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Location of Russia

This is a list of butterflies of Russia. About 540 species are known from Russia. The butterflies (mostly diurnal) and moths (mostly nocturnal) together make up the taxonomic order Lepidoptera.


genus: Aeromachus
genus: Bibasis
genus: Carcharodus
genus: Carterocephalus
genus: Daimio
genus: Erynnis
genus: Hesperia
genus: Heteropterus
genus: Leptalina
genus: Lobocla
genus: Muschampia
genus: Ochlodes
genus: Parnara
genus: Polytremis
genus: Potanthus
genus: Pyrgus
genus: Satarupa
genus: Spialia
genus: Thoressa
genus: Thymelicus


genus: Agriades
genus: Ahlbergia
genus: Antigius
genus: Araragi
genus: Aricia
genus: Artopoetes
genus: Atara
genus: Athamanthia
genus: Callophrys
genus: Celastrina
genus: Coreana
genus: Cupido
genus: Favonius
genus: Glaucopsyche
genus: Goldia
genus: Japonica
genus: Lampides
genus: Leptotes
genus: Lycaena
genus: Maculinea
genus: Neolycaena
genus: Neozephyrus
genus: Niphanda
genus: Nordmannia
genus: Plebejus
genus: Polyommatus
genus: Praephilotes
genus: Protantigius
genus: Pseudophilotes
genus: Quercusia
genus: Scolitantides
genus: Shijimiaeoides
genus: Shirozua
genus: Tarucus
genus: Thecla
genus: Tomares
genus: Tongeia
genus: Turanana
genus: Ussuriana
genus: Wagimo


genus: Aglais
genus: Aldania
genus: Amuriana
genus: Apatura
genus: Aphantopus
genus: Araschnia
genus: Arethusana
genus: Argynnis
genus: Athymodes
genus: Boeberia
genus: Boloria
genus: Brenthis
genus: Brintesia
genus: Chazara
genus: Clossiana
genus: Coenonympha
genus: Dilipa
genus: Erebia
genus: Esperarge
genus: Euphydryas
genus: Harima
genus: Hipparchia
genus: Hyponephele
genus: Inachis
genus: Issoria
genus: Kirinia
genus: Lasiommata
genus: Lethe
genus: Libythea
genus: Limenitis
genus: Lopinga
genus: Maniola
genus: Melanargia
genus: Melitaea
genus: Neope
genus: Neptis
genus: Ninguta
genus: Nymphalis
genus: Oeneis
genus: Parantica
genus: Pararge
genus: Polygonia
genus: Pseudochazara
genus: Satyrus
genus: Seokia
genus: Sephisa
genus: Thaleropis
genus: Triphysa
genus: Vanessa
genus: Ypthima


genus: Achillides
genus: Atrophaneura
genus: Iphiclides
genus: Luehdorfia
genus: Papilio
genus: Parnassius
genus: Sericinus
genus: Zerynthia


genus: Anthocharis
genus: Aporia
genus: Baltia
genus: Colias
genus: Euchloe
genus: Gonepteryx
genus: Leptidea
genus: Pieris
genus: Pontia
genus: Zegris


genus: Hamearis


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