List of cannabis competitions

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This list of cannabis competitions is an index to articles about notable competitions related to cannabis. Many are part of a larger cannabis festival and two are part of a state fair.

Australia and New Zealand[edit]


  • The annual Jamaican Cannabis Festival (Montego Bay 2014-). Best/strongest strains awarded as well as an introduction to new developments.


  • Prairie Harvest Medicinal Marijuana Cup (Saskatoon, 2011–)[3]
  • Tokers Bowl (Vancouver 2002–2005)[4]
  • Toronto Cannabis Cup[3]
  • Winnipeg Cannabis Cup (2016–) [5]

United States[edit]

Vendors at the High Times Alaska Cup, 2018
  • The WEEDYS Awards[citation needed]
  • Best Bud, D.C. State Fair (2015–)[6]
  • Cannabis Cup
  • Cultivation Classic, sun-grown craft cannabis competition (Portland, Oregon 2016–)[7][8][9] and according to Rolling Stone, "the first cannabis flower cup in the world to analyze terpenes and minor cannabinoids of every organic flower sample contending for the award"[10]
  • Sticky Icky Carolina Cup & Title Belt Asheville NC 4/20
  • Dope Cup[11]
  • Emerald Cup[12]
  • High Times Medical Cannabis Cup
  • Northwest Cannabis Classic (Anchorage, Portland, Tacoma, 2015–)[13][14] "a cannabis award show where we have these really awesome trophies that we award to the winners of best indica, best sativa, best hybrid, best concentrate and best edible"
  • Oregon Cannabis Growers' Fair at the Oregon State Fair[15][16]
  • Stony Awards
  • The Grow-Off[17]


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