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This is an incomplete list of notable bulletin board systems:

  • CBBS – the first BBS on record, established 1978
  • ExecPC BBS – America's largest dial-up BBS through the late 1980s
  • Forum 80 – based in Kingston upon Hull, the UK's first BBS, started in 1980
  • GLIB Gay and Lesbian Information Bureau – BBS based in the D.C. Metro-area offering information and support services to the gay and lesbian community in the 1980s and 90s. Also operated "GayComm Talk About Aids" FidoNet echo.[2][3][4]
  • MindVox – famous New York based BBS and internet service provider founded by members of Legion of Doom
  • Monochrome BBS – BBS based in the UK, founded in 1990 and still running 2016
  • NTC BBS – BBS used to discuss the use of CHIP, the world's first $9 computer.
  • OSUNY – legendary old-school hack/phreak BBS from the 1980s
  • Purple Ocean – one of the largest North American Gaming BBS's of in the mid-1980s
  • SMTH BBS – The largest BBS in China, hosted by Tsinghua University
  • StarDoc 134 – DOS/Linux hybrid test BBS. Running modified ELEBBS software
  • TOTSEBay Area BBS known for large and often controversial selection of text files and internet discussion forum

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