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Location of Russia

This is a list of butterflies of Russia. About 540 species are known from Russia. The butterflies (mostly diurnal) and moths (mostly nocturnal) together make up the taxonomic order Lepidoptera.

The history of lepidopterology in Russia is connected with the organization of the first Russian museum The Kunstkamera established by Peter the Great in 1714. In 1717, he purchased the collection of Albert Seba, a merchant from Amsterdam, for the new museum. In 1832 the Zoological Museum of the Imperial Academy of Sciences was separated as a distinct institution which in 1931 became the Zoological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1991 — Russian Academy of Sciences).

In 1859, the then director of the Zoological Museum, Johann Friedrich von Brandt was one of the founders of the Russian Entomological Society in 1859 and in St. Petersburg . Other founders were Karl Ernst von Baer, Ya. A. Kushakevich, Colonel Alexander Karlovich Manderstern, Alexander von Middendorff and Colonel of General Staff Victor Ivanovitsch Motschulsky. Another society founder was Ferdinand Morawitz. Eduard Brandt and Ferdinand Morawitz. Also important was the Moscow Society of Naturalists and increasingly the Russian Academy of Sciences and The Academy of Sciences of the USSR. From the mid-nineteenth century the main zoogeographic focus was on the Caucasus, Siberia and the Russian Far East. At the end of the nineteenth century the German entomologist Otto Staudinger financed collectors in the Far East of Russia. In the early twentieth century the results of all these endeavours were summarised in Die Gross-Schmetterlinge der Erde edited by Adalbert Seitz.

From 1925 lepidopterology was organised by The Academy of Sciences of the USSR and lists titled USSR or SSR. In 1991 The Academy of Sciences of the USSR became once again the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Notable Russian lepidopterists include Peter Simon Pallas, Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz, Édouard Ménétries, Johann von Böber, Hugo Theodor Christoph, Alexander Yakhontov, Alexander von Nordmann, Vasily Evgrafovich Yakovlev, Victor Motschulsky, Sergei Alphéraky, Otto Vasilievich Bremer, Grigory Grumm-Grzhimaylo, Alexei Fedchenko, Nicholas Mikhailovich, Nikolay Grigoryevich Erschoff, Nikolai Yakovlevich Kuznetsov, Grigory Bey-Bienko and Yuri Korshunov.

Butterflies of Russia


genus: Aeromachus
genus: Bibasis
genus: Carcharodus
genus: Carterocephalus
genus: Daimio
genus: Erynnis
genus: Hesperia
genus: Heteropterus
genus: Leptalina
genus: Lobocla
genus: Muschampia
genus: Ochlodes
genus: Parnara
genus: Polytremis
genus: Potanthus
genus: Pyrgus
genus: Satarupa
genus: Spialia
genus: Thoressa
genus: Thymelicus


genus: Agriades
genus: Ahlbergia
genus: Antigius
genus: Araragi
genus: Aricia
genus: Artopoetes
genus: Atara
genus: Athamanthia
genus: Callophrys
genus: Celastrina
genus: Coreana
genus: Cupido
genus: Favonius
genus: Glaucopsyche
genus: Goldia
genus: Japonica
genus: Lampides
genus: Leptotes
genus: Lycaena
genus: Maculinea
genus: Neolycaena
genus: Neozephyrus
genus: Niphanda
genus: Nordmannia
genus: Plebejus
genus: Polyommatus
genus: Praephilotes
genus: Protantigius
genus: Pseudophilotes
genus: Quercusia
genus: Scolitantides
genus: Shijimiaeoides
genus: Shirozua
genus: Tarucus
genus: Thecla
genus: Tomares
genus: Tongeia
genus: Turanana
genus: Ussuriana
genus: Wagimo


genus: Aglais
genus: Aldania
genus: Amuriana
genus: Apatura
genus: Aphantopus
genus: Araschnia
genus: Arethusana
genus: Argynnis
genus: Athymodes
genus: Boeberia
genus: Boloria
genus: Brenthis
genus: Brintesia
genus: Chazara
genus: Clossiana
genus: Coenonympha
genus: Dilipa
genus: Erebia
genus: Esperarge
genus: Euphydryas
genus: Harima
genus: Hipparchia
genus: Hyponephele
genus: Kuekenthaliella
  • Kuekenthaliella eugenia (Eversmann, 1847) Siberia, Transbaikalia, Sayan Mountains, Alay Mountains,Russian Far East, Kamchatka
genus: Issoria
genus: Kirinia
genus: Lasiommata
genus: Lethe
genus: Libythea
genus: Limenitis
genus: Lopinga
genus: Maniola
genus: Melanargia
genus: Melitaea
genus: Neope
genus: Neptis
genus: Ninguta
genus: Nymphalis
genus: Oeneis
genus: Parantica
genus: Pararge
genus: Polygonia
genus: Pseudochazara
genus: Satyrus
genus: Seokia
genus: Sephisa
genus: Thaleropis
genus: Triphysa
genus: Vanessa
genus: Ypthima


genus: Achillides
genus: Atrophaneura
genus: Iphiclides
genus: Luehdorfia
genus: Papilio
genus: Parnassius
genus: Sericinus
genus: Zerynthia


genus: Anthocharis
genus: Aporia
genus: Baltia
genus: Colias
genus: Euchloe
genus: Gonepteryx
genus: Leptidea
genus: Pieris
genus: Pontia
genus: Zegris


genus: Hamearis

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