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List of castles and palaces in Denmark

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This is a consolidated list of castles and palaces in Denmark. The Danish word slot , like the word schloss in the related Germanic language— modern German— can mean either castle, a Country house or palace, in accordance with common English usage.

Whenever possible traditional English translations provided by the Danish Palaces and Properties Agency, a national agency maintaining and utilising the states palaces, castles and gardens, have been used to determine whether a property should be called a castle or a palace. When not possible the following guidelines, which are in general keeping with the above translations, and with Wikipedia articles have been used:

  • Castle: Generally older building, generally a fortified building
  • Palace: Generally newer building, generally a non-fortified building used primarily as a residence

Other related words[edit]

The Danish word borg, which appears at the end of many castle and palace names literally means "fortified castle", but it is no clear indication that the property is indeed fortified. For example, Amalienborg is translated as Amalienborg Palace.

The Danish word palæ translates to "mansion", and is most often used as an indication of a non-royal, urban mansion. Exceptions are the four palæer (plural) at Amalienborg Palace, the four individual buildings that make up the Amalienborg Palace complex. These were originally non-royal, urban mansions, which were taken over by royalty in the late 18th century.

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