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This is a list of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems that are either currently in operation or have begun construction. The term "BRT" has been applied to a wide range of bus services. In 2012, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) published a "BRT Standard" to make it easier to standardize and compare different bus services.



South Africa[edit]

  • Cape Town, South Africa : The City's MyCiTi BRT system started operations in May 2010, just before the 2010 World Cup. Its first service was a shuttle from the Airport to the CBD. The initial Phase 1A trunk and feeder services started operating in May 2011. It is expected that the remainder of Phase 1A construction will be complete in 2014 and 1B in 2015.[1]
  • Johannesburg, South Africa : The Rea Vaya (meaning "we are moving") The first phase (phase 1A) was opened to the public on 30 August 2009. Expansion of BRT system is under construction and in many cases both the stations and roadworks have either been completed or are in the final stages. The system was partially opened for the 2010 World Cup with the full system linking majority of Johannesburg from Soweto in the south to beyond Sandton in the north. Buses include those able to use both the BRT stations and general bus stops as well to act as feeders for the network, others are articulated and can use the BRT stations only.[2]
  • Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa: A BRT system is being implemented in the city for the 2010 World Cup. At the moment, the bus lanes are being built throughout the city. Buses are being built by Marcopolo.
  • Tshwane, South Africa: A Re Yeng meaning [Let's Go]. Construction began in July 2012 and as of that time.[3]
  • Rustenburg, South Africa: The Yarona (meaning "it is ours") BRT system is under construction. The initial Phase 1A trunk and feeder services expected to launch during 2016.[4]


  • Dar-es-Salaam has already started constructing a highway for bus rapid transit system in place. 27 km have been constructed in the major city of Dar es Salaam Morogoro Road.


  • Kampala, Uganda: Planning to introduce BRT system in Kampala by 2014. Pioneer Easy Buses Company started public bus service in Kampala with an estimated 100 buses each with a 60-passenger capacity (30 seated and 30 standing), acquired from China.



More than 30 projects are being implemented or studied in China in some big cities. BRT systems with light blue background are not yet operational but under construction.

List of Bus systems (BRT) in the People's Republic of China by Network length
System Chinese
Abbrev. City Began oper. Lines in
[Note 1]
of stations
[Note 2]
[Note 3]
Hangzhou BRT 杭州BRT HZBRT Hangzhou 2006 2 50 55.4
Beijing BRT 北京BRT BJBRT Beijing 2004 4 60 54 [Note 4]
Kunming BRT 昆明BRT KMBRT Kunming 1999 5 63 46
Changzhou BRT 常州BRT CZBRT Changzhou 2008 2 51 44
Xiamen BRT 厦门BRT XMBRT Xiamen 2008 3 31 40 [Note 5]
Jinan BRT 济南BRT JNBRT Jinan 2008 2 46 34
Zaozhuang BRT 枣庄BRT ZZBRT Zaozhuang 2010 2 49 62
Zhengzhou BRT 郑州BRT ZZBRT Zhengzhou 2009 8 38 30
Guangzhou BRT 广州BRT GBRT Guangzhou 2010 1 26 22
Suzhou BRT 苏州BRT SZBRT Suzhou 2008 5 106 95
Dalian BRT 大连BRT DLBRT Dalian 2008 1 13 13
Chongqing BRT 重庆BRT CQBRT Chongqing 2008 1 9 11
Hefei BRT 合肥BRT HFBRT Hefei 2010 2 9 7
Yancheng BRT 盐城BRT YCBRT Yancheng 2010 2 24 16
Ürümqi BRT 乌鲁木齐BRT UMBRT Ürümqi 2011 4 66 42.2
Changde BRT 常德BRT CDBRT Changde 2012 1 25 20.9
Lianyungang BRT 连云港BRT LYGBRT Lianyungang 2012 1 29 34
Lanzhou BRT 兰州BRT LZBRT Lanzhou 2012 1 15 9.1
Yinchuan BRT 银川BRT YCBRT Yinchuan 2012 1 22 17
Chengdu BRT 成都BRT CDBRT Chengdu 2013 1 28 28.8
Nanchang BRT 南昌BRT NCBRT Nanchang 20XX
Shanghai BRT 上海BRT SHBRT Shanghai 20XX
Shenzhen BRT 深圳BRT SZBRT Shenzhen 20XX
Wuxi BRT 无锡BRT WXBRT Wuxi 20XX
Xi'an BRT 西安BRT XABRT Xi'an 20XX
Shenyang BRT 沈阳BRT SYBRT Shenyang 20XX
Wuhan BRT 武汉BRT WHBRT Wuhan 20XX
Shijiazhuang BRT 石家庄BRT SJZBRT Shijiazhuang 20XX
Harbin BRT 哈尔滨BRT HBBRT Harbin 20XX


  1. ^ Lines in operation counts the number of main lines only.
  2. ^ Stations connected by transfers are counted as one station, unless otherwise noted.
  3. ^ Network length refers to track length and lines that share track are counted only once.
  4. ^ running on the Nan Zhongzhouxian (South Central Axis Line), The line terminates at Qianmen and Demaozhuang
  5. ^ There are significant sections that are on dedicated elevated roads. BRT one 33.4 km, BRT 1 Interchange 18.7 km, BRT 2 15.3 km.


