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By some optimistic estimates, there are as many as 130 castles in Luxembourg but more realistically there are probably just over a hundred, although many of these could be considered large residences or manor houses rather than castles.[1]

The present list of castles in Luxembourg runs to about 50 and includes all the well-known fortresses and residential chateaux in the country. Below the main list, there is a sublist mentioning some of the other castles which may be included at a later date.

Main list[edit]

Image Name Construction date Location Current state
Ansembourg Old1.JPG Ansembourg Castle 1135 Ansembourg Privately owned, no visitors
Ansembourg New1.JPG New Castle of Ansembourg 1639 Ansembourg Privately owned, renovated, gardens open to the public
Aspelt Castle2.JPG Aspelt Castle 1590 Aspelt Undergoing restoration
Luxembourg Beaufort château 02.jpg Beaufort Castle 11th century Beaufort Ruin, open to visitors
EmbassyRU LUX.jpg Beggen Castle 1895 Dommeldange Now Russian Embassy
Colmar Berg 05 grand duke castle Luxembourg.jpg Berg Castle 1911 Colmar-Berg Grand-ducal residence
Bettange Castle4.JPG Bettange-sur-Mess Castle 1753 Bettange-sur-Mess Rehabilitation centre for mentally handicapped persons
Bettembourg Castle5.JPG Bettembourg Castle 1733 Bettembourg Town hall of Bettembourg
Chateau Bettendorf.jpg Bettendorf Castle 1728 Bettendorf Privately owned, no visitors
Betzdorf Castle 17th century Betzdorf Owned by SES communications, no visitors
Chateau-de-born-sure2.jpg Born Castle 18th century Born, Luxembourg Privately owned
Bourglinster Castle.jpg Bourglinster Castle 11th century Bourglinster Hotel and conference centre
NW Bastion Bourscheid.JPG Bourscheid Castle 1095 Bourscheid Partly restored, open to visitors
Brandenbourg.jpg Brandenbourg Castle 13th century Brandenbourg Ruin, no longer open to visitors
Clemency Castle.JPG Clemency Castle 1665 Clemency, SW Luxembourg Fully restored, occasionally open to visitors
0 Clervaux 101021 CH1.JPG Clervaux Castle 12th century Clervaux Fully restored, open to visitors
Schlass Kolpech.JPG Colpach Castle 18th century Colpach-Bas Convalescent centre
Differdange Castle7.JPG Differdange Castle 1577 Differdange Miami University
EmbassyCN LUX.JPG Dommeldange Castle 17th century Dommeldange Chinese Embassy
GEHAAN1w.jpg Dudelange Castle 15th century Mont St. Jean, Luxembourg Now just a ruin
Erpeldange4.JPG Erpeldange Castle 1630 Erpeldange Commune offices
Chateau esch sur sure 1.jpg Esch-sur-Sûre Castle 13th century Esch-sur-Sûre Ruins, site open to visitors
F-Clement N-Liez vue-de-fischbach.png Fischbach Castle 17th century Fischbach Grand-ducal residence
Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg 1.jpg Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg 1572 Luxembourg City Grand-ducal palace
Heeschdref Schlass01.jpg Heisdorf Castle 19th century Heisdorf Old people's home
Hesperange 1.jpg Hesperange Castle 13th century Hesperange Ruin, privately owned, not accessible
Hollenfelscha.JPG Hollenfels Castle 11th century Hollenfels Educational centre for young people
Koerich castle 3.jpg Koerich Castle 13th century Koerich Ruins, site open to visitors
Chateau La Fontaine Luxembourg.jpg La Fontaine Castle 1563 Clausen, Luxembourg City Today almost nothing remains of the former palace
Fiels Buerg.jpg Larochette Castle 11th century Larochette Open to the public in summer
Luxembourg City Bock2.jpg Lucilinburugh 963 Luxembourg Bock Only ruins, Open to the public
Mamer-castle3.jpg Mamer Castle 1830 Mamer Town hall and communal offices
Mersch castle 1.jpg Mersch Castle 16th century Mersch Commune's administration, site can be visited
Ch Bernhoeft 1891 GD Luxembourg 10 Pl 2.2 Ch Meysembourg.jpg Meysembourg Castle 1880 Near Larochette Privately owned, no visitors
SchlaSchr.JPG Munsbach Castle 1775 Munsbach Educational institution
Pettingen Castle2.JPG Pettingen Castle 16th century Pettingen Ruin, open to the public
Henri Tudor house Rosport Luxembourg.jpg Rosport Castle 1892 Rosport Museum open to the public
Sanem Castle 01.jpg Sanem Castle 1557 Sanem Children's home
Wasserburg Schengen.JPG Schengen Castle 19th century Schengen Hotel and convention centre
Schoenfels5.JPG Schoenfels Castle 17th century Schoenfels Site open to the public
Schuttbourg entrance July 2012.jpg Schuttbourg Castle 1404 Near Kautenbach Privately owned, no visitors
Schauwenburg Castle2.JPG Schauwenburg Castle 16th century Bertrange Town hall and communal offices
Sennenger Schlass mat Weier.jpg Senningen Castle 1750 Near Niederanven Governmental conference centre, no visitors
Septfontaines Castle.jpg Septfontaines Castle 13th century Septfontaines Privately owned, no visitors
Septfontaines Rollingergrund.JPG Septfontaines, Rollingergrund 1775 Luxembourg City Convention centre
Castle 02 Stadtbredimus Luxembourg.jpg Stadtbredimus Castle 1724 Stadtbredimus Wine cooperative
Stolzebuerg 102 Buerg.jpg Stolzembourg Castle 1898 Stolzembourg Privately owned, no visitors
Schloss Urspelt 01.jpg Urspelt Castle 1860 near Clervaux Hotel
Useldange castle.jpg Useldange Castle 12th century Useldange Ruins open to the public
Vianden castle.jpg Vianden Castle Mainly 11th to 14th century Vianden Fully restored, open to the public throughout the year
Walferdange Castle1.JPG Walferdange Castle 1824 Walferdange University of Luxembourg
Wiltz castle 2012-07.JPG Wiltz Castle 1727 Wiltz school
Wintrange chateau web.jpg Wintrange Castle 1610 Wintrange Privately owned, Event venue. National Historic Monument.[2]


This is a list of less important castles or castles which are not yet covered by articles in the English Wikipedia.

  • Belenhaff in Junglinster (converted to a golf course and clubhouse)
  • Berlaymont Castle in Clervaux (small 12th-century castle rebuilt 1635, now a hotel)
  • Birtrange Castle near Schieren (privately owned)
  • Ell Castle near Redange (once a minor fort, now used for agricultural activities)
  • Heringen in the Mullerthal (an unimpressive ruin)
  • Kockelscheuer Castle just south of Luxembourg City (19th century private residence)
  • Mertert Castle near Wasserbillig (built in the 1870s, offers accommodation)
  • Moestroff Castle near Bettendorf in eastern Luxembourg (dates from 1433, privately owned)
  • Schorels Castle near Eschette (only remnants of walls remain)
  • Schrassig Castle, now demolished dated from the 17th century
  • Syrdall Castle


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