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This is a list of castles and manor houses in the German city-state of Hamburg. This list encompasses castles referred to in German as Burg (castle or fortification), Schloss (manor house, castle or palace), and Herrenhaus (manor house or mansion); existing, ruined or completely vanished.

The castles built in Hamburg from the 9th to the 11th centuries were dedicated as fortifications, e.g. Hammaburg, Bischofsturm, Domburg, Alsterburg and Neue Burg. All these castles are assumed to be located in the Altstadt quarter. Although only for the Bischofsturm (Bishop's tower) remains were found under the St Petri Church.[1][2] Even later buildings were often fortifications, but from the 18th century wealthy citizens built their mansions or houses as country estates in the former outskirts, like Senator Martin Johann Jenisch in then independent Othmarschen.[3]

Name German name Date[A] Location[B] Condition Image Notes
Castle Bergedorf Schloss Bergedorf Bergedorf Museum Bergedorf Castle
Hammaburg Hammaburg appr. 825 Location unknown[4] No remains Domplatz Hamburg with archaeological excavations Fortification
Harburg Castle Harburger Schloss 1137 Harburg Tenement Remains of the Harburg Castle [5]
Jenisch House Jenisch Haus 1831 – 1834 Othmarschen Museum Jenisch-Haus [3]
Neuwerk lighthouse Leuchtturm Neuwerk 1300 –1310 Neuwerk Hotel and lighthouse Neuwerk lighthouse in Fortification, build from 1300 to 1310.
Since 1815, lighthouse.
Castle Stillhorn Schloss Stillhorn 16th century Wilhelmsburg No remains [6]
Wandsbek Castle Wandsbeker Schloss 1772 – 1778 Wandsbek Ruins not accessible Demolished in 1861[7]
Wellingsbüttel Manor Herrenhaus Wellingsbüttel 1750 Wellingsbüttel Private nursing home and restaurant Mansion Wellingsbüttel in 2006
  1. ^ Construction date or first mentioned on record.
  2. ^ Borough or quarter of current political location.

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