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This is a partial list of bridges of Moscow, Russia, including existing rail, road and foot bridges over Moskva River, Moskva Canal, Vodootvodny Canal within the MKAD beltway limits and the bridges over Yauza River downstream from Rostokino.

Listing conventions[edit]

An 1880s postcard of the first, demolished Bolshoy Ustinsky Bridge (1881, existing bridge built in 1938)
Panoramic view from Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge with the Kremlin to the right, 2011 (Photo: Anton Zelenov)

Bridge lists for each river are sorted in downstream order, with type and year of completion of existing bridge. Pairs of adjacent bridges serving the same highway or rail line are listed as single entries, with different completion years separated by commas. Demolished bridges are listed only when no replacements were built on old sites or nearby. Tram service is shown as of December 2006. Many other existing bridges had tram tracks in the past.

Completion years are referenced to [1] (Yauza river [2]). Reconstruction years are included, when load-bearing arches, girders and roadway decks were replaced. In these cases, both year of original completion and year or years of reconstruction are given, i.e. Novospassky Bridge, 1911/1938/2000. Replacement or relocation of arhes, roadway deck and supporting pillars or foundations qualifies as new construction, as in the case of Pushkinsky Pedestrian Bridge (2000). In case of Komissariatsky Bridge, completion (1927) and opening to regular traffic (1960) are separated by decades; only the earliest year (1927) is listed.

Bridges over Moskva River and Moskva Canal[edit]

Bridges over Vodootvodny Canal[edit]

Vodootvodny Canal, Zverev Bridge at dusk (2006), from Maly Krasnokholmsky Bridge. Ostankino Tower visible above rooftops (right)

Bridges over Yauza from Rostokino to Moskva River[edit]

Other notable bridges, dams, locks and aqueducts[edit]


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