done loaves, usually stuffed with vegetables or cheese, served with butter, chutney, spicy sauces or curries of meat and vegetables.
Parotta or Barotta Parotta.jpg Flatbread India (Southern) A common layered flatbread of Southern India. This is not to be confused with the North Indian Paratha. Parottas are usually available in restaurants and road side shops across Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, southern Coastal Andhra and the Middle East.
Paximathia Παξιμάδια 2.jpg Dry bread Greece Also referred to as "rusks", it is prepared with whole wheat, chick pea, or barley flour, and is a common bread in Greece.
Peg bread Jamaican peg bread.jpg Leavened, lobed loaf Jamaica and West Indies A bread similar to a bread roll
Penia Sweet bread Italy Made from sugar, butter, eggs, anise seeds and lemons.
Pita Nablus souq pita 118 - Aug 2011.jpg Flatbread Near East
Round with inner pocket, as it cooks, steam puffs up dough, as it cools and flattens a pocket is left in the middle. A small version Khobz, is popular in Arab countries.
Pizza Eq it-na pizza-margherita sep2005 sml.jpg Leavened Flatbread with toppings Italy A round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough, topped with tomatoes, cheese, and various other ingredients that is baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven. First recorded in the 10th century it has become one of the most popular foods in the world and a common fast food item in Europe and North America.
Piadina Piadina.jpg Flatbread Italy Thin, usually made in Romagna region with white flour, lard or olive oil, salt, water, dough traditionally cooked on terra cotta dish, today flat pans or electric griddles are more common.
Pistolet Pistolets bruxellois.jpg Leavened Belgium Round and small, traditionally filled with butter and jam for Sunday morning breakfast
Pogača Poğaça bread.jpg Flatbread Balkans and Turkey Generally made from wheat flour, but barley and sometimes rye may be added. Can be stuffed with potatoes, ground beef, or cheese, and have grains and herbs like sesame, black sesame, dried dill in the dough or sprinkled on top.
Portuguese sweet bread Pão doce.jpg Sweet bread Portugal Round, made with milk, sugar or honey, subtly sweet lightly textured loaf, traditionally made for Christmas and Easter times (when hard boiled eggs often baked in), today made year round.
Potato bread Homemade potato bread, half.jpg Leavened or unleavened United States
Potato replaces part of usual wheat flour, ratio of potato to wheat varies much, leavened or unleavened, may have many other ingredients baked in, varied cooking methods.
Potbrood Potbrood-001.jpg Leavened South Africa Produced in a cast-iron pot covered with wood coals, there are a wide range of flavors but is often made with wheat flour and sweetcorn.
Pretzel Neujahrsbrezelmittel.JPG Yeast bread Germany Alemannic knot-shaped lye roll, sometimes soft, sometimes hard, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty.
Proja Proja.jpg Cornbread Croatia
Small muffins or loaves of cornbread, was popular in times of widespread poverty, now is a common everyday meal.
Pumpernickel Pumpernickel.jpg Rye Germany Very heavy, dense, slightly sweet dark pure rye traditionally made with coarsely ground flour; now often made with mixed flour and whole grain berries.
Pumpkin bread Pumpkin Walnut Bread.jpg Quick bread Native Americans A type of moist quick bread made with pumpkin. The pumpkin can be cooked and softened before being used or simply baked with the bread; using canned pumpkin renders it a simpler dish to prepare. Additional ingredients include nuts (such as walnuts).
Puran Poli, also called Obbatu, Bobbatlu, Bakshalu Coconut holige.jpg Flatbread India Sweet dessert served for special occasions and festivals, stuffing of boiled chickpea lentils, turmeric, sugar, jaggery and spices, cooked on hot griddle, served with milk or ghee and lentil broth soup.
Qistibi Kistibij.jpg Flatbread Tatarstan
Roasted flatbreads with various fillings inside. The dough should be non-fermented. The most popular filling is mashed potato, but it may also be ragout or millet. Filling is placed on the one half of the flatbread and is covered by the other half. Later, clarified butter is spread on the flatbreads.
Quick bread Inuit bannock.JPG Leavened United States Leavened with a substance other than yeast.
Rewena bread Sourdough New Zealand A round loaf made with a potato-based sourdough culture.
Rice bread Japanese Rice Bread.JPG Rice bread Japan Made from rice flour.
Rieska Rye and Potato rieska - 1.JPG Flatbread Finland Unleavened, commonly made from barley or potato.
