List of cases of law enforcement brutality in Pakistan

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This is a list of notable cases of law enforcement brutality (Urdu: قانون نافذ کرنے والے مظالم‎), including police brutality in Pakistan.

  • 1960: Communist leader Hassan Nasir was killed during interrogation in Lahore Fort.[1]
  • 1980: Communist leader Nazeer Abbasi was one of many who died under interrogation during the martial law of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.[1]
  • 2011: in the Kharotabad Incident, five Russian and Tajik citizens were shot dead by Frontier Corps and police after falsely being reported as suicide bombers when approaching a border checkpoint. Dr. Baqir Shah, a police surgeon who testified against the official story, was attacked at a restaurant in Quetta,[2] and later shot dead by unknown gunmen.[3]
  • 2015: Two young brothers, Zeshan and Shakeel, were killed in police firing near Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi. Sources said Zeshan and Shakeel were returning home from work when police signaled them to stop at a checkpoint. Upon refusal, they were shot several times. One of them died instantly while other brother succumbed to injuries upon reaching the hospital. Both victims were unarmed.[4][5][6]
  • Human rights violations in Balochistan which involves killings, false arrests and torture by law enforcement including the military and paramilitary forces.
  • Human rights violations in Sindh which involves similar activities of the law enforcement agencies involved. The military and paramilitary have also been reportedly been in many of these instances.


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