Existing BRT Systems with segregated lanes

  • Ahmedabad: India's most developed and advanced BRT system. Currently uses Chartered Logistics High floor buses. 13 operational BRT lines with 126 BRT stations (all are wheelchair - accessible except two) covering almost 87 km. Fleet of 235 buses.
  • Delhi: was the 2nd BRT system in India. Currently uses Tata Marcopolo Bus, some with AC and some without
  • Indore: currently uses Corona XL buses (AC, automatic doors, Intelligent Bus System - iBus) running on 10 corridors.
  • Pune:currently uses Tata Marcopolo buses was 1st brt in India.
  • Rajkot: one line operational, two lines are under construction.
  • Surat: Operational since early 2014.
  • Bhopal: currently uses Tata Marcopolo buses

Existing BRT Systems without segregated lanes

  • Mumbai: currently uses King-Long, Mercedes and Tata buses

These buses are high capacity and thus government has characterised them as BRTS.

Under construction






Yutorīto Line, Nagoya, Japan



Sejong BRT bus near Government Complex, Sejong


RapidKL BYD K9 electric bus using elevated guideway separate from road traffic


Without segregated lanes
  • TransLahore: It is a BRT system in Lahore. Lahore Transport Company was established in 1984 to ease the traffic conditions of Lahore and improve bus services. LTC got all the transport responsibilities of traveling in Lahore in December 2009. A BRTS fleet of 650 Buses was introduced. It was named as TransLahore. However, the BRTS did not have dedicated lanes and had to share roads with regular traffic with no right of way privileges. This resulted in a system that was a BRTS only in name.
With segregated lanes
  • Lahore: Metrobus (Lahore) Bus Service was inaugurated On Feb 10, 2013 by CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif.[14] It consist of 27-kilometres long road track for the Metro Bus Service, from Gajumata to Shahadra, out of this track 8.5 km is elevated. It has 27 bus stations and e-ticketing and Intelligent Transportation System are part of the MBS.
Under construction
  • Multan Metrobus is under construction in the city of Multan. The 18.2 kilometres (11.3 mi) long BRT system will connect main commercial areas of the city.



  • Taichung: BRT Blue Line: Opened in July 2014, running on the city's main street Taiwan Boulevard, but subsequently ceased operation in July 2015 and converted to a conventional bus lane.
  • Kaohsiung: Two BRT lines are being planned, with target completion in 2019.


  • Bangkok BRT, a system running 16.5 kilometers from Sathon to Ratchapruek. Only 1 out of 5 lines is operating.
    A bus at the Sathon Terminus, Bangkok, Thailand





Évéole, Douai.




These are cities with specifically designed or branded main bus lines, with dedicated bus lanes along some of the route sections.[citation needed]


  • Istanbul, Turkey : Metrobus between TUYAP and Söğütlüçeşme, the first full-service bus rapid transit system of the country. It features a fully separated right-of the way without any single contact point with other traffic, and off-bus fare collection.

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Bath: Project proposed,
  • Belfast: Approved. The ultimate ambition seems to be for routes running from the city centre to the north, east, south and west with an additional line to Titanic Quarter. The plan is to build three initially and to have them operating by 2017/18.[19]
  • Bristol: Bristol City Council in conjunction with the West of England Partnership is proposing MetroBus BRT routes from Ashton Vale to Temple Meads, the North Fringe of Bristol to Hengrove Park, and the A370 Long Ashton bypass to Hengrove Park.[20]
  • South East Hampshire Bus Rapit Transit between Gosport and Fareham, Hampshire: A 2.8m (4.5 km) dedicated busway along the former Gosport-Fareham railway line is due to open in April 2012 from Titchborne Way, Gosport to Redlands Lane, Fareham as Phase 1 of a wider scheme. Services will be run by First Hampshire & Dorset under the "Eclipse" brandiing.
  • Bradford: 2 km of Guided Busway as well as a further 1 km of un-guided bus lanes created to ease congestion on the busy and congested Manchester Road route into and out of the City Centre.
  • Cambridge: Guided Busway runs in a north-west direction from Milton Road to St Ives. Separate Guided Busway runs in a south direction from the station to Trumpington P&R site. Opened 2011. See Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.
  • Coventry: Project in study,
  • Crawley: Fastway
  • Leeds : Guided Busway along York Road A64
  • Sheffield: Approved
  • Swansea: Swansea FTR Metro - partially segregated, specialised BRT vehicles, on-board payment to customer care attendant, runs every 15 minutes 7am - 7pm (then conventional bus). Planned and designed by Arup.

North America[edit]



YRT's Viva bus in York Region, north of Toronto




United States[edit]




New Zealand[edit]

South America[edit]



City System name Year commenced Current Lines Current route-km Planned lines Notes
Bogota Transmilenio December 2000 12 108 3 Planned: Avenida Primera de Mayo, Avenida Boyaca, Avenida 68.
Cali Masivo Integrado de Occidente March 2009 6 49 km 1 Finalized phase I, under construction phase II
Medellín Metroplús 2011 2 12.5 km Line 2 opened 2013 [25]
Barranquilla Transmetro April 2010 2 13.3 km
Bucaramanga Metrolinea February 2010 11 50 km
Pereira Megabús August 2006 3 27 km
Cartagena Transcaribe (paralyzed work) 6 15.3 km Under Construction





The Quito trolleybus system has lines running on exclusive BRT lanes with underpass crossings


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