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Flatiron Building is a name applied to a number of buildings shaped like a flatiron. Perhaps the most famous is the Flatiron Building in New York City, which was finished in 1902. The name "Flatiron Building" may refer to the buildings listed below.

United States[edit]



British Columbia[edit]


  • Coffin Block Building, Toronto, 1830s – replaced by the Gooderham Building (see below)
  • Gooderham Building, Toronto, 1892
  • 25 The Esplanade, Toronto, 1988
  • 90 Danforth Avenue at Broadview Avenue, Toronto – CIBC branch c. 1918 by V.C. Horsburgh[2]
  • 553 St Clair Avenue West at Vaughan Road, Toronto – former Dominion Bank c. 1912[3]
  • Moses Block, Durham at Elgin Street, Sudbury – built in 1907 by the Moses family



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