List of butterflies of Dominica

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Gulf fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) in Cabrits National Park, Dominica

Fifty-five species of butterflies have been officially recorded in Dominica, an island-nation in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles.

Two species are endemic to Dominica: the Dominican hairstreak (Electrostrymon dominicana) and the Dominican snout (Libytheana fulvescens). An additional seven species are endemic to the Lesser Antilles: Godman's hairstreak (Allosmaitia piplea), bronze hairstreak (Electrostrymon angerona), Godman's leaf (Memphis dominicana), St Lucia mestra (Mestra cana), lesser whirlabout (Polites dictynna), broken dash skipper (Wallengrenia ophites), and the stub-tailed skipper (Urbanus obscurus).

Hesperiidae - skippers[edit]

Fiery skipper (Hylephila phyleus) (photo taken in California)
Tropical chequered skipper (Pyrgus oileus) (photo taken in Florida)

Subfamily Pyrginae[edit]

Subfamily Eudaminae[edit]

Subfamily Hesperiinae[edit]

Libytheidae - snout butterflies[edit]

Subfamily Libytheinae[edit]

Lycaenidae - blues and hairstreaks[edit]

St. Christopher's hairstreak (Chlorostrymon simaethis) (photo taken in Texas)
Cassius blue (Leptotes cassius) (photo taken in Texas)

Subfamily Theclinae[edit]

Subfamily Polyommatinae[edit]

Nymphalidae - fritillaries[edit]

Caribbean buckeye (Junonia evarete) in Coulibistrie, Dominica.
White peacock (Anartia jatrophae) (photo taken in Florida)

Subfamily Charaxinae[edit]

Subfamily Cyrestinae[edit]

Subfamily Danainae[edit]

Subfamily Heliconiinae[edit]

Subfamily Limenitidinae[edit]

Subfamily Nymphalinae[edit]

Papilionidae - swallowtails[edit]

Polydamas swallowtail (Battus polydamas) (photo taken in Brazil).

Subfamily Papilioninae[edit]

Pieridae - whites and sulphurs[edit]

Cloudless sulphur (Phoebis sennae) (specimen from unknown locality).

Subfamily Pierinae[edit]

Subfamily Coliadinae[edit]

Disputed and unconfirmed[edit]

  • Florida leafwing (Anaea troglodyta.) Evans & James (1997) considered the record of this species questionable.
  • Unidentified Heliconius sp., noted by Evans & James (1997) to have been sighted on two occasions at the edge of dry forest.


  • Evans, Peter G.H.; James, Arlington (1997), Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean: Wildlife Checklists, Dominica Ministry of Tourism, pp. 10–15