Röggelchen 2018-01-04-Röggelchen-5767.jpg Rye Rhineland, eastern Belgium Small pastry in the form of a double roll made from two pieces of dough, the content of which is at least 50% rye.
Roti Roti Style Paratha.jpg Flatbread India


Unleavened, made from stone ground wholemeal flour, traditionally named atta flour.
Roti bolen Durian Keju Bollen Opened.JPG Sweet bread Indonesia Made of baked flour with butter or margarine layers, filled with cheese, durian or banana.
Roti buaya Roti Buaya.JPG Sweet bread Indonesia Crocodile-shaped bread made of yam or cassava.
Roti canai Canai.jpg Flatbread Indonesia
Flatbread dish served with curry. Of South Indian origin, it is popular in various Southeast Asian countries. This bread which is made of dough is usually composed of fat (usually ghee), flour and water; some recipes also include sweetened condensed milk.
Rugbrød Rugbrød.JPG Sourdough Denmark Made of rye and wheat flour or up to 1/3 whole rye grains may have whole seeds, usual sourdough base, low fat, no oil or flavoring but salt, high fiber, little or no sugar, usually long brown rectangle.
Rumali Roti Rumali Roti in Afghanistan.jpg Flatbread India (Northern) Rumali in Hindi means handkerchief or napkin. This flatbread is thin and soft like a handkerchief. It is made with maida flour (highly refined wheat flour).
Ryaninjun Leavened United States (New England) Brown bread made from rye flour and cornmeal and baked on oak or cabbage leaves, made by the Puritans in New England during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The name is derived from "rye and Indian".[7]
Rye bread Dark rye bread.JPG Leavened Europe Made of various fractions of rye grain flour, color light to dark via flour used and if colors added, usually denser and higher fiber than many common breads, darker color, stronger flavor. Jewish rye bread is popular in Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, and topped with caraway. In Germany, breads with a mixture of rye and other grains is a Mischbrot.
Sacramental bread Patene-byzantine.jpg Crispy bread Greece
Ceremonial bread used in the Christian Eucharist ritual.
Saj bread Gözleme in Ankara.jpg Unleavened Middle East, Turkey, Armenia Daily staple in many Middle Eastern countries, especially in Lebanon
Samoon Iraqi Samoon 2.jpg Yeast bread Iraq It is baked in traditional stone ovens, like pizza. Usually served with a variety of foods such as Hummus, Kebab, Shawarma.
Salt-rising bread Salt-Rising Bread (13905677074).jpg Leavened United States Made of wheat flour, starter of liquid (water or milk), either corn, potatoes, or wheat, and some other minor ingredients; result has dense crumb and positive cheese-like flavor.
Sangak Sangak 17.jpg Sourdough Iran Plain, rectangular, or triangular, whole wheat sourdough, usually two types: generic no toppings and costlier topped with poppy or sesame seeds.
Scone Scone varieties.jpg Quick bread United Kingdom Small quick bread usually made of wheat, barley or oatmeal, baking powder leavening.
Sgabeo Sgabei.jpg Leavened Italy (Lunigiana) Cut into strips, fried and salted.
Shaobing 河南开封高炉烧饼.jpg Layered flatbread China Thick, baked, layered flatbread which may have sweet or savory stuffings.
Shirmal Sheermal bread made in Iran.jpg Flatbread India
Saffron-flavored traditional flatbread, usually made with milk instead of water.
Shoti Georgian puri long bread.jpg Yeast bread Georgia Made of white flour and shaped like a canoe rowboat baked in tandoor.
Soda bread Soda bread.jpg Soda bread Ireland A variety of quick bread traditionally made in a variety of cuisines in which sodium bicarbonate (otherwise known as baking soda) is used as a raising agent rather than the more common yeast. The ingredients of traditional soda bread are flour, bread soda, salt, and buttermilk. The buttermilk in the dough contains lactic acid, which reacts with the baking soda to form tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide. Other ingredients can be added such as raisins, egg or various nuts.
Sourdough bread Sourdough miche & boule.jpg Sourdough Fertile Crescent Brought To The United States A bread product made by a long fermentation of dough using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeasts. In comparison with breads made quickly with cultivated yeast, it usually has a mildly sour taste because of the lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli.
Spelt bread 05215 Spelt bread, Sanok.JPG Yeast bread Georgia
Made mainly with spelt flour or coarse meal.
