List of castles in Estonia

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This is a list of castles in Estonia. This list does not include palaces and manor houses, which are listed in a separate article.

Castles of the Teutonic Order[edit]

Image Name Construction date Location Current state
Helme linnuse lõunamüüri varemed.jpg Helme Castle 14th century Helme Ruin
Karksi ordulinnuse varemed.jpg Karksi Castle 14th century Karksi-Nuia Ruin
Keila kindlustatud elamu varemed.jpg Keila Castle 15th-16th century Keila Ruin
Kursi Castle 15th-16th century Puurmani Ruin
Laiuse varemed.jpg Laiuse Castle 14th century Laiusevälja Ruin
Maasi stronghold 2007 1.jpg Maasilinna Castle 1345 Maasi Ruin
Narva Hermanni linnus 2006.jpg Hermann Castle 1256 Narva Partially preserved
Paide ordulinnuse varemed 2013.JPG Paide Castle 1265-1266 Paide Partially preserved
Põltsamaa linnuse varemed vallikraaviga 1.jpg Põltsamaa Castle 1272 Põltsamaa Ruin
Pärnu ordulinnus.jpg Pärnu Castle 1265 Pärnu Partially preserved
Pöide kirik (august 2012).JPG Pöide Castle 13th century Pöide Partially preserved
Rakvere linnuse varemed vallikraaviga1.jpg Rakvere Castle 13th century Rakvere Partially preserved
Toompea loss 2014.jpg Toompea Castle 13th century Tallinn Partially preserved
Tarvastu ordulinnus 1.jpg Tarvastu Castle 13th century Tarvastu Ruin
Vaade Toolse linnuse varemetele merelt.jpg Toolse Castle 1471 Toolse Ruin
Vasknarva kindluse varemed 01.jpg Vasknarva Castle 1349 Vasknarva Ruin
Viljandi ordulinnuse varemed.jpg Viljandi Castle 1224 Viljandi Ruin

Castles of the Bishopric of Dorpat[edit]

Image Name Construction date Location Current state
Kirumpää piiskopilinnus 1.jpg Kirumpää Castle before 1322 Kirumpää Ruin
Otepää Piiskopilinnuse varemed.JPG Otepää Castle  ? Otepää Ruin
Rongu-vassallilinnus1.JPG Rõngu Castle 14th century Rõngu Ruin
Tartu Castle  ? Tartu  ?
Uue-Kastre Castle 14th century? Võnnu  ?
Vana-Kastre Castle 14th century? Vana-Kastre  ?
Vastseliina castle from south.jpg Vastseliina Castle 1342 Vastseliina Ruin

Castles of the Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek[edit]

Image Name Construction date Location Current state
Haapsalu linnuse varemed2.jpg Haapsalu Castle 13th century Haapsalu Partially preserved
Koluvere linnus küljelt vaadatuna.jpg Koluvere Castle 13th century Koluvere Partially preserved
Kuressaare Loss.jpg Kuressaare Castle 1380's Kuressaare Partially preserved
Lihula linnus.JPG Lihula Castle 1211 Lihula Ruin

Castles of the Bishopric of Reval[edit]

Image Name Construction date Location Current state
Kiviloo Castle 1413 Kiviloo Ruin
Porkuni linnuse väravatorn.jpg Porkuni Castle 1479 Lihula Partially preserved

Other castles[edit]

Image Name Construction date Location Current state
Angerja linnuse varemed 21-04-2013.jpg Angerja Castle around 1400 Angerja Ruin
Järve linnus 4.jpg Järve Castle  ? Järve Ruin
Kalvi linnus 1.jpg Kalvi Castle 1485 Kalvi Ruin
Kavilda Castle 1354 Mõisanurme Ruin
Torreón Kiiu, Parque Nacional Lahemaa, Estonia, 2012-08-12, DD 21.JPG Kiiu Castle 1520 Kiiu Partially preserved
Kiltsi mõisa peahoone 16079 (3).jpg Kiltsi Castle 1466 Kiltsi Partially preserved
Purtse vasallilinnus 1.jpg Purtse Castle 16th century Purtse Partially preserved
Vaabina Castle 16th century (?) Vaabina Destroyed
Vao tornlinnus 14-05-2013.jpg Vao Castle 14th century Vao Partially preserved
Vääna linnuse varemed, 19.saj (1).jpg Vääna Castle 1325 Vääna Ruin

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