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The following is a list of buildings in Bodie, California. It largely follows the self-guided walking tour in the official guide provided by California State Parks.

Name Picture Description
McDonell/Dolan House Bodie September 2016 013.jpg Donald and Mary McDonnell lived here with their son Frank around 1920, and later schoolteacher Alice Dolan lived here from 1935 to 1937.
Methodist Church Bodie September 2016 007.jpg The church was built in 1882 and is the only one left in Bodie.
D. V. Cain House Bodie September 2016 014.jpg This was built in 1873 and housed David Victor Cain and his wife Ella M. Cody.
Red Barn Bodie September 2016 011.jpg While faded over time, there is still some red paint left on the barn.
Miller House Bodie September 2016 010.jpg Tom and Jessie Miller lived here with their two children. Tom worked as a teamster for the Bodie Railway and Lumber Company.
James Stuart Cain House Bodie September 2016 012.jpg James S. Cain and his wife Martha Delilah Wells lived here. Cain was a lumber merchant and banker, owning many of the properties in Bodie.
Saddle Room This was owned by Harvey Boone, operator of a general store.
Morgue This mortuary still has caskets inside.
Miners' Union Hall Bodie September 2016 015.jpg This served as a gathering place for union members and was used to host large festivals. It has since been renovated into a museum and gift shop.
I.O.O.F. Hall Bodie September 2016 016 crop 2.jpg The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was a fraternal society that operated in Bodie.
DeChambeau Hotel Bodie September 2016 016 crop 1.jpg As of 1879, it was initially a post office, but it later became a hotel and finally a bar and café.
County Barn Bodie September 2016 019.jpg
Swasey (Swazey) Hotel Bodie September 2016 021.jpg Horace F. Swasey bought this building in 1894. Later it became a clothing store and casino.
Boone Store and Warehouse Bodie September 2016 022.jpg Harvey Boone and James W. Wright operated this general store, which had a Shell gas station adjacent to the right.
Lottie and Eli Johl House Bodie September 2016 024.jpg The Johls were successful mining investors who purchase many properties in Bodie. This building housed the post office from 1932 to 1942.
Sam Leon's Bar Bodie September 2016 027.jpg Sam Leon was owner of the U.S. Hotel until it was destroyed in a 1932 fire. In 1937 he opened a bar in this location.
Joe Hahner Barber Shop Bodie September 2016 027.jpg Joe Hahner was the last barber to work in Bodie.
Firehouse Bodie September 2016 028.jpg Bodie was subject to frequent fires, most notably in 1892 and 1932. The California Conservation Corps rebuilt this building in the 1930s.
Wheaton and Luhrs Bodie September 2016 029.jpg George H. Wheaton and Nicholas C. Luhrs operated a general store here in the 1880s, which was later purchased by James Cain in 18998.
Hydroelectric Building Bodie September 2016 030.jpg This was an electricity substation for the town.
Schoolhouse Bodie September 2016 031.jpg Having reached a maximum enrollment of 615 in 1879-1880, the school finally shut down in 1942.
Gregory House Bodie September 2016 032.jpg Nathan Gregory was a cattle rancher who lived here with his wife Catherine and their four children.
McMillan House Bodie September 2016 033.jpg A. E. McMillan served as secretary of the Bodie Miners' Union.
Miller Boarding House Bodie September 2016 034.jpg William and Annie Currie Miller ran this boarding house, providing lodging primarily to single miners.
Conway House Bodie September 2016 035.jpg Thomas Robert and Annie Conway lived here with their three children.
Dr. Street's House Bodie September 2016 036.jpg John A. Street worked as a doctor for the Treadwell-Yukon Mining Company from 1930 to 1932.
Quinville House Bodie September 2016 037.jpg Frank F. Quinville, a blacksmith, lived here with his wife Mary and their five children.
Standard Mill Bodie September 2016 038.jpg The Standard Consolidated Mining Company was the most important mining company in Bodie, and this was their stamp mill. This area has been deemed unsafe and visitors may not enter except as part of a guided tour.
Chinese Laundry Bodie September 2016 040.jpg Previously this site was home to Bodie's Masonic Hall, Lodge No. 252, but a laundry building was moved here after the lodge was consolidated with the one in Bishop in 1918.
Bodie Bank Bodie September 2016 041.jpg The ruins consist of the bank's brick vault, the only thing left after it was destroyed by a fire in 1932.
Kirkwood Stable Bodie September 2016 042.jpg Stewart Kirkwood ran a stable with a blacksmith shop inside. Horses and mules were used to transport goods on wagons.
Jail Bodie September 2016 043.jpg Constable John Kirgan ran the jail from 1878 to 1881.
Moyle House (north) Bodie September 2016 044.jpg The Moyle family owned two houses, the other one further south.
Stewart Kirkwood House Bodie September 2016 045.jpg In addition to running the stables, Kirkwood was also a deputy sheriff.
Bell Machine Shop Bodie September 2016 046.jpg Son of Lester Bell, Bobby Bell worked in mining and assisted in the establishment of the state park.
Reddy House Bodie September 2016 047.jpg Patrick Reddy was a California State Senator and defense attorney who had offices in both Bodie and San Francisco.
Murphy/McRae House Bodie September 2016 048.jpg The 1880 census identified this as the Murphy house, but it is unknown who exactly lived here out of the many Murphys. Carpenter William McRae was the last known resident.
Cody House Bodie September 2016 049.jpg Michael J. Cody, a miner and Mono County Sheriff, lived here with his wife Catherine and their six children.
Menesini House Bodie September 2016 050.jpg Joseph and Fortunata Menesini lived here with their daughter.
Lester E. Bell House Bodie September 2016 005.jpg Bell managed Standard's cyanide plant, which used cyanide to extract gold from low-grade ore.
Cameron House Bodie September 2016 004.jpg Andrew P. Cameron, a miner, lived here with his wife and two children.
Seiler House Bodie September 2016 006.jpg August Seiler, a saloonkeeper, lived here with his wife Theresa and four children.
Donnelly House Bodie September 2016 051.jpg Charlie Donnelly and his wife Annie Pagdin lived here, and afterwards Emil W. and Dolly Billeb moved in.
Sawmill Bodie September 2016 052.jpg The sawmill provided firewood to help residents endure Bodie's harsh winters.
McDonald House Bodie September 2016 053.jpg Dan McDonald worked for Standard, where he was injured in an explosion. Later Solomon Burkham came to own this place.
Metzger House Bodie September 2016 054.jpg Henry Metzger, foreman of Standard Mill, lived here with his wife Lena and their five children.


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