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This is a selected list of browser games, playable in internet browsers or with software such as Adobe Flash.

Single-player games[edit]

Name Developer Release[a] Genre Engine
Aether Tyler Glaiel, Edmund McMillen 2008 Puzzle Flash
Akinator Elokence 2007 Twenty Questions Limule
Bloody Fun Day Urban Squall 2009 Puzzle Flash
Candy Box aniwey 2013 RPG Javascript
Castle of Heroes Snail Game 2009 Real-time strategy Flash
Chronotron Scarybug Games 2008 Platform, Puzzle Flash
Clicker Heroes Playsaurus 2014 Incremental Flash
Closure Tyler Glaiel, Jon Schubbe 2009 Puzzle Flash
Cookie Clicker Julien Thiennot 2013 Incremental JavaScript
Corpse Craft: Incident at Weardd Academy Three Rings Design 2008 Real-time strategy Flash
Desktop Tower Defense Paul Preece 2007 Tower defense Flash
Dinosaur Game Google 2014 Endless runner Javascript/HTML5
Don't Look Back Terry Cavanagh 2009 Platform Flash
Doodle Champion Island Games Google, Studio 4°C 2021 Sports Javascript
Fancy Pants Adventures Borne Games 2006 Platform Flash
Flash Element TD David Scott 2007 Tower defense Flash
Flow Thatgamecompany 2006 Life simulation Flash
Frog Fractions Twinbeard Studios 2012 Edutainment Flash
Google Feud Justin Hook 2013 Quiz Javascript
Horse Isle Joe and Miranda Durbin 2007 MMORPG Flash
Hunted Forever Evan Miller 2008 Platform Flash
Kanye Zone Otter Spice Productions 2012 Action Javascript/HTML5
Kingdom of Loathing Zack "Jick" Johnson, Asymmetric Publications 2003 Text-based, MMORPG PHP
Kingdom Rush Ironhide Game Studio 2011 Strategy Flash
Line Rider Boštjan Čadež 2006 Non-game Flash
Magic Cat Academy Google 2016 Adventure, strategy
Monster Milktruck Google Earth 2008 Racing Google Earth engine
MouseHunt HitGrab Inc. 2008 RPG, Idle Game PHP
Nyrthos Beer Deer Games 2014 Point-and-click game, RPG Flash
Off-Road Velociraptor Safari Flashbang Studios 2008 Vehicular combat Unity
Pac-Man Doodle Bandai Namco Entertainment, Google 2010 Maze Flash
Robot Unicorn Attack Spiritonin Media Games 2010 Platform Flash
Samorost Amanita Design 2003 Adventure, Puzzle Flash
Several Journeys of Reemus Zeebarf 2008 Adventure Flash
Spewer Edmund McMillen, Eli Piilonen 2009 Platform, Puzzle Flash
Surf Microsoft 2020 Casual Javascript/HTML5
Tanki Online AlternativaPlatform 2009 3D Action, Shooter Flash, AlternativaPlatform
The Room Tom Fulp 2010 Point-and-click game, RPG Flash
You Have to Burn the Rope Mazapan 2008 Platform Flash
Quake Live id Software 2007 First-person shooter id Tech 3
QWOP Bennett Foddy 2008 Sports Flash/HTML5
Warfare 1917 Armor Games 2008 Strategy Flash
Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby Walt Disney Japan [ja] 2007 Sports Flash

Multiplayer games[edit]

This is a selected list of multiplayer browser games. These games are usually free, with extra, payable options sometimes available. See the List of browser games for single-player browser games.

The game flow of the games may be either turn-based, where players are given a number of "turns" to execute their actions or real-time, where player actions take a real amount of time to complete. Most notable is the real-time strategy genre.

