List of butterflies of India (Nymphalidae)

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Clipper Parthenos sylvia, a nymphalid butterfly found in India.
Great Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina) butterfly found at Visakhapatnam, India (nymphalid butterfly)

This is a list of the butterflies of India belonging to the family Nymphalidae and an index to the species articles. This forms part of the full list of butterflies of India.


Danainae (26 spp)[edit]

See List of butterflies of India (Danainae).

Morphinae (20 spp)[edit]

Please see List of butterflies of India (Morphinae).

Satyrinae (176 spp)[edit]

Please see List of butterflies of India (Satyrinae).

Limenitidinae (99 spp)[edit]

Please see List of butterflies of India (Limenitidinae)



Charaxes - the rajahs[edit]

Polyura - the nawabs[edit]

Prothoe - the blue begum[edit]

Agatasa - the glorious begum[edit]



Acraea - the tawny coster[edit]

Cethosia - the lacewings[edit]

Clossiana - the fritillaries[edit]

Issoria - the Queen of Spain fritillary[edit]

Kuekenthaliella - the fritillaries[edit]

Fabriciana - the silverstripes[edit]

Argyreus - the Indian fritillary[edit]

Childrena - the large silverstripe[edit]

Speyeria - the fritillaries[edit]

Argyronome - the eastern silverstripe[edit]

Phalanta - the leopards[edit]

Vindula - the cruiser[edit]

Cirrochroa - the yeomans[edit]

Cupha - the rustic[edit]

Vagrans - the vagrant[edit]


Cyrestis - the maps[edit]

Chersonesia - the maplets[edit]

Dichorragia - the constable[edit]

Stibochiona - the popinjay[edit]



Ariadne - the castors[edit]


Byblia - the joker[edit]


Mimathyma - the purple emperors[edit]

Chitoria - the emperors[edit]

Dilipa - the golden emperor[edit]

Eulacera - Tytler's emperor[edit]

Rohana - the princes[edit]

Euripus - the courtesans[edit]

Helcyra - the white emperors[edit]

Herona - the pasha[edit]

Hestina - the circe[edit]

Sephisa - the courtiers[edit]


Araschnia - the Mongol[edit]

Symbrenthia - the jesters[edit]

Vanessa - the Indian red admiral[edit]

Nymphalis - the tortoiseshells[edit]

Junonia - the pansies[edit]

Hypolimnas - the eggflys[edit]

Kallima - the oakleafs[edit]

Doleschallia - the autumn leaf[edit]

Rhinopalpa - the wizard[edit]


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