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This is an incomplete list (10+ years old) of many of the breweries in Canada. Breweries are not included in this list unless the individual brewery is notable or contains significance to Canadian culture and history.

Breweries in Canada[edit]

Name Province/Territory City Founded Notes Ref
Agassiz Brewing Manitoba Winnipeg 1998 Closed in 2010
All or Nothing Brewhouse Ontario Oshawa 2014
Amsterdam Brewing Company Ontario Toronto 1986
La Barberie Quebec Quebec City 1995
Beau's All Natural Brewing Company Ontario Vankleek Hill 2006
Belgh Brasse Quebec Amos 1999
Big Rock Brewery Alberta Calgary 1985
La Brasserie du Roi (The King's Brewery) Quebec Quebec City 1668 Closed in 1674; founded by Jean Talon. Talon's original 1668 brewery building burned down in 1713.[1] [2]: 21–22 
Les Brasseurs du Nord Quebec Blainville 1987
Les Brasseurs RJ Quebec Montreal 1998
Brick Brewing Company Ontario Kitchener 1984
Cameron's Brewing Company Ontario Oakville 1997
Carling Brewery Ontario London 1840 Originating in 1840 as a small brewing operation in London, Ontario, Carling became a national and eventually a global brand, particularly popular in the UK and South Africa. Carling merged with the Brewing Corporation of Ontario (BCO) in 1930. BCO launched Carling in the US in 1932, and acquired Toronto's O'Keefe Brewery in 1934. BCO became Canadian Breweries (CBL) in 1937. Carling brands entered the UK market in 1952. After CBL was sold to Rothmans in 1969, it was renamed Carling O'Keefe in 1973. In 1989, Carling O'Keefe merged with Molson, which merged in 2005 with Coors to form Molson Coors Brewing Company. Molson Coors has continued to brew and sell Carling Black Label across Canada.
Carling O'Keefe Ontario Toronto 1930 Originally formed as Brewing Corporation of Ontario, became Canadian Breweries in 1936. One of the "Big Three" of Canadian brewing formed by buying or merging smaller competitors. Became Carling O'Keefe in 1973. Merged with Molson in 1989
Central City Brewers & Distillers British Columbia Surrey 2003
Le Cheval Blanc Quebec Montreal 1986 Merged in 1998 to form Les Brasseurs RJ
Collective Arts Brewing Ontario Hamilton
Columbia Brewery British Columbia Creston 1898 Purchased by Labatt in 1974
Cool Beer Brewing Company Ontario Etobicoke 1997
Creemore Springs Ontario Creemore 1987 Acquired by Molson in 2005
Dominion Brewery Ontario Toronto 1878 Acquired by Canadian Breweries in 1930, closed in 1936
Dow Breweries Quebec Quebec City 1790 Originally Dunn Brewery, renamed William Dow & Co. on death of Thomas Dunn. Combines with Williams to become National Breweries in 1909.[3] The National Breweries Ltd. building was constructed in 1919 with additions in 1924.[4] Acquired by Canadian Breweries in 1952, brands discontinued in 1997
F&M Brewery Ontario Guelph 1995 Closed in 2018
Farmery Estate Brewery Manitoba Neepawa 2012
Formosa Springs Brewery Ontario Formosa 1994 various owners, independent as of May 2018 [5]
Fort Garry Brewing Company Manitoba Winnipeg 1994
Granville Island Brewing British Columbia Vancouver 1984 Purchased by Molson in 2009.
Great Lakes Brewery Ontario Toronto 1987
Great Western Brewing Company Saskatchewan Saskatoon 1989 Founded in 1927 as Hub City Brewing Company
Half Pints Brewing Company Manitoba Winnipeg 2006
Hamilton's Kent Brewery Ontario London 1859[6] Named after, and imported its hops from, the county of Kent in England. Closed in 1917.[7]
Hogsback Brewing Company
Ontario Ottawa 2010 Closed in 2018
Alexander Keith's Brewery Nova Scotia Halifax 1820 Sold to Oland Brewery in 1928, now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. The current ironstone brewery building was built in 1837.[8]
King Brewery Ontario Nobleton 2002
Labatt Brewing Company Ontario London 1847 Purchased by Interbrew in 1995, now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev
Lakeport Brewing Company Ontario Hamilton 1992 Taken over by Labatt in 2007
Lighthouse Brewing Company British Columbia Esquimalt 1998
McAuslan Brewing Quebec Montreal 1989 Sold to Les Brasseurs RJ in 2013
Mill Street Brewery Ontario Toronto 2002 Sold to Labatt Brewing Company in 2015
Molson Brewery Quebec Montréal 1786 Merged with Coors in 2005 to form Molson Coors Brewing Company. The oldest extant building from the original Molson brewery complex was built in stone in 1913.[9]
Moosehead Breweries New Brunswick Saint John 1867 The Halifax Explosion of 1917 destroyed the Moosehead brewery.
Mt. Begbie Brewing Company British Columbia Revelstoke 1996
Muskoka Cottage Brewery Ontario Bracebridge 1996
Nelson Brewing Company British Columbia Nelson 1991
Neustadt Springs Brewery Ontario Neustadt 1997 Originally founded by Henry Huether in 1859 as the Crystal Springs Brewery. Closed in 1916 due to prohibition. Reopened in 1997 as Neustadt Springs Brewery.
Northern Breweries Ontario Sudbury 1907 Closed in 2006
O'Brien Brewing and Malting Company Yukon Klondike City 1904 Closed in 1919
Oland Brewery Nova Scotia Halifax 1907 Sold to Labatt Brewing Company in 1971
Paddock Wood Brewing Company Saskatchewan Saskatoon 2004
Parallel 49 Brewing Company British Columbia Vancouver 2012
Picaroons Traditional Ales New Brunswick 1995 Still operating
Louis Prud'homme's brewery Quebec Montreal 1650 Closed; just outside the walls of Fort Ville-Marie (early Montréal) [2]: 23–24 
Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Newfoundland & Labrador St. John's 1996 Still operating
Russell Brewing Company British Columbia Surrey 1995
Shaftebury Brewing Company British Columbia Vancouver 1986
Sleeman Breweries Ontario Guelph 1988 Re-establishment of family brewer dating back to 1830s. Original Sleemans during prohibition; re-established in 1988; Sold to Sapporo Brewery in 2006
Steam Whistle Brewing Ontario Toronto 2000
Steamworks Brewing Company British Columbia Vancouver 1995
Steelback Brewery Ontario Tiverton 2004 Closed in 2010
Unibroue Quebec Chambly 1991 Sold to Sleeman Breweries in 2004, now owned by Sapporo Brewery
Upper Canada Brewing Company Ontario Guelph 1985 Acquired by Sleeman Breweries in 1998
Walkerville Brewing Company Ontario Windsor 1998 Closed in 2007
Wellington Brewery Ontario Guelph 1985
Wild Rose Brewery Alberta Calgary 1996 Sold to Sleeman Breweries in 2019
Yukon Brewing Company Yukon Whitehorse 1997

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