List of butterflies of Texas

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This is a list of Texas butterflies, all species of butterfly found in the state of Texas.

Family Papilionidae (swallowtails)[edit]

Subfamily Papilioninae (swallowtails)[edit]

Family Pieridae (whites and sulphurs)[edit]

Subfamily Pierinae (whites)[edit]

Subfamily Coliadinae (sulphurs)[edit]

Subfamily Dismorphiinae (mimic-whites)[edit]

Family Lycaenidae (gossamer-wing butterflies)[edit]

Subfamily Miletinae (harvesters)[edit]

Subfamily Lycaeninae (coppers)[edit]

Subfamily Theclinae (hairstreaks)[edit]

Subfamily Polyommatinae (blues)[edit]

Family Riodinidae (metalmarks)[edit]

Family Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies)[edit]

Subfamily Libytheinae (snouts)[edit]

Subfamily Heliconiinae (heliconians and fritillaries)[edit]

Philaethria dido

Subfamily Nymphalinae (true brush-foots)[edit]

Subfamily Limenitidinae (admirals and relatives)[edit]

Subfamily Charaxinae (leafwings)[edit]

Subfamily Apaturinae (emperors)[edit]

Subfamily Satyrinae (satyrs)[edit]

Subfamily Danainae (monarchs)[edit]

Family Hesperiidae (skippers)[edit]

Subfamily Pyrrhopyginae (firetips)[edit]

Subfamily Pyrginae (spread-wing skippers)[edit]

Subfamily Hesperiinae (grass skippers)[edit]

Subfamily Megathyminae (giant-skippers)[edit]