Sprouted bread Essene flat Bread 100 pct Wheat Sproud.JPG Sprouted Isle of Man A type of bread made from sprouted (germinated) whole grains
Taboon bread or Laffa Dürüm Döner.jpg Flatbread Turkey Taboon is a wrap used in many cuisines. This type of flatbread is traditionally baked in a Tabun oven and eaten with different fillings.
Taftan Taftan nan 01.jpg Leavened Iran Leavened flour bread with saffron and small amount of cardamom powder baked in a clay oven.
Tandoor bread Göygöl rayonunda bişirilən təndir çörəyi.jpg Flatbread Global A type of bread baked in a clay oven that is called a tandoor.
Teacake Teacake.jpg Sweet bun United Kingdom Fruited sweet bun usually served toasted and buttered.
Telera Telera 01.JPG Yeast bread Mexico A soft, white bread generally used for making sandwiches called tortas.
Texas toast Texas toast.jpg Yeast bread Texas/United States A type of packaged white bread (not sold toasted as the name implies) which is sold sliced at double the typical thickness of most sliced breads. While it can be used in the same manner as ordinary bread slices such as in sandwiches, it is especially useful for dishes involving liquids, such as barbecue sauce, or where extra thickness can improve the product, such as French toast.
Tiger bread Tigerbread.jpg Rice bread Netherlands Rice paste bread made with sesame oil and with a pattern baked into the top made by painting rice paste onto the surface prior to baking. The paste dries and cracks during the baking process, creating a two-colour effect similar to a tiger's markings, hence the name.
Tortilla NCI flour tortillas.jpg Flatbread Mexico
Thin flatbread made from finely ground wheat flour. Originally derived from the corn tortilla (tortilla in Spanish means "small torta", or "small cake"), a bread of maize which predates the arrival of Europeans to the Americas, the wheat flour tortilla was an innovation after wheat was brought to the New World from Spain while this region was the colony of New Spain. It is made with an unleavened, water based dough, pressed and cooked like corn tortillas.
Tsoureki Paskalya coregi.jpg Leavened Greece Sweet bread formed of braided strands of dough; may also be savory.
Ttongppang Ttongppang(Poo Bun, 똥빵) (7399937534).jpg Pancake South Korea Korean bread sold at street markets. It is filled with red bean paste with walnut kernel and sold for about 1,000.
Tunnbröd Tunnbröd-2007-07-14.jpg Flatbread Sweden Soft (used as wrap for other food), or crisp (used with fermented herring), many variants depending on type of grain (any mix of wheat, barley, rye), leavening agent (or lack), and rolling pin.
Uttapam Mini Uttappam.jpg Pancake India (Southern) Fermented crêpe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils garnished with onion, chilli, capsicum, coriander, tomato and cheese. It is served with chutney or sambar
Vánočka Vanocka.jpg Leavened Czech Republic, Slovakia Baked traditionally at Christmastime. It is rich in eggs and butter, making it similar to brioche. Lemon rind and nutmeg add color and flavor; the dough can also contain raisins and almonds, and is braided like challah.
Vienna bread Tin vienna bread.jpg Leavened Austria (Vienna) Produced from a process using high milling of Hungarian grain, cereal press-yeast for leavening.
Wagafi bread Iraq, Iran A flat, thin bread.
White bread White bread 800.jpg White Global Made from wheat flour from which the bran and the germ have been removed through a process known as milling.
Whole wheat bread Vollkornbrot z01.JPG Leavened Europe Made using flour which is partly or entirely made from whole or almost whole wheat grains. An Estonian version is the Sepik.
Wotou/wowotou 窝窝头 (7376312092).jpg Steamed China Cone-shaped steamed bread made from cornmeal, originating in northern China.
Yufka Fladenbrot-1.jpg Flatbread Turkey Thin, round, unleavened, similar to lavash, about 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter, usually made of wheat flour, water, table salt. The lower the moisture content, the longer the shelf life. Not to be confused with yufka meaning filo.
Zopf Zopf.jpg Leavened, White Switzerland
Made of white flour, milk, egg, butter, yeast, dough is braided, brushed with egg yolk before baking, forming a gold crust.
Zwieback Zwieback-1.jpg Crispy sweet bread Germany Crisp, sweetened bread, made with eggs and baked twice. It is sliced before it is baked a second time, which produces crisp, brittle slices that closely resemble melba toast.

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