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 Front portion of a red-colored steel bridge
Broadway Bridge over the Willamette River
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The city of Portland, Oregon, contains many bridges over various geographical features and roads of varying lengths and usages. Some bridges carry roads, some carry pedestrians only, some carry trains only, and others have various restrictions.

Bridges over the Willamette River comprise a majority of the notable bridges in the city. Portland has 12 bridges that span the Willamette, while only two road bridges cross the Columbia River, and other notable bridges cross roads, canyons or other bodies of water. Interstate 5 crosses the Willamette via the Marquam Bridge and the Columbia via the Interstate Bridge.

List of bridges[edit]

Key: Year opened
*: Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
†: Listed as a city historic landmark[1]

Columbia River system[edit]

(Alternative names in parentheses)
Image Year opened Type Length Spans Carries Coordinates
Oregon Slough Railroad Bridge (BNSF Bridge 8.8) Silver metal bridge 1908 Swing bridge, Pratt truss 1,524 feet (465 m) North Portland Harbor (an anabranch of the Columbia River) BNSF Railway 45°36′51″N 122°42′08″W / 45.61425°N 122.702306°W / 45.61425; -122.702306
Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 9.6 (BNSF Bridge 9.6) Silver steel swingspan bridge with span turned 1908 Swing bridge, Pratt truss 2,807 feet (856 m) Columbia River BNSF Railway 45°37′29″N 122°41′27″W / 45.62473°N 122.69085°W / 45.62473; -122.69085
Interstate Bridge (Portland–Vancouver Highway Bridge) Green steel lift-span bridge with lift span raised 1917* (and second, parallel bridge in 1958) Truss with lift span 3,538 feet (1,078 m) Columbia River Interstate 5 45°36′24″N 122°40′51″W / 45.606667°N 122.680833°W / 45.606667; -122.680833
Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge Concrete bridge curved over water 1982 Segmental 7,460 feet (2,270 m) Columbia River Interstate 205 45°35′35″N 122°32′55″W / 45.593056°N 122.548611°W / 45.593056; -122.548611

Willamette River[edit]

(Alternative names in parentheses)
Image Year opened Type Length Spans Carries Coordinates
St. Johns Bridge Green metal bridge 1931† Suspension 2,067 feet (630 m) Willamette River
US 30 Byp.
45°35′07″N 122°45′52″W / 45.58528°N 122.76444°W / 45.58528; -122.76444 (St. Johns Bridge)
Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.1 Brown metal bridge with midsection raised 1908 Vertical-lift bridge; converted from swing span in 1989 1,763 feet (537 m) Willamette River BNSF Railway 45°34′36″N 122°44′51″W / 45.57667°N 122.74750°W / 45.57667; -122.74750 (Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.1)
Fremont Bridge Pale green metal arched bridge 1973 Tied-arch bridge 2,154 feet (657 m) Willamette River I-405 / US 30 45°32′16″N 122°40′59″W / 45.53778°N 122.68306°W / 45.53778; -122.68306 (Fremont Bridge)
Broadway Bridge Red metal bridge with draw bridge section raised 1913* Truss with double-leaf "Rall"-type bascule span 1,742 feet (531 m) Willamette River Broadway; Portland Streetcar A Loop and B Loop 45°31′55″N 122°40′27″W / 45.53194°N 122.67417°W / 45.53194; -122.67417 (Broadway Bridge)
Steel Bridge Black metal bridge 1912 Through truss with a double vertical-lift span 800 feet (240 m) Willamette River Union Pacific Railway
MAX Light Rail
Glisan Street, Interstate Avenue
Formerly Harbor Drive (former OR 99W)
45°31′39″N 122°40′09″W / 45.52750°N 122.66917°W / 45.52750; -122.66917 (Steel Bridge)
Burnside Bridge Concrete and metal bridge with lift open 1926* Double-leaf "Strauss-type" bascule 1,382 feet (421 m) Willamette River Burnside Street 45°31′23″N 122°40′03″W / 45.52306°N 122.66750°W / 45.52306; -122.66750 (Burnside Bridge)
Morrison Bridge Concrete and metal bridge at night 1958* Double-leaf "Chicago style" bascule 760 feet (230 m) Willamette River Morrison Street 45°31′04″N 122°40′11″W / 45.51778°N 122.66972°W / 45.51778; -122.66972 (Morrison Bridge)
Hawthorne Bridge Green metal bridge with lift rising 1910*† Parker truss with a vertical-lift span 1,382 feet (421 m) Willamette River Hawthorne Boulevard 45°30′47″N 122°40′14″W / 45.51306°N 122.67056°W / 45.51306; -122.67056 (Hawthorne Bridge)
Marquam Bridge Black and white image of metal bridge 1966 Cantilever truss 1,043 feet (318 m) Willamette River I-5 45°30′29″N 122°40′09″W / 45.50806°N 122.66917°W / 45.50806; -122.66917 (Marquam Bridge)
Tilikum Crossing Concretet bridge at night 2015 Cable-stayed 1,720 feet (520 m) Willamette River TriMet MAX Orange Line and buses; Portland Streetcar 45°30′20″N 122°39′54″W / 45.50556°N 122.66500°W / 45.50556; -122.66500 (Tilikum Crossing)
Ross Island Bridge Metal arched bridge 1926 Cantilever deck truss 3,729 feet (1,137 m) Willamette River US 26 (Powell Boulevard) 45°30′04″N 122°39′52″W / 45.50111°N 122.66444°W / 45.50111; -122.66444 (Ross Island Bridge)
Sellwood Bridge Concrete and brown metal bridge 2016 Deck arch bridge 1,976 feet (602 m) Willamette River Tacoma Street 45°27′52″N 122°39′56″W / 45.46444°N 122.66556°W / 45.46444; -122.66556 (Sellwood Bridge)


(Alternative names in parentheses)
Image Year opened Type Length Spans Carries Coordinates
Blue Bridge (Cross Canyon Bridge) Footbridge 1992 Pedestrian Reed Lake Pedestrians and bicycles 45°28′55″N 122°37′49″W / 45.48184°N 122.63037°W / 45.48184; -122.63037
Bybee Bridge Bridge deck 1911 Overpass OR 99E (McLoughlin Boulevard) Bybee Boulevard 45°28′28″N 122°38′24″W / 45.47439°N 122.63987°W / 45.47439; -122.63987
Cedar Crossing Bridge Wooden covered bridge 1982 Covered bridge 60 feet (18 m) Johnson Creek Deardorff Road 45°28′19.3″N 122°31′25.4″W / 45.472028°N 122.523722°W / 45.472028; -122.523722
Eastbank Esplanade Floating bridge 2001 Pedestrian 1,200 feet (370 m) Bank of the eastside of the Willamette River Pedestrians and bicycles
Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge End of bridge 2012 Pedestrian 700 feet (210 m) I-5.svg Interstate 5 and SW Macadam Avenue Pedestrians and bicycles 45°29′57″N 122°40′23″W / 45.4993°N 122.673°W / 45.4993; -122.673
Vista Bridge (Vista Avenue Viaduct) Arch bridge at night from below 1926*† Concrete arch 248 feet (76 m) MAX Light Rail line and Jefferson Street/Canyon Road Vista Avenue 45°31′09″N 122°41′52″W / 45.519097°N 122.697844°W / 45.519097; -122.697844

Former bridges[edit]

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