List of bridges in Serbia

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This is a list of the bridges in Serbia listed by their full length above water or land.

List of bridges[edit]

Picture Name Length (m) Span(m) Type of traffic Opened River Location
Most Slobode 2005.jpg Liberty Bridge 1312 351 Road 1981
(Destroyed during 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia)
October 11, 2005
(Reconstructed and reopened)
Danube Novi Sad
Varadinski Most.jpg Varadin Bridge Road 1945
(Destroyed during 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia)
September 2000
(Reconstructed and reopened)
Danube Novi Sad
Most02.jpg Road–Railway Bridge Road/Railway 2000

(Previous bridge destroyed during 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia)
Danube Novi Sad
Beska bridge.jpg Beška Bridge 2205 210 Road 1975
(Partly destroyed during 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, reconstruction ongoing)
Danube Beška, Inđija
Pupinov most.jpg Zemun-Borča Bridge 1507 172 Road/Bike path December 18, 2014 Danube Belgrade
Pancevacki most.JPG Pančevo Bridge 1526.4 1134.7 Road/Railway November 7, 1946 Danube Belgrade
Kovin Bridge Road Danube Kovin, Smederevo
Branko's Bridge in Belgrade by night.JPG Branko's Bridge 450 261 Road/Bike path 1957
(doubled in 1979)
Sava Belgrade
Serbia, Belgrade, Old Sava Bridge - truss construction side view 20111127.jpg Old Sava Bridge 410 100 Road/Tram 1942 Sava Belgrade
Gazela.JPG Gazela Bridge 332 Road 1970 Sava Belgrade
Serbia, Belgrade, Old railway bridge, 10.04.2011.jpg Old Railroad Bridge 462 Railway 1884 Sava Belgrade
New Railway Bridge in Belgrade at dusk.JPG New Railroad Bridge 1928 254 Railway 1979 Sava Belgrade
Ada Bridge 2012.jpg Ada Bridge 929 376 Road/Tramway/Bike path 2012 Sava Belgrade
Ostružnica Road Bridge 1785 198 Road 1998
(Destroyed during 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia)
(Reconstructed and reopened)
Sava Belgrade
Ostružnica Railroad Bridge 658 Railway 1953
(Destroyed during 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia)
(Reconstructed and reopened)
Sava Belgrade
Most Obrenovac - Surcin pogled na celicnu konstrukciju sa strane.jpg Obrenovac-Surčin Bridge 628 200 Road/Heating system 2011 Sava Obrenovac
Novi most, Šabac.JPG Šabac Road Bridge 680 360 Road Sava Šabac
Stari grad, plaža i Stari most, Šabac.JPG Šabac Railroad Bridge Railroad 1923 Sava Šabac
Sremska Mitrovica Road Bridge Road Sava Sremska Mitrovica
Sremska Mitrovica, lávka.jpg Bridge of St Irinej 192,5 Pedestrian 1994 Sava Sremska Mitrovica
Most u raci.jpg Rača Bridge Road/Railway 28 June 1934 Sava Sremska Rača
Most Ljubavi overview.jpg Most Ljubavi Vrnjačka River Vrnjačka Banja
Most na Suvom.jpg Dry Bridge 1962
Only bridge in the world that does not span any kind of physical obstacle.
Begej river bed formerly Zrenjanin
Beli most.JPG White Bridge 12 2.5 1844 Vranje Vranje
Ljuboviđa Bridge Ljuboviđa Donja Orovica
Trajan's Bridge Across the Danube, Modern Reconstruction.jpg Trajan's Bridge 1135 760 105
(For more than a thousand years, it was the longest constructed arch bridge in the world.)
Danube Kladovo (Serbia),
Drobeta-Turnu Severin (Romania)
Мост на реци Увац - Жвале.jpg Uvac Bridge 18th century
(Submerged in 1977, now located on the bottom of Uvac lake)
Sjenica (lake) Žvale

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