List of bulldog mascots

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This is a list of organizations that use the bulldog as a mascot.

Because of its tenacity, the bulldog is a symbol of the United Kingdom and is a popular mascot for professional sports teams, universities, secondary schools, military institutions, and other organizations, including the following:

Sports teams[edit]

This section includes professional and semi-professional teams, as well as amateur teams not affiliated with an educational institution. School teams are listed in the sections for Universities and Secondary schools below.


United States[edit]

Other countries[edit]

Secondary schools[edit]

(in the United States, unless otherwise noted)

Other uses[edit]


Commercial organizations[edit]

Musical artists[edit]

Public service[edit]


  • British Bulldogs, a WWF wrestling team accompanied to the ring by Matilda and later Winston, a Bulldog



  • Syracuse Bulldogs, an ice-hockey team in the 1977 film Slap Shot