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List of bumblebee species

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The list presented here is a checklist of global bumblebee[1] species (Tribe Bombini) based on the Bombus phylogeny presented by Cameron et al (2007)[2] and grouped by subgenus following the revision of Williams et al (2008).[3] The bumblebee fossil record extends back to the Late Eocene in North America and England with the most diversity of fossils found during the Miocene. The fossil species were discussed and revised by Dehon et al (2019).[4]

Genus Bombus[edit]

Subgenus Alpigenobombus[edit]

Bombus wurflenii

Subgenus Alpinobombus[edit]

Subgenus Bombias[edit]

Bombus nevadensis

Subgenus Bombus (sensu stricto)[edit]

Bombus cryptarum
Bombus lucorum

Subgenus Cullumanobombus[edit]

Subgenus Kallobombus[edit]

Bombus soroeensis subsp. proteus

Subgenus Megabombus[edit]

Bombus consobrinus

Subgenus Melanobombus[edit]

Bombus cerdanyensis
Bombus lapidarius

Subgenus Mendacibombus[edit]

Bombus beskonakensis fossil

Subgenus Orientalibombus[edit]

Subgenus †Paraelectrobombus[edit]

Bombus patriciae holotype

Subgenus Psithyrus[edit]

Bombus barbutellus
Bombus campestris
Bombus rupestris

Subgenus Pyrobombus[edit]

Bombus pratorum (male)
Bombus jonellus

Subgenus Sibiricobombus[edit]

Bombus niveatus

Subgenus Subterraneobombus[edit]

Bombus pascuorum

Subgenus Thoracobombus[edit]

Bombus schrencki
Bombus sylvarum
Bombus veteranus
Bombus vetustus
holotype male
Calyptapis florissantensis
paratype female
Oligobombus cuspidatus
holotype forewing

Subgenus incertae sedis[edit]

Genus †Calyptapis[edit]

Genus †Oligobombus[edit]


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