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Public transport in Adelaide, South Australia is overseen by the State Government agency Adelaide Metro. Today bus services are operated by three contractors; Light-City Buses, SouthLink and Torrens Transit.[1] Trains and Trams are operated by TransAdelaide.

Historically bus services in Adelaide were operated by private operators. In the 1950s, the Municipal Tramways Trust began operating buses to replace its trams.[2] In the mid-1970s, the Municipal Tramways Trust took over the services of the private operators.[2] In the mid-1990s, provision of services was contracted out to the private sector with TransAdelaide maintaining responsibility for service levels.[3]


  • Routes 100-197X, 230, 232, 281-288, 333, 350, 371-376, 579, 580, B10, B12, H20-H33, J1-J8, N22, N30, N178, W90, W91 and X30 are operated by Torrens Transit.
  • Routes 200-209F, 235-273, 300-320, 361, 600-605, 645, 646, 500-591C, C1, C2, G10-G40, M44, N1,N10, N21, N202, N254, N262, N502, N541 and N542 are operated by Light-City Buses.
  • Routes 222-229, 400-494, 560-565, 640, 681-683, 719-756, 820-894, 900, N224, N721, T721, T722 and T840-T863 are operated by SouthLink.
  • Routes 805, 806, 807 and 808 are operated by LinkSA.
  • Trains and Trams are operated by TransAdelaide.

Bus Routes[4][edit]

Through-City routes[edit]

Transit Link[8][edit]

TransitLink bus services are limited stop express bus routes, operating to and from the city.

O-Bahn Routes[edit]

O-Bahn City Routes[edit]

(Routes 500, 501, 556, 557, 559 and ending with 'X' only operate during peak periods, 6:30am–9:00am and 2:00pm–6:00pm, 545 only limited services, 541, 544[9] off peak only)

North Eastern and O-Bahn Feeders[edit]

Eastern Routes[edit]

Western Routes[edit]

All buses terminating in the west of Adelaide

City Buses[edit]

Western Feeder Services[edit]

Northern Routes[edit]

Buses terminating to the North of Adelaide

City Buses[edit]

Northern Feeder Services[edit]

Southern Routes[edit]

City Routes[edit]

Feeder Routes[edit]

Adelaide Hills Buses[edit]

All buses starting with the number "8"

City Buses[edit]

Adelaide Hills Feeder Services[edit]

Murray Bridge Buses[edit]

Murray Bridge buses are operated by LinkSA and do not use Adelaide Metro fares. Please see for more info.

Cross Town Connector Services[edit]


Buses that operate via Adelaide Airport

After Midnight[edit]

After Midnight services operate only on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings after midnight:

Free Buses[edit]

The following buses are zero-fare, wheelchair-accessible circuit routes that service the Adelaide City Council area daily, on frequent routes:

  • 98A98C
Bi-directional loop via North Terrace, Currie Street, Hutt Street, Halifax Street, Sturt Street, Grote Street, Morphett Street, Jeffcott Street, Ward Street, Hill Street, Tynte Street, Finiss Street and Frome Road [14]
  • 99A99C
Bi-directional loop via North Terrace, Currie Street, Hutt Street, Halifax Street, Sturt Street, Grote Street, Victoria Square, King William Street. This service operated under the '99C' only and it was only in 2014 that the name change took place. The 99C is a clockwise loop while the 99A is anti-clockwise.[15]

Adelaide Oval Footy Express[edit]

Adelaide Metro provide services between Adelaide Oval and areas across South Australia. Tickets for the games also act as the ticket to travel free on any Adelaide Oval Footy Express bus, train or tram, in order to alleviate overcrowding on regular services. Most services offer early arrival times and some routes will have services that leave an hour after the final siren.[16] The locations in metropolitan Adelaide include:

Train Routes[17][edit]

3000 class railcar at Gawler Central in November 2007

Main Lines[edit]

Branch Lines[edit]

Tram Routes[17][edit]

Adelaide Metro Glenelg Tram (Flexity Classic)

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