List of caseless firearms

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List of caseless firearms:

Year of
Country of
Type Primary
Major users
Armtech C30R 1986  Australia Assault Rifle 5.56mm Caseless
The Armtech C30R was an assault rifle concept using 5.56mm (Quadrant with 3.56g standard M193 bullet, dimensions of the rectangular ammunition 35.7 x 15.8 x 9.5 mm) similar to the H&K G11.
Benelli CB M2  Italy Submachine Gun 9x25mm AUPO
Gerasimenko VAG-73 1973  Soviet Union Pistol
The Gerasimenko VAG-73 (ВАГ-73 in Cyrillic) is a Russian pistol capable of firing caseless bullets from a 48 round grip-inserted magazine.
Heckler & Koch G11  Germany Assault Rifle
O'Dwyer VLe  Australia Pistol
Voere VEC-91  Austria Rifle
LSAT light machine gun  United States Light machine gun