List of capitals in South Korea

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This is a list of capital cities, including the legislature or seat of government, of South Korea and its current provinces and provincial-cities.

National capital[edit]

Seoul has been the capital of South Korea since the Division of Korea in 1945. On 20 December 1997 some offices of the national government were move to the Daejeon Government Complex to offset the unbalance developments around Sudogwon. In 2004, former President Roh Moo-hyun purpose plans to move the national capital further away from the Korean Demilitarized Zone. However disputes within the National Assembly and ruling of the Supreme Court prevented the relocation. On 2 July 2012 some functions of government have moved to Sejong and became the de facto administrative capital of South Korea.

Provincial capitals[edit]

Capital Provincial divisions Region ISO Status
Andong Gyeongbuk Yeongnam KR-47 City
Busan (Yeonje)* Busan Yeongnam KR-26 Metropolitan city
Changwon Gyeongnam Yeongnam KR-48 Specific city
Cheongju Chungbuk Hoseo KR-43 Specific city
Chuncheon Gangwon Gwandong KR-42 City
Daegu (Jung)* Daegu Yeongnam KR-27 Metropolitan city
Daejeon (Seo)* Daejeon Hoseo KR-30 Metropolitan city
Gwangju (Seo)* Gwangju Honam KR-29 Metropolitan city
Hongseong Chungnam Hoseo KR-44 County
Incheon (Namdong)* Incheon Sudogwon KR-28 Metropolitan city
Jeju Jeju Jejudo KR-49 Administrative city
Jeonju Jeonbuk Honam KR-45 Specific city
Muan Jeonnam Honam KR-46 County
Sejong (Boram)* Sejong Hoseo KR-50 Metropolitan autonomous city
Seoul (Jung)* Seoul Sudogwon KR-11 Special city
Suwon Gyeonggi Sudogwon KR-41 Specific city
Ulsan (Nam)* Ulsan Yeongnam KR-31 Metropolitan city

Claimed provincial capitals[edit]

Capital Provincial divisions Region Status
Cheongjin Hambuk Gwanbuk City
Haeju Hwanghae Haeseo City
Hamheung Hamnam Gwannam City
Pyeongyang Pyeongnam Gwanseo City
Sinuiju Pyeongbuk Gwanseo City


* - The location of the Provincial Government Office.