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Palace Bridge drawing, an iconic sight of St. Petersburg

There are 342 bridges in the city limits of Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is a partial list of most famous ones.

Peter the Great was designing the city as another Amsterdam and Venice, with canals instead of streets and citizens skillful in sailing. Initially, there were only about ten bridges constructed in the city, mainly across ditches and minor creeks. By Peter's plans, in the summer months, the citizens were supposed to move around in boats, and in the winter months when the water froze to move in sledges. However, after Peter's death, new bridges were built, as it was a much easier way of transportation. Temporary ponton bridges were used in the summertime. The first permanent bridge of bricks and stones across the main branch of the Neva river appeared in 1850.[citation needed]

Today, there are 342 bridges over canals and rivers of various sizes, styles and constructions, built at different periods. Some of them are small pedestrian bridges, such as Bank and Lion bridges, others are huge transport arteries such as almost one kilometer long Alexander Nevsky Bridge. There are about 800 small bridges across hundreds of smaller ponds and lakes in public parks and gardens, and over 100 bridges in various ports, marinas, yacht clubs and private industries. The total number of bridges in Saint Petersburg is over a thousand. The nearly 100-meter-wide Blue Bridge, claimed to be the widest in the world, spans the Moyka River. There are bridges designed in various styles with such decorations as statues, lamplights, lions, horses, sphinxes and griffins, and there are modern styles lacking any decor. Thanks to the intricate web of canals, Saint Petersburg is often called the "Venice of the North" which is a popular poetic name for the northern capital.

The names of the bridges are of a great diversity as well. Some take their names from geographic locations — such as English, Italian and Egyptian bridges. Other names refer to the places such as Postoffice, Theater and Bank bridges. Many bridges are named after famous people - Alexander Nevsky, Peter the Great, Lomonosov bridges. There are "colored" bridges — Red, Green, Blue and Yellow bridges.

A familiar view of Saint Petersburg is a drawbridge across the Neva. Every night during the navigation period from April to November, 22 bridges across Neva and main canals are drawn to let ships pass in and out of the Baltic Sea into the Volga-Baltic waterway system. A calculated schedule with precise time of consecutive opening and closing for each bridge is maintained to guarantee passage of cargo ships and tankers at a precisely controlled speed, in order to have at least one bridge at a time staying connected to ensure passage for firefighters, police, ambulances and other ground transportation.[citation needed]

Facts by numbers[edit]

Bridges across Neva River and Bolshaya Neva[edit]

Bridges are numbered downstream, with initials to determine which distributary they cross.[2]

No. Name Crosses Drawbridge opening times !
1 Big Obuhovskij Bridge Neva River
2 Volodarskij Bridge Neva River
3 Finland Railway Bridge Neva River
4 Alexander Nevskij Bridge Neva River
5 Peter the Great Bridge (formerly Bolšeohtinskij Bridge) Neva River
6 Litejnyj Bridge Neva River
7 Trinity Bridge Neva River
8B Palace Bridge Bolšaja Neva
9B Blagoveščenskij Bridge Bolšaja Neva
8M Exchange Bridge Malaja Neva
9M Tučkov Bridge Malaja Neva
7K Sampsonievskij Bridge Bolšaja Nevka
8K Grenader Bridge Bolšaja Nevka
9K Kantemirovskij Bridge Bolšaja Nevka (2:45–3:45, 4:20–4:50)
10KB Ušakovskij Bridge Bolšaja Nevka
11KB Third Elagin Bridge Bolšaja Nevka
10KS First Elagin Bridge Srednjaja Nevka
11KS Second Elagin Bridge Srednjaja Nevka
10KM Kamenoostrovskij Bridge Malaja Nevka
11KM Big Krestovskij Bridge Malaja Nevka
12KM Lazarevskiy Bridge Malaja Nevka
13KM Big Petrovskij Bridge Malaja Nevka

Bridges across the Griboyedov Canal[edit]

Griffon statues on Bank bridge

Bridges across Fontanka River[edit]

Lomonosov Bridge

Bridges across Moyka River[edit]

Potseluev Bridge

Bridges across Winter Canal[edit]

Bridges across the Kryukov Canal[edit]

Bridges across the Obvodnyi Canal[edit]

Baltic bridge across Obvodnyi canal

Bridges across the Okhta River[edit]

Bridges across Okkervil River[edit]

Bridges across Smolenka River[edit]

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