Name Developer Release[b] Type Game flow Setting
8Realms Jagex 2011 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Empire building
Adventure Quest Worlds Artix Entertainment 2008 MMORPG Real-time RPG Matheus Valadares 2015 Action Real-time Minimalist color circles
Blaseball The Game Band 2020 Sports game Real-time Absurdist baseball
Blood Wars BW Team 2006 MMORPG Real-time Post-apocalyptic world
Castle of Heroes SNAIL Game 2009 Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Club Penguin New Horizon Entertainment/Disney 2005 (now closed) Social networking Real-time Antarctica
Dead Frontier Neil Yates 2008 MMORPG, Third-person shooter Real-time Post-apocalyptic world Matheus Valadares 2016 Action, Shoot 'em up Real-time Minimalist 2D arena
Domain of Heroes Tandem Games 2008 (now closed) MMORPG Turn-based Fantasy
Dragon City Social Point 2013 Social networking Real-time Fantasy
Drakensang Online Bigpoint 2011 MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Doomlord Beholder Kft 2008 RPG Real-time Fantasy
Earth Eternal Sparkplay Media 2009 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Empire & State Novel, Inc. 2011 MMORPG Real-time Science Fiction
eRepublik eRepublik Labs 2008 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/country building
Evony Evony 2009 Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey GameSamba 2018 role-playing Turn-based Anime/Fantasy
Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar) Failbetter Games 2009 RPG Turn-based Gothic Fantasy/Steampunk
Forge of Empires InnoGames 2012 Strategy Real-time Historical empire building
Forumwarz Crotch Zombie Productions 2008 Strategy Turn-based Contemporary/Internet forum The Freeciv Project 2010 Strategy Turn-based Empire building game
FusionFall Cartoon Network/Grigon Entertainment 2009 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Science fiction
GeoFS Unknown 2010 Simulation Turn-based Flight Simulator
Granblue Fantasy Cygames 2014 (Android, iOS), 2016 (PC) MMORPG Turn-based Anime/Fantasy
Grendel's Cave Grendel Enterprises, L.L.C. 1998 Adventure Real-time Literary (Beowulf)
Habbo Hotel Sulake Inc. 2000 Social networking Real-time Contemporary/teenagers
Hattrick ExtraLives 1997 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/soccer team
Ikariam Gameforge 2007 Strategy Real-time Ancient Greece/empire building
Illyriad Illyriad Games Ltd 2011 Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Kantai Collection Kadokawa Games 2013 card battle game Real-time World War II
Kingdom of Loathing Asymmetric Publications 2003 role-playing Turn-based Fantasy/humorous
Kung Fu Panda World DreamWorks Animation 2010 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Legends of Zork Jolt Online Gaming 2009-2011 (now closed) role-playing Turn-based Fantasy/humorous
Little Space Heroes Bubble Gum Interactive 2011 (now closed) MMORPG Real-time Kids
Lord of Ultima Electronic Arts 2010 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Fantasy
Mad TV Online Sven Burkert 2006 Strategy Turn-based Television business simulation/humorous
Man vs. Machine MuchDifferent 2012 (now closed) First-person shooter Real-time Unity
Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Ubisoft 2010 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Fantasy/empire building
Might and Magic: Heroes Online Ubisoft 2014 Strategy Turn-based Fantasy
Miniconomy Trade Games International BV 2002 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/country building
MouseHunt HitGrab,Inc 2008 Strategy, Social Networking Real-time Fantasy
NationStates Max Barry 2002 Strategy Real-time Contemporary/country building
Neopets Viacom 1999 Strategy, Simulation Real-time Virtual Pet Site
Nile Online Tilted Mill Entertainment 2008 Strategy Real-time Ancient Egypt/empire building
OGame Gameforge AG 2002 Strategy Real-time Science fiction
Omerta Omerta Game Limited 2003 MMORPG Real-time Mafia
Panfu Goodbeans GmbH 2007 (now closed) Virtual World Real-time Fantasy/teenagers
Pardus Bayer&Szell OEG 2004 Strategy Turn-based Science fiction
Pirate Galaxy Splitscreen Studios 2000 role-playing Real-time Science fiction
Planetarion FUBRA 2000 Strategy Turn-based Science fiction
Quick Hit Football Play Hard Sports 2009 Sports game Real-time Sports/American football
Realm of the Mad God Wildshadow 2010 MMORPG Real-time Fantasy
Samurai Taisen PST Team 2013 MMORTS, Visual Novel Real-time Sengoku period
Sentou Gakuen PST Team 2012 MMORPG, Visual Novel Real-time School Life Steve Howse 2016 Action Real-time Snakes on Black
SmallWorlds Outsmart Games 2008 (now closed) Virtual World, Social Networking Real-time Contemporary/teenagers
Star Trek: Alien Domain GameSamba 2015 Strategy Real-time Science fiction
Supremacy 1914 Bytro Labs 2009 Strategy Real-time Alternate History/Empire Building Kongregate 2017 Battle Royale Real-time Minimalist circles
TagPro Nick Riggs (LuckySpammer) 2013 Multiplayer online battle arena Real-time Arena
Tanki Online AlternativaPlatform 2009 3D MMO-Shooter Real-time Post-apocalyptic world
Terra Est Quaestuosa Schoot Digital Productions 1998 Strategy Turn-based Contemporary/country building
Terra Militaris SNAIL Game 2010 Strategy Real-time Historical/empire building
Torn Torn LTD 2003 MMORPG Real-time Text based MMORPG
Trade Wars Sylien Games 2007 Space trade and combat Real-time Fantasy
Transformice Atelier 801 2010 Platform game Real-time MMOG
Travian Travian Games 2004 MMORTS, Strategy Real-time Antiquity/empire building
Tribal Wars Inno Games 2003 Strategy Real-time Empire building
Twilight Heroes Quirkz Media 2007 role-playing Turn-based Contemporary/superheroes
Unforgiven War Nvinium Games 2008 role-playing Real-time Modern Warfare
Urban Dead Kevan Davis 2005 MMORPG Turn-based Contemporary/zombies
Urban Rivals Boostr 2006 Collectible card game Turn-based Board game
Utopia Omac Industries 1998 Strategy Real-time Fantasy
Virtonomics Marilana UAB 2006 Business simulation Turn-based Real world
Disney's Virtual Magical Kingdom Disney 2005 (now closed) Virtual park Real-time Real world
War of Legends Ultizen 2010 Strategy Real-time Chinese fantasy
World of the Living Dead: Resurrection Ballardia 2013 (now closed) MMORPG Real-Time Zombie Survival Strategy
World War Online Chilltime 2010 MMORTS Real-time Modern Warfare
X-Wars Sebastian Lagemann, Nils Mitoussis, Mediatainment GmbH 2002 (now closed) Strategy Real-time Science fiction

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