List of castles in Korea

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Korea has a variety of castles, including Sanseong (Mountain fortress), Jinseong (Camp fortress), and Eupseong (City fortress). This is a list of notable castles.


Joseon Dynasty[edit]

Revised Romanization Hangul Hanja Location Type Comments
Hanseong 한성 漢城 Defensive wall Capital of Joseon
Namhansanseong 남한산성 Hill fort
Fortress site of Jwasuyeong 좌수영 성지
Haengju mountain fortress 행주산성 Gyeonggi Hill fort See Siege of Haengju
Dadaejin fortress 다대진 Gyeongsang Defensive wall See Battle of Tadaejin
Busan jinjiseong (Jaseongdae) 부산진 지성 (자성대) Gyeongsang Defensive wall
Busanjin fortress 부산진성 Gyeongsang Defensive wall See Siege of Busan
Dongnae eupseong fortress 동래읍성 Gyeongsang Defensive wall See Siege of Dongnae
Jinju fortress 진주성 Gyeongsang Defensive wall See Siege of Jinju (1592) and Siege of Jinju (1593)
Hwaseong Fortress 수원 화성 華城 Gyeonggi Defensive wall
Geumjeong Fortress 금정산성 Hill fort
Yeongwon mountain fortress 영원산성 Hill fort See Gangwon Campaign
Suwoneub fortress 수원읍성 Gyeonggi Defensive wall
Namwon fortress 남원성 Jeolla Defensive wall See Siege of Namwon

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