List of canal locks in the United Kingdom

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This is a selective list of canal locks in the United Kingdom which have unique features or are notable in some other way.

Lock Canal Grid Reference Notes
Bath Locks Kennet and Avon Canal grid reference ST756643 Flight of six locks, in a quite ornate setting and including the UK's second deepest lock,[1] two pumping stations and several Grade II listed buildings.
Bingley Five Rise Locks Leeds and Liverpool Canal grid reference SE107399 These staircase locks are the steepest flight of locks in the UK, with a gradient of about 1:5.
Bow Locks River Lee Navigation grid reference TQ383824 These locks are bidirectional to connect to the tidal Bow Creek.
Caen Hill Locks Kennet and Avon Canal grid reference ST978614 Flight of 29 locks, 16 of which form an impressively steep flight in a straight line up the hillside.
Fourteen Locks Monmouthshire Canal grid reference ST282885 Dramatic flight of narrow and very deep locks featuring a unique and complex series of interdependent pounds.
Foxton Locks Grand Union Canal (Leicester Line) grid reference SP691896 Two "staircases", each of five locks. Alongside the locks is the site of the Foxton Inclined Plane, built in 1900 as a solution to operational restrictions imposed by the lock flight.
King's Norton Stop Lock Stratford-upon-Avon Canal grid reference SP055794 Stop lock with two guillotine gates.
Neptune's Staircase Caledonian Canal grid reference NN113769 Staircase lock of eight locks constructed by Thomas Telford in 1811 lifting boats 64 feet (20 m).
Tardebigge Locks Worcester and Birmingham Canal grid reference SO973681 Longest flight in the UK. 30 locks rising 67m.
Tuel Lane Lock Rochdale Canal grid reference SE063237 Deepest lock in the United Kingdom, with a fall of 19' 8½".[1]
Watford Locks Grand Union Canal (Leicester Line) grid reference SP592688 Staircase of four locks, within an overall flight of seven.


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