List of capital crimes in the Torah

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According to the Torah or Law of Moses, these are the offenses which may merit the death penalty in a Jewish Beth din court of 23 judges.

Religious practices[edit]

Sexual practices[edit]

  • Rape by a man of a betrothed woman in the countryside[17]
  • Being either participant in consensual sexual activity, in which a betrothed woman consensually loses her virginity to a man[18]
  • Adultery with a married woman.[19]
  • Marrying one's wife's mother[20]
  • Certain forms of incest, namely if it involves the father's wife or a daughter-in-law.[21] Other forms of incest receive lesser punishment; sexual activity with a sister/stepsister is given excommunication for a punishment;[22] if it involves a brother's wife or an uncle's wife it is just cursed[23] and sexual activity with an aunt that is a blood relation is merely criticized.[24]
  • Male on male sexual intercourse. Certain sexual activities between males (Hebrew: zakhar) involving what the Masoretic Text literally terms lie lyings (of a) woman (Hebrew: tishkav mishkvei ishah),[25][26] and the Septuagint literally terms beds [verb] the woman's/wife's bed (Greek: koimethese koiten gynaikos);[27][28] the gender of the target of the command is commonly understood to be male, but not explicitly stated. The correct translation and interpretation of this passage, and its implications for Homosexuality in Judaism and Homosexuality in Christianity, are controversial. Translations into English are wide-ranging.[29][30]
  • Bestiality[31][32]
  • Prostitution by the daughter of a priest[33]


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