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This is a list of navigable canals that are at least partially located in Germany. The canals are listed here in alphabetic order of the name (without generic).

Currently navigable canals[edit]

Canal name (English) Canal name (German) From To
Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal Berlin-Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal River Havel at Spandau River Spree near the Hauptbahnhof in Berlin
Brandenburg City Canal Brandenburger Stadtkanal River Havel upstream of Brandenburg an der Havel River Havel in central Brandenburg an der Havel
Britz Canal Britzer Verbindungskanal Teltow Canal in Berlin River Spree in Berlin
Charlottenburg Canal Charlottenburger Verbindungskanal Westhafen Canal at Charlottenburg in Berlin River Spree and Landwehr Canal at Charlottenburg in Berlin
Dahme Flood Relief Canal Dahme-Umflutkanal River Spree at Leibsch River Dahme at Märkisch Buchholz
Datteln-Hamm Canal Datteln-Hamm-Kanal Dortmund-Ems Canal at Datteln Hamm-Uentrop
Dortmund–Ems Canal Dortmund-Ems-Kanal Dortmund River Ems near Papenburg
Elbe–Havel Canal Elbe-Havel-Kanal River Elbe near Magdeburg River Havel near Brandenburg
Elbe Lateral Canal Elbe-Seitenkanal River Elbe near Lauenburg Mittelland Canal near Wolfsburg
Elbe–Lübeck Canal Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal River Elbe at Lauenburg River Trave at Lübeck
Elbe-Weser Waterway Elbe-Weser-Schifffahrtsweg Otterndorf Bremerhaven
Elisabethfehn Canal Elisabethfehnkanal Küsten Canal near Kampe River Leda near Elisabethfehn
Ems-Jade Canal Ems-Jade-Kanal River Ems at Emden Jade Estuary at Wilhelmshaven
Ems Lateral Canal Ems-Seitenkanal River Ems in Oldersum Emden Inner Harbour
Ems-Vecht Canal Ems-Vechte-Kanal River Ems south of Lingen River Vechte at Nordhorn
Finow Canal Finowkanal River Havel at Liebenwalde Oder-Havel Canal at Liepe
Gieselau Canal Gieselaukanal Kiel Canal at Oldenbüttel River Eider 2 km (1.2 mi) north
Gosen Canal Gosener Kanal Seddinsee in Berlin Dämeritzsee in Berlin
Griebnitz Canal Griebnitzkanal Griebnitzsee in Berlin Großer Wannsee in Berlin
Havel Canal Havelkanal River Havel at Hennigsdorf River Havel at Paretz
Kammer Canal Kammerkanal Zierker See near Neustrelitz Woblitzsee
Karl-Heine Canal Karl-Heine-Kanal White Elster River in Leipzig Elster-Saale Canal in Leipzig
Kiel Canal Nord-Ostsee-Kanal River Elbe at Brunsbüttel Baltic Sea at Kiel-Holtenau
Küsten Canal Küstenkanal Dortmund-Ems Canal at Dörpen River Hunte at Oldenburg
Landwehr Canal Landwehrkanal River Spree at Berlin-Charlottenburg River Spree at Berlin-Treptow
Mittelland Canal Mittellandkanal Dortmund-Ems Canal at Hörstel River Elbe near Magdeburg
Neukölln Ship Canal Neuköllner Schifffahrtskanal Landwehr Canal in Berlin Teltow Canal in Berlin
Oder–Havel Canal Oder-Havel-Kanal River Havel near Hennigsdorf River Oder at Oderberg
Oder–Spree Canal Oder-Spree-Kanal River Dahme at Berlin-Schmöckwitz River Oder at Eisenhüttenstadt
Rhine–Herne Canal Rhein-Herne-Kanal River Rhine at Duisburg Dortmund-Ems Canal near Waltrop
Rhine–Main–Danube Canal Main-Donau-Kanal River Main at Bamberg River Danube at Kelheim
Ruhr Ship Canal Ruhrschifffahrtskanal Rhine at Duisburg Mülheim an der Ruhr
Silo Canal Silokanal River Havel upstream of Brandenburg an der Havel Quenzsee and River Havel downstream of Brandenburg an der Havel
Sacrow–Paretz Canal Sacrow-Paretzer-Kanal River Havel at Potsdam River Havel at Paretz
Teltow Canal Teltowkanal River Havel at Potsdam River Dahme at Berlin-Grünau
Wesel–Datteln Canal Wesel-Datteln-Kanal River Rhine at Wesel Dortmund-Ems Canal at Datteln
Westhafen Canal Westhafenkanal Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal at the Westhafen in Berlin River Spree at Charlottenburg in Berlin

Formerly navigable canals[edit]

Canal name (English) Canal name (German) From To
Aller Canal Allerkanal Weyhausen near Wolfsburg Brenneckenbrück, 5 km W of Gifhorn
Eider Canal Eider-Kanal Eider River near Rendsburg Kieler Förde near Kiel
Fossa Carolina Karlsgraben Swabian Rezat River (in the Rhine basin) Altmühl River (in the Danube basin)
Ludwig Canal Ludwigskanal Main River at Bamberg Danube River at Kelheim
Luisenstadt Canal Luisenstädtischer Kanal Spree River at Mitte in Berlin Landwehr Canal at Kreuzberg in Berlin
Oste-Hamme Canal Oste-Hamme-Kanal Oste River near Spreckens Hamme River near Viehspecken
Stecknitz Canal Stecknitzfahrt Elbe River near Lauenburg Trave River near Lübeck

Incomplete navigable canal projects[edit]

Canal name (English) Canal name (German) From To
Elster-Saale Canal Elster-Saale-Kanal Karl-Heine Canal in Leipzig Saale River near Murseburg

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