List of bus operating companies in Japan

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List of bus operating companies in Japan lists Japanese bus operators. The list includes companies operating now. Operators are listed from north to south by prefecture of its headquarters.

The list includes transit buses, highway buses, or sightseeing buses. Operators of lines not open to passers-by, such as charter only companies, or schools operating school buses are not listed.

The list also excludes community bus (コミュニティバス, komyunitī basu) lines. It refers to feeder bus transits with usually smaller vehicles, operated by municipalities. See ja:日本のコミュニティバス一覧 for the list. "Normal" municipal bus transits (kōei basu (公営バス), such as Toei Bus of Tōkyō) are listed here.

Trolleybuses and guided buses are listed in the List of railway companies in Japan, as they are classified as railway in the country.

For the operators in Kantō and Kansai, accepted fare collection cards are indicated as below. Other operators may accept different cards.

C : Operators currently accepting magnetic Common Bus Card.
PA : Operators currently accepting smart card PASMO.
S : Operators currently accepting magnetic Surutto Kansai.
Pi : Operators currently accepting smart card PiTaPa.

English names might be tentative.


Akan Bus at Rausu.
Hokkaidō Chūō Bus at Sapporo.
Kushiro Bus at Kushiro Station.
Sōya Bus at Wakkanai, the northernmost bus operator in Japan.
The northernmost operator.

Tōhoku region[edit]

Kōnan Bus at Kuroishi.
An old Nanbu Bus car.
Shūhoku Bus car, Ōdate.
Omoe Bus Terminal, Iwate Kenpoku Bus.
"Loople Sendai", a sightseeing bus by Sendai City Bus.

Aomori Prefecture[edit]

Akita Prefecture[edit]

Iwate Prefecture[edit]

Miyagi Prefecture[edit]

Yamagata Prefecture[edit]

Fukushima Prefecture[edit]

Kantō region[edit]

Seibu Bus cars at Kusatsu-Onsen Bus Station.
Tōbu Bus, Saitama.
Sky Bus Tōkyō, Hinomaru Limousine.
Keiō Bus.
"Twin Bus", Keisei Bus.
Ōshima Bus car at Izu Ōshima Island.
Toei Bus at Tokyo Station.
A local Tōkyū Bus car interior.
Tōkyū Transsés bus at Shibuya Station.
"Twin Liner", Kanagawa Chūō Kōtsū.

Ibaraki Prefecture[edit]

Tochigi Prefecture[edit]

Gunma Prefecture[edit]

Saitama Prefecture[edit]

Chiba Prefecture[edit]

Tokyo Metropolis[edit]

Sightseeing buses only.

Kanagawa Prefecture[edit]

Chūbu region[edit]

Muramatsu Bus Terminal, Kanbara Tetsudō.
Hokuriku Railroad bus, Kanazawa.
A highway Gifu Bus car.
Matsumoto Dentetsu Bus cars, Mount Norikura.
Yamanashi Kōtsū bus cars, Kōfu.
A sightseeing bus by Shizutetsu Justline.
Meitetsu Bus, Nagoya.
Nagoya City Bus.
Otowa Bus Stop on Tōmei Expressway, Aichi Prefecture.

Niigata Prefecture[edit]

Toyama Prefecture[edit]

Ishikawa Prefecture[edit]

Fukui Prefecture[edit]

Gifu Prefecture[edit]

Nagano Prefecture[edit]

Yamanashi Prefecture[edit]

Shizuoka Prefecture[edit]

Aichi Prefecture[edit]

Mie Prefecture[edit]

Kansai region[edit]

"Seishun Mega Dream", a double decker highway bus by West JR Bus.
Kintetsu Bus.
Ōsaka City Bus at Ōsaka Station.
Kyōto City Bus.
Minato Kankō Bus, Minamiawaji.
A highway Shinki Bus car.
"Gurutto Bus Nara Park Route" by Nara Kōtsū, at Nara prefectural government office.
Haibara Station Bus Stop, Nara Kōtsū.
Bus stops in Nara countryside. Mie Kōtsū, Nara Kōtsū, a community bus and a school bus stop here.
A small Ohmi Railway bus car.
Arida Railway Bus.

Ōsaka Prefecture[edit]

Kyōto Prefecture[edit]

Hyōgo Prefecture[edit]

These two are unrelated.

Nara Prefecture[edit]

Shiga Prefecture[edit]

Wakayama Prefecture[edit]

Chūgoku region[edit]

Hinomaru Bus car, Tottori.
A highway Ichibata Bus car.
Uno Bus car, Okayama.
A highway Hiroden Bus car, Hiroshima.
Bus stops with bus location system, Iwakuni City Bus.
Iwakuni City Bus "Ichisuke".

Tottori Prefecture[edit]

Shimane Prefecture[edit]

Okayama Prefecture[edit]

Hiroshima Prefecture[edit]

Yamaguchi Prefecture[edit]

Shikoku region[edit]

Ichiba Kōtsū bus.
A highway Tokushima Bus car.
Takamatsu Station Bus Terminal, Kotoden Bus and others.
Ōkawa Bus.

Tokushima Prefecture[edit]

Kagawa Prefecture[edit]

The smallest operator in Japan, with 2 buses.

Ehime Prefecture[edit]

Kōchi Prefecture[edit]

Kyūshū region[edit]

A highway JR Kyūshū Bus car.
A typical local Nishitetsu Bus car, Fukuoka.
Three row seats of highway Nishitetsu Bus car.
Bus location boards at a bus stop, Kumamoto City Bus.
Iriomotejima Kōtsū Bus on Iriomote Island, the southernmost bus operator in Japan.
Ryūkyū Bus Kōtsū car at Naha Bus Terminal.

Fukuoka Prefecture[edit]

Nishitetsu Bus is the largest operator in Japan. It owns the fleet of 2,083 buses, or 3,100 by the entire group.

Saga Prefecture[edit]

Nagasaki Prefecture[edit]

Kumamoto Prefecture[edit]

Ōita Prefecture[edit]

Miyazaki Prefecture[edit]

Kagoshima Prefecture[edit]

Okinawa Prefecture[edit]

The southernmost operator.

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